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This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS on November 6,1990 as INVISI1.ASC. Contributed by Chuck Henderson on August 5 and 7, 1990.
This article was taken from 'Flying Saucers on the Attack' by Harold T. Wilkins in 1954, additional copyright 1967 by Citadel Press.

Invisibility Achieved??

As one has noted, in both London and NY, attempts have been made, as in the 30's, to produce invisibility by warping light rays in an electromagnetic field.

In 1934 in London, there was demonstrated in a public hall apparatus which was perhaps suggested by the fantasy of the late H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man."

A young scientist wearing what he called an Electro-Helmet and a special Mantle went into a cabinet open at the front before a brilliantly lit stage and with both hands touched contact gloves which were over his head.

An electric current was switched on and the man's body gradually vanished from feet to head!

One could step up and touch him but could not see him.

Nor did the camera reveal the secret for it depicted only what the eye saw.

The inventor refused to reveal his secret which he said was the work of many years of experiments.

All one could see was the development of a cone of light such as might be projected between the two poles of a powerful transmitter.

This cone persisted even when the man could not be seen.

The inventor had succeeded in doing on stage in public what a dematerializing apparition is alleged to do in a haunted house.

Whether he developed the powers of some new or previously discovered ray and created an opaque screen I am unable to say.
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As many of us recognize, this smacks of the Philadelphia Experiment which used a fluctuating magnetic field to cause either invisibility or teleportation.

There is some phenomenon definitely related to extremely high density magnetic fields which causes space and time to warp.

The fluctuation of the field seems to resonantly couple with the influenced mass to cause it to lose its "grip" in our space and/or time. If not at one or more of the mass resonances, then some "fabric resonance" which causes a distortion regardless of the mass resonances.

One of our papers on gravity gives a circuit which might relate to this anecdote. I believe the file is GRAVITY6.ASC or .ZIP.

In addition, the papers BIELEK1 and PHILAD1 might be of use since they cover the Philadelphia Experiment and some interesting comments by Al Bielek on some kind of time lock.
This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS on November 25, 1990 as INVISI2.ASC. The principal portions of this file are courtesy of Elbert Cook.

Invisibility Techniques
written by
Jerry W. Decker - Sysop/KeelyNet

While discussing a variety of subjects with a friend last week, we broached the topic of invisibility. He said he had a paper which showed a photograph of a bat which had been immersed in a fluid to cause the tissues to become transparent.

The photograph was a photocopy and showed the skeleton of a bat as seen through the now clear tissues.

    The formula for this fluid is :

                      1 part  - Benzyl Benzoate
                      3 parts - Salicylic Methyl Ester

   My chemical dictionary shows the following :

     ***  Benzyl Benzoate ***

     Water-white liquid which freezes readily, supercools easily

     Sharp, burning taste with a faint aromatic odor

     Insoluble in water and glycerin

     Soluble in alcohol, chloroform and ether


     Low toxicity

     Refractive Index : 1.568-1.569 at 20 degrees Celsius

     Uses : Fixative and solvent for musk in perfumes and flavors
            External medicine
            Plasticizer (an  organic  compound added to a high polymer
                        to facilitate  processing and to increase the
                         flexibility and  toughness   of   the   final
                         product by  internal modification (solvation)
                         of the polymer molecule, i.e. a softener)
            Miticide (kills mites, small animals of the spider class)

    I could find no listing for Salicylic Methyl Ester as a compound
        so we must relegate to the properties of the components

     Salicylic (not found as a standalone chemical)



     Colorless crystals or white powder

     a glucoside (modern term glycoside)  abundantly occurring organic
     compound in  plants,  which  can be resolved by  hydrolysis  into
     sugar and   other  organic  substances  and  specifically  having
     glucose as its sugar constituent


     Soluble in water, alcohol, alkalies, glaciel acetic acid
     Insoluble in ether

     Uses : Medicine
            As a reagent for nitric acid


  Salicyl Alcohol

     White crystals

     Pungent taste

     Soluble in  water, especially alcohol,  chloroform,  ether,  cold
     water, hot water



