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Dedicated to Isis, Charlie, Puff, and Susie. Even when she was very ill, Isis still showed concern for "her family." We will never forget her, and our household is now blessed with Charlie.
A few years ago, a friend placed a copy of Barry Lynes' book, "The Cancer cure That Worked" in my hands. Little did I realize that I was holding the secret to the most important and fantastic discovery of all time, within the pages of this book. Today, my personal copy bears multiple highlighted marks, and pages detached from the cover, from constant scrutinizing produced by a persistent, inquiring mind.
Today, Royal Rife is no longer with us, and we see people offering machines designed to eliminate all forms of diseases. Most of them are designed around electrical stimulation, or exposure to rays of various portions of the light spectrum. The truth is that certain light rays actually stimulate virii!
With so many people engaged in machines which are advertised as by-products of the "Rife" technology, what is the real truth? The real key to the source and the original carcinoma virus mortality rate are in plain sight, in Barry Lynes' book, but I appear to be the only one who has deciphered Rife's laboratory note, and who knows the truth. I have examined, with the greatest scrutiny, every attributed conversation and correspondence by Rife, and Milbank Johnson, appearing in Barry Lynes' book, and this has produced a myriad of information, which reveals the true "Rife" technology.
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