Radiation Damage

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 04:19:03 -0800

Hi Paul!

Saw your post on freenrg-l where you said;
> My interest is in the fact that Bruce (Perrault) is working with
> radioactive materials. Further, he is telling other people to work
> with the same materials. He is posting info and pro-nuke propoganda
> that radiation is not harmful. I have tried to offer constructive
> criticism and advice in handling procedures since I do not want to
> see anyone hurt by mishandling of these potentially dangerous
> materials. All who were present at the Meeting of the Minds in
> Temecula, CA, 1987, saw first-hand the radiation burns that I had
> suffered. Six of my fingers were swelled twice their normal size and
> almost one continuous white blister, at that time. I had working
> hardware, but it almost cost me six fingers. Anyway, contrary to the
> claims made by Galen Winsor and Bruce Perrault; radiation can not be
> dealt with in a haphazard manner. The potential for harm does exist.

Henry Moray referred to his development of a patented parabolic ray
machine that produced what he called a 'peach-blossom violet'
light....this is how he treated the radiation damage incurred to his
hands when experimenting with radium......

Interesting how the Priore device also uses a violet light as does the
emanations from argon plasma tubes. This all ties in with Dinshah
Ghadiali's SpectroChrome Therapy which indicated there were two kinds of
burning UV (ultraviolet) which produced a cold burn (as with radiation)
and IR (infrared) which produces a hot burn.

Moray said he treated himself with this color and it healed his hands.
Sounds like a great product to market for conjuctivitis and UV type
burns, even sunburn...might help to reduce skin cancers from over
exposure...I have the patent around here somewhere for the device...I
don't recall it if used his 'Swedish Stone' or not....

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