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    04/24/14 - We need to fix the Texas Drought!


    Look at what is happening to my beloved Texas! Streams drying up, lakeshores receding, farm and grass lands bone dry feet below the ground. Here is how to do it, so lets coordinate to see who is doing what and where, Email me. And you crazy yank orgonauts, tend to your own state! - We need to fix the Texas Drought!


    04/23/14 - High pressure water/steam system produces excess energy
    KeelyNet Richard Aho of MIST Energy Systems has been working for years on the idea that hydrogen bond energy could be harnessed. He went on working where others had abandoned the field because they knew it "couldn't be done".

    In his Mist Energy System, water is pressurized by a commercially available high pressure pump, it is then released through a nozzle into an impact chamber, where the jet hits a metal target. Heat is released and the water instantly transforms into steam.

    The energy spent to pressurize the water and pre-heat the impact chamber is about one tenth of the energy contained in the steam that is produced. That is a 10:1 over-unity factor, achieved with nothing but available tech and water as a medium.

    MIST, which is an acronym for Molecular Impact Steam Technology, has patented a new system from creating energy. The energy is derived from exploding molecules of water impacting at hypersonic speed in a confined chamber. Our test haven proven that the energy created from high impact "dry" steam exceeds by multiples, the man-made energy required to run the system. The key word here is "man-made".

    We are not trying to say we are creating energy out of nothing. What we are doing is capturing the release of the energy holding the molecules of water together. Using a modified diesel injector, we were able to inject minute amounts of high-pressure droplets of water into the impact chamber. The impact literally explodes the molecules of water causing them to increase in temperature and pressure.

    APPARATUS FOR RECOVERING ENERGY FROM WATER - 20100293949 - Inventors - Richard E. Aho.

    Apparatus for recovering energy from water is disclosed. Water is heated by application of electrical energy to heaters and contacting the water with the heaters in a manner and under pressure and temperature conditions such that it is instantaneously converted to gas. Energy in excess of that supplied to the heaters results from the rapid conversion of water to gas.

    (This part below is what made me remember the demonstration Norm and Leonard did with the hot grill effect and splashing water on it to create Super Steam. - JWD)

    The above and other needs are met by an apparatus for recovering energy from water. The apparatus is configured to heat a surface and to directly contact the heated surface with water introduced in a manner and in a sufficiently small amount such that the water substantially instantaneously changes water from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

    Starting with 2000 psi and finishing at 3000 psi (creating 20000 psi) driving the molecules into the impact chamber at super sonic speeds.

    Reminds me of the Clem engine due to the hydraulic pressure. Maybe that was his secret, slamming heavy molecules of oily mist to ram the turbine to rotate? Also Keely's explosion of water at 42.8khz to produce tremendous thrust. Thanks to Hermes for finding the patent I missed. I just realized this is about 20-30 year old technology. - JWD - High pressure water/steam system produces excess energy

    Peter Graneau died in Feb 2014 and His Legacy

    04/23/14 - 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
    KeelyNet Albuquerque, New Mexico • July 30-August 3, 2014 - Register by April 30, 2014 for 25% Discount on Conference Registration!

    My old friend Steve Elsewick has put together his yearly Conference, so get signed up as soon as you can before they fill up!

    The Program of Speakers - includes Moray King, Beverly Rubick, Dale Pond and George Wiseman so they should make it lively and interesting.

    ExtraOrdinary Topics Featured...Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy • Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown's Gas • Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation • ElectroMedicine and Magnetic Healing - 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

    04/23/14 - Why we don't Want Anti-Gravity - just yet!
    KeelyNet Early on, I realized that the pursuit of an antigravity, totally weightless condition was asking for too much.

    Antigravity would be a very dangerous thing to achieve because the test object would be hurled off into space from centrifugal force and as the earth rotates in its orbit as well as our solar system moves through space, the test object or person would be truly 'Lost in Space'.

    Imagine if you cancel gravity, you lose all weight and are no longer 'bound' to the earth. The result would be like hitting a baseball as you quickly accelerate into space and the earth flies away from you at roughly 67,000 mph.

    We should start small, focusing our attention on finding methods to REDUCE local weight.

    There are reports that Keely was able to reduce or increase weight on demand.

    In the video below, goto 24:40 and watch what happens when we achieve anti-gravity; - Why we don't Want Anti-Gravity - just yet!

    04/23/14 - Tesla never claimed or produced Free Energy
    KeelyNet I've never read it in Teslas' writings that he ever claimed, built or tested anything like a free energy device...all he claims is novel means of transmission. But you read it all over the net as absolute fact cause someone wrote it...what a lack of comprehension of what was written versus what is believed!

