Leedskalnin's Secret Solved

Tue, 22 Jun 1999 13:59:48 EDT

(c) 06-22-99

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Hi Jerry, and everyone!

Today I feel it is necessary to release this information.

If an experienced writer such as Richard Hoagland, Graham Hancock, or Theo
Paijmans etc. would like to contact me and co-author a book on the full
subject matter I am available at this time. The book "God's Secret: The
Divine Science" is the proposed title.

I first heard of Coral Castle and Edward Leedskalnin from the 1970's program
of "In Search Of". I sent for Leedskalnin's booklets and like everyone else
couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Edward Leedskalnin claimed to have learned the secret of the Egyptians in
building their Megalithic structures.

I have spent over 20 years studying this and am now going to reveal the

Research into gravity by Richard Feynman and others has shown that Gravity as
we know it is a pseudo force.

The booklets "Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life: The Perpetual Motion
Holder" and "Magnetic Current" were very confusing. "Magnetic Current" of
north and south pole magnets flowing in opposing currents and not electrons.
Further Leedskalnin says that magnetism is the Cosmic Force that the Universe
is made of. The booklet regarding the perpetual motion holder says that you
can catch these little north and south pole magnets and store an infinite
amount of them in the device.

The story about Leedskalnin says that he was not very well educated and once
tried to tell a high school chemistry teacher about what he had discovered,
but was instead humiliated, and being overly sensitive he never tried again
to reveal his secret. I'm here to tell you now that this is not so, his
booklets tell the secret if you have the right point of view.

The secret involves the knowledge of Superconductivity.

On Keelynet I came across an article titled "Acoustic Superconductivity".
Basically this article descibes a superconducting like condition that can be
induced through sound or an electrical wave that creates a condition of
reduced or no resistance in wires - hence superconductivity. This condition
results from setting up a Standing Wave in the conductor and hence "zero
point energy" effects.

I officially propose that Superconductivity is a condition that is controlled
by the spacing of the atoms that results in a coherent coulomb wave. Further
that this condition can under the right circumstances be induced in almost
any pure or amorphous material or element. Additionally, that this condition
can occur naturally like in David Hudson' monoatomic precious "sacred"
elements and secondly can be induced with standing waves that effect the
spacing of the atoms. The monoatomic noble or "sacred" gases are also known
for there ability to generate coherence in gases - hence Laser's.

Another report revealed that Keely developed a craft based on "Acoustic

Now Leedskalinin was said to have visited the Egyptian pryamids and the
pyramids of Mexico before he settled south of Miami.

In Egypt have been found the rather curious "Vowel Song" vases, I believe
Edward Leedskalnin saw one of those vases. Further the rather interesting
stories of Egyptian tuning forks, the Caduceus Wand, and the stories of
stiking the stones and there subsequent levitation. The Caduceus Wand being
a tuning fork!

Some previously unkown reports that recently showed up on the web, tell us
that some people saw Leedskalnin touching one of the stones while a stone was
levitating, and another tells us that he was observed singing to the stones.
Stories of Merlin moving the stones of StoneHenge while singing to them, as
well as the Wall of the Luxor complex being built using song. This is
further backed up by the reports of Edgar Casey that the pryamids were built
with songs and chanting.

Edgar Casey also stated that the forces such as to make "iron to swim" would
be shown to be what was used to build the pyramids. One possible solution
was previously suggested regarding using the electromagnetic propulsion for
submarines being developed in 1958. What they don't tell you is that
Superconducting Magnets are necessary to make the system practical (just like
in the movie "The Hunt for Red October".) This then solves the Cayce Problem.

As the description of superconductivity and Cooper pairs was not officially
known until the 1980's. Neither Leedskalnin, Keely, Cayce or anyone else had
the framework to accurately describe the phenomena that was occuring.

Superconductors produce a very special field called a Meisner field. The
Meisner field is a diamagetic field. Diamagnetic fields oppose all other
magnetic fields and can absorb energy from other fields when it is
sufficiently strong.

