Snake Oil in Encryption Software - how similar to F/E claims...

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 20:38:46 -0600

Hi Folks!

A friend told me about a new site which offers ways to use a website for
income and many other net business techniques.

But I'm not saying anything about this business site until I check it
out...(How's that Niel?)'s $39.95 of course but he says it has a
lot of good information, so why not.

With regard to the 14 day Subliminal program and a couple of others I
purchased via download where they later sent me an encryption key that
would 'unlock' my program so that the time limit inhibitor went out.

This made me curious as I've never been paranoid (and still am not) but
this new business webpage offers a program that will let you encrypt a
document or book or a portion thereof, say allowing free download of a
book where half of the book was completely free to read, then hopefully
you get hooked on it and want to read the rest which is encrypted.

You can then go to the website, FAX or call in your credit card number
which will result in you receiving the encryption key that will unlock
the rest of the document or book. I've purchased software using this
method and it is fast and efficient, resulting in an email to you after
the vendor has charged your card. Sounds like a great money making
scheme if you have something worth selling.

Anyway, in looking for some information about what was available as to
encryption, from what I read, PGP and DES seem to be the two leading

I found this interesting docuement on 'Snake Oil warning signs for
Encryption Software'.

I found it very SIMILAR to many of the claims being made in free energy
and alternative health.

The document gives a lot of very clear information about encryption
methods and caveats. The website for the Snake Oil document is at;

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