Re: Torque from photons?

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 04 Dec 1999 22:18:21 -0600

Hi Folks!

I received the following kind repost from Neil Bates with more
information about the experiment that seems to indicate an angular
momentum to light that might be transferred to drive mass;
Subject: Re: anything more on Beth?
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 13:40:02 PST
From: "neil bates" <>


Thank you very much for reposting my little piece about photon spin and
anomalous energy. Oddly enough, I forget exactly which newsgroup I
posted it on - please let me know! the Keely Net looks interesting, and
I read over some posts, including some of yours, in the brief time that
I had available.

Wasn't there an inventor named Keely who claimed to have invented an
electromagnetic (ZPE?) OU device? I doubt that the net is named after
him - to
warrant a "dot com," but life is full of strange coincidences.

The specific reference to the Beth experiment is:

"Mechanical Detection and Measurement of the Angular Momentum of Light"
by Richard A. Beth, Physical Review, vol. 50, p. 115-..., (1936).

Beth showed only that the angular momentum of photons is real. I am the
one who originated the idea that since photon spin is independent of
energy, absorbing very low-energy photons could give OU energy to a
spinning disk. I am not at all sure it would work, but someone should
study the situation.

I posted another physics paradox about photon spin to
sci.physics.research (11/30 or 12/01 posting). I seems to have stumped
everyone, since no one has answered the challenge to resolve it.


Neil Bates

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