With in the last year or so we saw pictures on TV from the Mag lab showing
levitation of frogs and other living things not normally magnetic using
diamagnetic or superconducting magnetic meisner fields. This information
showed that any object could be levitated if the magnetic field strength
being a 100 to 1000 times stronger than convential thought had supposed.
Once again this was done using diamagnetic superconducting magnetic fields
and vortices.

Now we alo know that Leedskalnin very carefully chose the location for
building the Coral Castle both for materials and for the relationship to the
Earths Magnetic Field lines. These were necessary for the stones to be
levitated on the magnetic waves of energy in the grid structure.

The one thing left to understand is the relationship between the human body
as the Devine Creation of God further as a vehicle of the devine nature of
creation. We must understand the nature of the Chakras and the Aura. The
Aura is a biomagnetic or meisner field that is by its inherent nature
diamagnetic. The Chakras are spinning Magnetic Energy Vortices. It has been
known since the 1970's when certain Navy research projects that the brain and
nervous system uses light to comunicate within. Further it is determined
that a superconducting condition creates the Aura's diamagnetic field -hence
We ARE LIVING SUPERCONDUCTORS. By joining the vortices of several people
together in the proper configuration with respect to the Earths field we can
generate a larger interaction and hence do "Party Levitaion". The Cooper
Pairs form Boson's which are Light Photons. These Cooper Pairs form "The
Divine or the Sacred Light". David Hudson further pointed out to us that the
precious sacred elements are found in the brain and nervous systems of living
creatures. This also explains the Levitating Stones of Shivapur.

David Hudson's precious monoatomic elements are shown to be the particles
that are the nuclear perpetual motion generators that power the cells of

Leedskalnin's "Perpetual Motion Holder" becomes a device capable of trapping
an infinite number of light photons, cooper pairs, having a fourth
dimensional (not time) nature that is a Superconductor.

Additionally it has been determined that there are certain sound frequencies
that are light resonant. This information was held by the Priesthoods of
various religions and groups and were called the "Sacred Sounds" and also
known as the "Lost Sacred Chord". These sounds form a "sacred scale"of
octives that as Bruce L. Cathie in his book put it so eloquently "A very
strict ordered system of mathematical progressions is necessary to create the
smallest speck of matter from the primeval matrix of space." This
mathematical fractal progression utilizes the mathematical equation relating
the three "Sacred Ratio's" in the form PHI = 7/5 PI/e.

PHI - the ratio that controls the formation of life.
PI - the ratio that controls the formation of circles.
e - the ratio that control the formation of logarithmic spirals.

The 7, and the 5 form the range of notes in the sacred scales that are
equivalent in the Indian and Chinese sytems.

The Sacred chord is composed of the first three Prime Numbers and just happen
to intersect the first three numbers in the Fibonacci Series: 2,3 and 5.
Both considered to "Sacred Number Series". These then are in a octive
resonantly tuned correspondence system tied to the Platonic solids delimiting
the range of Three Space. The Triune nature of this system sets the stage
for building of the Universe on a basis of a static and dynamic Aether.

The Searle effect tells us that an object contained in a sufficiently stong
magnetic bubble could be levitated, hence Leedskalnin singing to his stones
induced resonantly an amplified diamagnetic field in his chakras body of
sufficient strength to which then by touching the stone enveloped it and
levitated the stones on the Earth grid magnetic field lines.

Versions of this solve the Tibetian Hurling Stones Problem

My additional findings delineate a theory for not only antigravity, but, free
energy, a Unified field theory, teleportation, time travel, interdimensional
travel, interuniverse travel, astrology and more.

It has been said that the technologies that are rapidly approaching are truly
exotic. I prefer to call these new technologies EXO-TECH. Exo - short for
exotic. But also, from the Greek meaning "outside of" as in exobiology -
meaning the study of life on other planets or celestrial bodies, (taken from
the Worldbook Dictionary 1966.) The name for this new Tech was suggested to
me by a movie on cable "The Puppet Master".

I present this information in the name of YHWH, may this information change
the world, and may his will be done in Heaven and in Earth!

copyright 06-22-99 by R.E. Cathey