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KeelyNet 01/21/02

You are no doubt familiar with Royal Rife, the genius who discovered in the 1930's that deadly microorganisms can be eliminated through application of resonant frequencies. Rife's partner for 21 years was John F. Crane. Crane assembled a huge amount of material documenting Rife's work and their work together, spanning a period of 60 years. Crane called his book the Polarity Research Manual (PRM).

The 1000 pages which made up the PRM has not been available for several years, it explained everything from Rife's original microscope and ray tube work in the '30's, to the new pad units first put out in the '50's.

The manual also contained other energies to use in alternative health research, like Color Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Polarity, Gemstones and Nutrition. It included extensive bibliographical notes throughout so that people could look up the source material Crane and Rife used if they wanted to.

The PRM also contained letters, LOTS of testimonials, charts of body meridian points, and detailed instruction for applying frequencies, polarity and color to hundreds of physical ailments, along with some description of most of the ailments, and many charts, including frequency charts.

Crane's PRM was a banquet of information for private researchers, people who wanted to help themselves to get well and stay well. But it was badly organized in a hodge-podge fashion, and hard to sift through.

Per John Crane's request before he died, a new, edited version of the PRM is now available, that puts all the GREAT information together in a user-friendly fashion. It also includes a large compiled Bibliography, and is fully indexed.

A striking history of Rife's work was drawn from over 700 letters not included in the original PRM, written to and from Rife and Crane.

Blast It! is useful for anyone using Rife technology, especially beginners, or serious researchers. But for electrode pad unit users, or anyone wanting to experiment with high voltage violet ray tube application in conjunction with Rife frequencies, it is essential information that is badly needed out there.

Anyone new to Reflexology, Acupressure, or any technology dealing with the body's meridian points as they relate to sickness will benefit greatly through studying Blast It!


"As a private researcher, I have been using the information from the Blast It! manual for several years, and all I can say is, it works. Crane's interests included polarity, color, gemstones, etc., and are not Rife's interest or work; however, in our family, we have found that when one thing from the manual doesn't work, another thing will, and we have found it all useful.

Our opinion is that whenever the Rife microscope is once again available, and the PURE Rife technology is unearthed at last, it will no doubt stand alone as an applied energy healer, but until that time arrives, we do what we can do to get well or stay well!

"Today, some of the technical aspects discussed in Crane's original Polarity Research Manual are on websites scattered throughout the internet Rife webring.

The information posted there should identify it as coming from the PRM -- the PRM was used by many of those now established on the net as a source book when they first started.

However, there is very little of the practical application of Rife technology as it is described in the PRM listed on the web. If you are a serious alternative health researcher, I would highly recommend getting a copy of Blast It!"

Blast It! is a major compilation of the most up-to-date and thorough Rife information available today. The original BlastIt! has now been expanded and improved by the addition of much of the information in John Cranes 'Polarity Manual' which was 1,000 pages.

We at KeelyNet are very pleased to offer the huge 746 page BlastIT! Rife research book which offers the best of RIFE TECHNOLOGIES using electronically generated frequencies. This nearly five pound book is chock full of research techniques for energy applications to eliminate disorders, help the body rid itself of diseases and to assist the body towards a speedy recovery.

Part 1 - Your Electronic Antibiotic System and how to use it
includes the Rife frequencies, Ray Tube versus Pad Units, Electrolytes and Acidophilus, Notes on Body Polarity, the Master Frequency chart, complete diagrams and charts showing how to use pad units and electrodes with body meridian charts and diagrams.

Part 2 - Research Methods for Energy Balancing and Applications, including

1. Rife Technologies
SOUND ENERGY, Resonance, Harmonics & Resonant Frequencies, Original Frequencies Listed in Early Experiments, FREQUENCY INSTRUMENT DESCRIPTIONS AND DISCUSSIONS, Destroying Microorganisms, Rife's Own Description of his Machine, Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR), Bacteria Electrocution, and more.

2. Magnetic Research
UNDERSTANDING MAGNETISM AND POLARITY, Contact Healing, Electron Therapy, Magnets & Magnetism, Oxidation and Reduction, pH, Polarity, Potential Energy Level, Radionics, Toxic Overload (Healing Crisis), UNDERSTANDING DISORDERS, UNDERSTANDING MAGNETIC APPLICATION, How do I Apply Magnetic Polarizers?, Should I Use NEG OR POS?, APPLICATION PROCEDURES in 6 steps, POLARITY AT WORK, Dowsing, Pendulum Power, MEASURING POLARITY FUNCTION IN THE HUMAN ANATOMY

3. Color Research
Includes Colors, the Color Code, Color Therapy Chart of Application Zones to the body, Balancing the Chakras, and Healing and and introduction to Energy Balancing with Gems & Stones

4. Cosmic Energy

5. Heat

6. Nutrition
Section includes FOOD, food, the wrong food in the wrong environment causes disease, food mixing, descriptions of synthetic, inorganic, indigestible and counterfeit "foods" that poison the body, suggested natural, raw foods, Aloe vera, Enzymes, cell nutrients, a complete list of metals and non-metals, VITAMINS, EXERCISE & REST, FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, and WATER.

7. Miscellaneous other applications

The introduction to PART 3 describes how to use Meridian Points, Mortal Oscillatory Rates, and Notes on disease. PART 3 contains hundreds of pages of information on diseases and disorders, and how researchers can apply various energies as a self-help toward gaining health and regeneration of their own bodies. (Blast It! Makes no medical claims. As with any self-help tool, always check with your medical doctor first.)

Sec 2 BODY
Sec 6 HEAD

Part 4 - How to Hook up your Electronic Antibiotic System - describes galvanic square waveform, how to hook up your computer-generated or frequency generator system using ac current, electrode construction, voltages, testing your equipment, and (optional) using direct current.

Part 5 - Some History - A History, Royal R. Rife, his work, and his work with John F. Crane From 1950 Later History, Royal R. Rife & John F. Crane

Part 6 - Bibliography - compiled Bibliography of information sources used by Rife and Crane, with short synopses of people who knew Royal Rife and his work.

Part 7 - Index - The manual is thoroughly indexed for easy reference use.

This book is 746 pages, weighs NEARLY 5 POUNDS and is chock full of useful information for those interested in experimenting with and using Rife Technologies.

NOTICE: This book is for informational purposes only and we are not responsible for use of any of the topics presented, if you have medical questions or issues, please consult qualified medical personnel

(due to the weight of this huge book, International orders are shipped Airmail Parcel Post)

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