Re: claims of $200 free energy machine being sold????

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 19:27:21 -0500

Hi Folks!

Received an excellent email from George Wiseman regarding Dennis Lees'
latest claims, here are the relevant excerpts, please warn everyone you
know who might be remotely considering investing their hard earned money
in such stunts;
Dennis Lee offers publicly in his advertisements that he will allow
anyone to come up to the stage and test his equipment with their own
meters. So John did, after going through resistance where he had to
remind them several times that DL stated testing was allowed. The net
result was that the electrical Free Energy machine being demonstrated as
fifteen (15) times over-unity on Dennis Lee's current tour is actually
not over-unity at all.

Dennis Lee states that his machine is putting out work of nearly two
horsepower (about 1350 watts) as measured by a braking system on the
output of the motor. ohn looked that over and found it to his

Dennis Lee further states that he is drawing only one (1) amp from the
sizable battery pack that is feeding the apparatus. This would be
fifteen times over-unity. John tested the amperage coming from the
batteries (and various other places) and found the following result:

there was one amp of 'ripple' (measurable as amperage on an AC
and over 15 amps of DC (measuring with a DC amp-meter).

He made the measurements using an amp-clamp type of meter and stated
"there was so much amperage going through the wire I had trouble
disconnecting the

It turns out that Dennis Lee and his gang are just measuring the AC
'ripple' coming out of the batteries and not the true power being
withdrawn from the batteries. Thus it would indicate that his machine
is NOT over-unity. Such mistakes in measuring are a hazzard of Free
Energy research and are one reason I invite people like John to
investigate and duplicate MY research.

However, this is just one test from a professional that is not likely to
make a public testimonial and I seriously doubt that Dennis Lee will
allow me up onto the stage to test his equipment as he has stated that
if I (George Wiseman) set foot on his property he'll throw me off (and
many more things that I'll not repeat here). It seems that my
insistence that he tell ALL the truth and nothing BUT the truth is
cramping his style.

So I call to anyone who has testing meters to take Dennis Lee up on his
offer to step up on the stage and test the apparatus. Hopefully you or
someone you know will be able to get up there and confirm the readings.

The best would be to get an actual UCSA (Dennis Lee) Distributor to
spearhead your testing request.

You can likely get a referral to a local UCSA Distributor by FAXing your
request to 973-208-7530; leaving room on the FAX so that they can insert
the information you request. Make the FAX short and ask only for a
local contact because they are very busy and will not answer other

You can get the tour schedule by going to:

I know it is hard to step up on stage as Dennis Lee is an extra-ordinary
speaker and you'll be under the crowd's scrutiny when you walk up there.

I suggest letting them know right up front (before the show starts) that
you want to test the machine. He will NOT invite people from the public
to test during the show, he's too good a promoter for that. I suggest
getting permission to test on video tape and to record the test on video
tape if possible (have at least two friends with you) AND if they refuse
permission, that would be good to get on video too, or at least on a
pocket recorder.

I suggest allowing Dennis Lee and the gang any excuse they want to give
for why the reading is showing all that amperage, as they will have
their backs against the wall and need to save face. I most certainly
suggest that you DO NOT mention George Wiseman's name or there is NO WAY
you'll get up on the stage.

After you have the documentation, spread it around as widely as you
can. I'm not making these suggestions because I have any personal
vendetta against Dennis Lee, personally I'd just as soon forget that he
exists. But while he is promoting and then not delivering technology
that I'm actually inventing (giving the label fraud to my work), I'm
taking steps to shine a beam of light through the misinformation.

George Wiseman <>
'Energy Alternatives'

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