One Terminal Capacitor

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Tue, 29 Jun 1999 19:23:10 -0500

Hi Folks!

Comes here an interesting email regarding a 'one terminal capacitor'
which you should be aware of thanks to the inventor Joseph Hiddink.
This is the email he sent me along with my response and initial
questions. Do check it out if you are so inclined;
Ajax, Ontario, Canada June 29. 1999

In 1933, Hitler ordered his Engineers to build a Flying Disk, that could
come off the ground, without any sound, could fly at great speed,
without any sound, and it had to be invulnerable. His engineers had read
about Vandegraaff's ideas.

The Vandegraaff is a monopole high voltage generator, to a degree.
Vandegraaff thought, that if he put his sphere to ground,and charged it
up to five million volts positive, the sphere would be positive, the
ground would be positive, and plus repels plus, ergo: Liftoff.

So he was invited to come to Germany to do it. But when the sphere was
on the ground, it only went to 3000 volts, and that did not do a thing.
So in 1937 they switched to magnetics. And yes, by 1941, the day before
Hitler invaded Germany, they had reached a weight reduction of their
Flying Machine of 120 pounds.

Trouble was, the machine, which even looked like a Flying Saucer weighed
two tons. So Hitler scrapped it and went in with the rockets.

Seeing a picture of a Flying Saucer in 1967, and noticing these spheres
underneath, I asked myself where we use a sphere in the physics

And yes, it was written in the physics books since the 1800's as a
problem. Probably thought up by Faraday himself. I got it as a problem
on my final exam Physics in Holland. :

Two metal concentric spheres form a capacitor C.

This is charged up to a potential V.

Then the outside sphere is removed.

The remaining sphere is a 1-terminal capacitor with a capacity c.

The potential on this sphere is C/c x V. If C+ 1 microfarad, and c = 50
micromicrofarad, and V = 1000 volts, we get a momentarily pulse of 20
million volts.

And that is positive all alone, or negative all alone. Of course that is
difficult to do with these spheres, so the books caution that it was
"Just a theoretical problem".

Bu what if we can make a 2-terminal capacitor that can be charged up,
and then can be changed into a 1-terminal capacitor? That is what I
invented 30 seconds after thinking about it..

This type of capacitor is inside every sphere, with the 1-terminal part
connected to the sphere. As no charge can exist inside the sphere, it
flows to the outside.

If a sphere sits on the ground, and gives such a pulse, the first pulse
may not do much, but the succeeding ones do. Earth will repel that
sphere. And once off the ground, the electrical field off the sphere
(with succeeding pulses) "sees" the earth's magnetic field as "ground"
and tries to get away from it.

And that is how it works. The saucer shape is nothing but a reflector.
Steering is accomplished by applying the proper amount of power to each
sphere with a joy stick. A sixteen year old girl with heavy glasses and
normal IQ could fly it.

Offered to Canada as a birthday present in 1967, it was ridiculed by the
NRC (Canada), as nobody ever could invent such a capacitor, and as thus
it was rejected. Confronted many years later with the patent, they had
to lamely admit, that it could be done after all, but the NRC (Canada)
was "Sure that it could not work, no funding!".

After which the President of that institution retired immediately But
not before exhorting his successor to keep this invention in the
ridicule section. His successor became head of the Canadian Space
Agency. If you apply for a patent, you need the signature of two
witnessse, who declare that they understand the invention.

One of the witnesses required, was a German, now Canadian Engineer, who
had worked on Hitler's Flying Disk. "My God, why did nobody think about
that before...? Why did I not think about that before...?"

And he told me about Hitler's Flying Machine that never worked. "When
the project was terminated, we were sworn to secrecy about it, but that
is nonsense now, you found it. .. Why did I not think about it
before...?" He happens to be the world's foremost expert on the parts
to make this capacitor.

Offered to Nasa, the Rocket Experts at the Propulsion Lab, where I was
referred to, were "Not interested, thank you.!" You can figure out why.

We can fly to the Moon in three hours, if need be, uncomfortable. Or in
comfort, using a constant 1.1 g acceleration in two days. Mars in a few
weeks. No osteoporosis and no barfbags. The Space station and all that
nonsense is obsolete.

Of course, anyone who can find out how a Flying Saucer works must be an
idiot. that is, what I was told at the different "Scientific" Institutes
in Canada.

Invention was evaluated by Hermann... (forgot his last name) of the
Hudson Institute for Strategical Studies at $600 Billion. Now probably

Found 1200 applications, from "Starwar" cars that float, electrical
engines that need only a battery to start, airplanes that reach any
place on earth in two hours, all VTOL, no airports needed, to
inexpensive power generators, weather control, tornadoes, hurricanes,
earthquakes etc... Oil as an energy source will be out. No pollution
and no noise.

Just new to the net I will probably get my own site and start to
advertise some applications. I have to make some money too. I wondered
of course why the Patent Office never figured that this invention should
be "classified", but you never argue with the dumbells that look after
your security. Your security Council was informed before too.

Threaten the President of the US, and CIA and FBI will be at your
doorstep in five minutes. If all of the US could be in danger, if this
invention is used by another party, who cares... Do have a nice day.
Regards Joseph Hiddink - President Gravityx
(my initial response to Joseph)

Hi Joseph!

Thanks for the information and I must tell you I found it quite
fascinating. I looked up your patent and found;

Have you done any experimental work with small models or is there a
minimum critical size?

I need to print out and study the patent and your comments, but I
certainly will get back to you.....I also posted your information on the
KeelyNer Interact discussion list so you might get some responses. I
will definitely be writing back as soon as I've had the time to study
your ideas....thanks again...

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