     Uses : Medicine (antipyretic and tonic)
            Local anesthetic



     Colorless, oily liquid or dark red oil

     Bitter almond-like odor

     Burning taste

     Soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene, only slightly so in water


     Low Toxicity

     Uses : Analytical chemistry
            Perfumery (violet)
            Synthesis of coumarin (deodorizing  and  odor-enhancing
            Gasoline additive
            Auxiliary fumigant



     White or slightly pink crystals

     Soluble in hot water, alcohol,  ether, chloroform and slightly so
     in cold water, naptha, and carbon tetrachloride

     Low Toxicity

     Uses : Medicine as an analgesic


     Salicylic Acid

     White powder

     Acrid taste

     Stable in air but gradually discolored by light

     Soluble in  acetone, oil of turpentine, alcohol,  ether,  benzene
     and slightly so in water


     Low Toxicity

     Uses : Manufacture of aspirin and salicylates, resins
            Prevulcanization inhibitor


     Methyl Ester

     Any of  a  group  of  fatty esters derived from coconut and other
     vegetable oils, tallows, etc.

     Uses : As lubricants for metal-cutting fluids
            High-temperature grinding
            Cold-rolling of steel

  To induce Invisibility in matter, we can use any of three techniques
  to accomplish that end.  They are listed in order of probability.

     1)   Bending  light  around  the object so that it cannot contact
          the object and thus reflect back to the viewer

  This principle takes advantage of  the  Refractive  Index of a mass.
  All matter either reflects, diffuses or transmits light  (indeed all
  radiation) to varying degrees based on its Refractive Index.

  Refraction refers specifically   to   the  change  in  direction  of
  radiation, especially light,  or  sound  frequencies  as  it  passes
  obliquely from one medium to another medium resulting in a different
  propagation velocity.

  This change in the velocity (speed and direction) of the wave causes
  a corresponding change  in  the  effective  wavelength,   thus   the
  frequency of the radiation changes WHILE MOVING WITHIN THE MEDIUM.

  The degree of change is thus the Refractive Index.

  The Refractive Index  is  the  phase  velocity  of radiation if free
  space is divided by the phase velocity  of  the  same radiation in a
  specified medium.

  The absolute index  for  all  ordinary  transparent   substances  is
  greater than 1,  but  there are some special cases (X-rays and light
  in metal films) for which the index of refraction is less than
  unity (1).

  The absolute index for air exceeds  unity  by  less than 0.0003, the
  relative indices for solids and liquids in air are very nearly equal
  to their absolute indices.

  The Refractive Index VARIES WITH WAVELENGTH.  Because  of  this, the
  wavelength of Sodium light is used at 5.893 Angstroms.

          Air            -  1.0002926
          Carbon Dioxide -  1.00045
          Ice            -  1.31
          Water          - 20 degrees Celsius
          Glycerine      -  1.4729
          Rock Salt      -  1.516
          Glass          -  1.5 to 1.9
          Diamond        -  2.419

  Now, if a means of "bending" all incoming visible wavelengths around
  an object, it  would  become  invisible.  The movie "Predator" takes
  this approach in the cloaking device  which  the  alien  wears.   It
  could take the  form of a fiber optic mesh or an electronic  banding

  If a high  field  density  magnetic  field is used, it would produce
  life altering effects on both the operator and the environment.

  A chemical is  possible  like  that used in the movie "the Invisible
  Man".  Hopefully the effect would  be  non-toxic and wear off as the
  body eliminated the sudden concentration over time.

  Gravity waves might  cause  such  an  effect  if   they   could   be
  successfully harnessed.

  As of now,  we  know of no light-bending technique which has worked.
  It is always possible that some researcher  or  group of researchers
  has achieved this and is keeping it quiet.


     2)   Shifting to a higher form of energy which cannot  be seen by
          the viewer because of its being emitted by the test object

  There is mention of a technique in one of the UFO related books.  It
  involves the stimulation  of a mass to a frequency in either the IR,
  UV or higher frequencies.

  There are several interesting points  when  looking  at it from this

  UltraViolet (UV) light sucks heat from the body while  InfraRed (IR)
  light projects heat into the body.

