Re: Research into free energy claims.

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 21:25:34 -0500

Hi Folks!

I've been wondering about this negative current and its properties as
> My point being the report of frost when the wires were brushed
> against each other and that Sweet accidentally shocked himself on
> the finger and it was number for days from this 'negative current'.

Infrared rays burn with a 'hot' heat.

Ultraviolet rays burn with a 'cold' heat.

The distinction is important I think and was referenced in the book
'Dweller on Two Planets' in the comment, 'night is as pregnant as day'.

It has always intrigued me just what was meant by this. The book says
you will stay healthy and live for hundreds of years in a youthful body
IF you eat only foods that grow at night. Indicating some kind of solar
radiation that aids and abets aging.

Irradiation experiments done with human blood using UV rays show that
the blood will continue to re-radiate the UV after the source has been
removed. So perhaps this 'remanence' phenomenon occurs with plants
grown during the day, which re-radiate some of the solar frequencies.

We know the UV frequency of 260nm resonates most closely with DNA and
that it just happens to be the frequency best absorbed by water, so that
sunlight without water vapor in the upper atmosphere to absorb this
260nm will cause aging and disease due to temin mixing (where the dna
pattern is scrambled) that ends up as mutations and cancer.

Now I don't mean to get off topic since this thread IS about free
energy, my point in mentioning this day/night type of energy is an
attempt to understand the properties of this 'cold' current.

To my view, 'cold' current would be implosive (Schauberger), linked to
magnetism (Orlowski/Johnson) and produce cold (Sweet, Kowsky-Frost) when
'dissipating' in or through a load. It would also produce gravity
(Sweet, Kowsky-Frost) and time anomalies (DePalma) to a degree
proportional to the intensity of the current flow. It is the flow of
aether/zpe into and through mass.

'Hot' current would be explosive, linked to electricity and produce heat
when dissipating in or through a load.

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