"Anomalous" Ancient Egyptian artifacts

Date : Wed, 10 Dec 1997 17:10:09 +0000

Hi Jerry

Having just accessed Keelynet for the first time, I was struck by the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph adjacent to your e-mail address.

Indeed, this prompts me to ask if you know about the "tuning forks" which were discovered by Egyptologists who, presumably because they were unable to ascribe a utility to these items, deemed them to be "anomalous".

Some years ago an American friend picked the lock of a door leading to an Egyptian museum store-room measuring approx 8 feet x ten feet. Inside she found "hundreds" of what she described as "tuning forks".

These ranged in size from approx 8 inches to approx 8 or 9 feet overall length, and resembled catapults, but with a taut wire stretched between the tines of the "fork". She insists, incidentally, that these were definitely not non-ferrous, but "steel".

These objects resembled a letter "U" with a handle (a bit like a pitchfork) and, when the wire was plucked, they vibrated for a prolonged period.

It occurs to me to wonder if these devices might have had hardened tool-bits attached to the bottom of their handles and if they might have been used for cutting or engraving stone, once they had been set vibrating.

Any infromation you have on this will be greatly appreciated.

Egyptian Tuning Forks (Part 2)

This is what I sent him...
You know, now I can't go to sleep!!! (the email figure is the Egyptian god Thoth, god of measure, science and learning, keeper of the words of power, I've become particularly fascinated with this archetype since visiting Egypt in June 1997)

With tuning forks, when you strike them, the vibration easily carries into the handle, so you can sit a vibrating fork on an object to transduce the vibrations most efficiently into a mass....

Do you mind if I post your email as a file here so others can study it? It is fascinating and might provide a key.

Do you think your friend could remember WHICH MUSEUM and maybe describe where the room was located in that museum? Sounds like it would be worth another trip or get someone there to send us photos of the devices!!!

Do you know of Edward Leedskalnin who built a structure called the 'Coral Castle' in Florida? He somehow singlehandedly lifted these huge stones to assemble the castle. He claimed he had 'rediscovered how the Egyptians built the pyramids.' Run through our files and you will see a several articles on him and some written by him...go to;


You'll want gravity or keely since they inter-relate..

I and many of my friends are of the opinion that gravity is an inflow of energy into all masses and that we are caught in the gravity flow towards the center of the earth...like flies caught in a wind against a screen door.

So, if you can deflect the gravity that flows into the earth and holds us here, then we would lose weight and even fly off the planet, like a loose soap bubble...this is the essence of what John Keely (patron of KEELYNet) found.

Using the right kind of vibration, we believe it is possible to create either a standing wave or a specific interference pattern to cause gravity to be deflected from a mass...you could lift a room sized rock as if it were styrofoam.

One thing about your tuning forks...you say they have a string stretched across them....I agree this was the way the fork was EXCITED, rather than striking the tines against a hard object as is normal...in this way, you just pluck the string....and the vibration goes through the handle into the mass to be worked with....cool....seeya!