  If all visible light reflected from an object could be stepped up to
  a doubling or  a harmonic outside the bounds of the visible spectrum
  (this could be either Ultra or Infra),  then the object would appear
  as a black hole in the shape of the object.

  If IR was  used,  then the object would give off heat.   If  UV  was
  used, people in  the presence of the operator would experience burns
  and conjunctivitis (burning, reddening and swelling of the eyes).

  Many UFO close  encounters have  as  a  physical  side  effect,  the
  burning of the  skin  and  eye  swelling.   This  indicates  a  high
  proportion of UV or other higher radiation.

  To cause the  body  to emit frequencies beyond the visible spectrum,
  one could use a super-heterodyne effect  or some form of doubling or

  Crystals could be  used  for achieving the doubling.   While  super-
  heterodyning would be  accomplished  by  the blending of two or more
  frequencies to generate both the sum and difference frequencies.

  I don't see how this technique could  work  if the sole result is to
  delineate a black human shape.  The invisibility would  be  defeated
  since the object would be so obvious, if not totally conspicuous.

  There is the possibility that there are principles of light which we
  don't completely understand.

  This could be especially true at UV, IR and other unseen frequencies.

  For that reason, this possible technique should be looked into.


     3)   Dimensional shifting of the object itself

  If the object  could  be  so  "excited"  as to translate to a higher
  dimension or level  of  being, then  it  would  effectively  not  be
  respondent to radiations, including light, from this dimension.

  From experiments we have heard of, this doesn't appear to be true.

  One case which we can only give in a very abbreviated  form  at  the
  request of our  source,  involved  certain  experiments  using  high
  density fluctuating magnetic fields.

  A device was built in the shape  of  a  split-phase  coil  with many
  turns of wire.

  When the subject sat astraddle the coil and the power  was  applied,
  at certain frequencies and magnetic field densities, the subject saw
  the room slowly vanish to be displaced by other scenery.

  Further experiments caused  the  subject  and  the  coil to begin to
  VANISH FROM THE TEST AREA.  (kind of reminds you of the Philadelphia
  Experiment, HUH?)

  The subject obviously  "translated"   to  a  higher  dimension  both
  visually and physically.

  Now, this might not be the rule for all such experiments.  There  is
  of course, much   work  to  be  done  using  different  frequencies,
  combinations of such and field densities.

  It might be  possible  to cause a  "vanishing"  without  losing  the
  physical form.

  One of the  communications given to UFO contact Billy  Meier  stated
  that the Pleidians  used  a  time  shifting technique.  This allowed
  them to vanish and reappear in another location almost instantly.

  They said time could be divided  into  many  separate  and  distinct
  moments, each of  which  could house an entire Universe  CO-EXISTENT

  Perhaps this theory explains how UFO's, Bigfoot, Loch Ness and other
  anomalies occur in   our   reality.   They  are  simply  momentarily
  "displaced" entities from another dimension.

  It would follow that phase conjugate  techniques  could  be  used to
  energize an area  to  a  level  of  very  high  field  density.   If
  something walked into  that field as it "scanned" another dimension,
  it could be "charged" to forcibly drag it into our dimension.

  When this occurs,  the  being is  disturbed  and  confused  by  this
  seemingly "magical" accident.

  As time progressed, the energy charge would fade away and the entity
  would reach the quantum level necessary to cause the return to their
  home dimension.


  We hear many stories and some experiments which in many cases we are
  forbidden to pass on in their entirety.

  Part of the reason is trust coupled with a desire to have a sounding
  board leading to  other  approaches.  Another reason is that someone
  else might know in the event of catastrophe.

  Although we cannot always spell out  the  details, many of the files
  on KeelyNet are laced with annotated information.

  We are most appreciative of everyone who shares with us and others.

  Not only does it increase our understanding and perspective  of  our
  reality, but through it, we can hopefully help others to understand.

  Of course, application is everything.  So, BUILD, TEST, REFINE, PASS

               Thank you for your patience and support of
                     KeelyNet and Vanguard Sciences.