    Wardenclyffe was a WIRELESS TRANSMITTER, not a generator, it had to be powered by dynamos...no free energy there and Tesla never claimed free energy but people have these ridiculous fantasies imagining he did.

    Why don't people do their homework from the original documents that are so easily available these days?

    Tesla wrote a lot about tying into the wheelwork of nature...or as Moray says, the Sea of Energy which is now called the quantum vacuum of the ZPE which I think is the holy grail for mankind...

    Why we can never use Tesla's version of Wireless Power Transmission - I wish people would get it straight...we can never use Tesla's wireless transmission scheme in our electronics driven world where his Colorado Springs transmission experiments produced effects miles away with people and animals drawing arcs from the ground to their feet as they walked outside.

    And I wish the Tesla Church members would quit saying Tesla invented or had a free energy device, then citing Wardenclyffe as an example when in its NAME it was clearly labelled as a WIRELESS TRANSMITTER of power GENERATED by dynamos. Not generate power, but TRANSMIT it.

    Not Amplifying to actually INCREASE power but Magnifying to make it seem bigger. Does a Microscope actually make your sample BIGGER??? NO, it just makes it look bigger.

    I see this Tesla's free energy error regurgitated all over the net and no one ever calls them on it. Just drives me nuts! Magnify versus Amplify - Everything I've ever read, especially Teslas own comments, never says any of his devices were free energy, including the 'magnifying' transmitter. It was Tesla's unfortunate choice of words because if it produced EXTRA power he would have used the more precise term of AMPLIFY.

    One definition says;

    If you amplify the light it will get brighter; while if you magnify an image it will get larger.

    Magnification is the view of the object becoming larger. Enlarging a picture makes it bigger. Magnifying it makes it look bigger, but doesn't change the picture.

    When I look at blood cells under a microscope, they APPEAR bigger, but in fact are not changed, just my perception of them.

    So I stand by my statement that Tesla never built or claimed to have built any type of free energy device. It is always transmisson of existing power from dynamos. The type of wireless power in use today uses short range inductive transmission through the air and is totally different from what Tesla envisaged using his high voltage system to transmit power through the earth. - Tesla never claimed or produced Free Energy

    04/23/14 - Blackadders Time Travel Machine
    WOW...the whole Blackadder crew together again. Tony, Tim, Hugh, Miranda, Rowan, even Rik Mayall. Very cool?! - Blackadders Time Travel Machine

    04/23/14 - Immigration reform or Funding Alt Research
    KeelyNet I thought it was against the law in any state to employ illegals from any country or risk fines. I remember the farmers and ranchers around my small country hometown had workers houses way, way out in their fields, hard to get to...where the wetbacks lived out of sight from immigration officers.

    I've posted this on my website in the past and posed that same question about Mexico's laws being much, much tougher on illegals so what if the US adopted those laws as well?

    The US definitely needs to reform our immigration laws to make it easier..I know many who want to go but can't pay the coyotes upwards of $5,000USD to sneak in, then risk getting deported.

    We have allowed the US to become so screwed up now where I don't see much of a future because people are so easily distracted and ignore the real issues like the illegal FED, illegal wars, loss of rights from phantom menaces, so much, so much...

    When the other countries refuse to loan us money, since we currently owe $16 TRILLION...with no money, the over 51% of people the government supports or helps out...Vets and everyone Social Security, Disability, Welfare or other government funding will have all their checks STOPPED....snap, just like that.

    Can't pay your mortgage or rent, you lose your house and wind up in the street. Can't buy food for you or your family? Can't buy gas to TRY to find work? All city services stop...no water, no power, no telephone, no toilet, no trash removal.

    No gas = no delivery trucks = no food or goods? What does all this add up to??? Civil war, rioting, thefts, fighting and killing. And that leads to??? Soldiers, prisons, homeless, starving....a Mad Max world.

    We can SEE it COMING but we are so disorganized and apathetic (pathetic as well) sit back and do nothing, always distracted or kept content with just enough to live on. It is inevitable...you remember the attitude of many of the old gringos here in Mexico...they don't give a crap about any of this...because they say they'll be dead by the time it happens, so let their families and friends who are left do the best they can.

    Or the Christians who don't lift a finger to make changes cause Jesus will save true believers when the rapture comes.

    My concerns are much, much more 'intense' than immigration. We need to focus on new industries to create new jobs. And funding research into new methods of transportation and energy production are key to all of that.

    I see all these reports of huge amounts of money being wasted on wars, paranoia, hot fusion, baling out failed businesses, etc.

    It makes me ill thinking what we could do with just 10% of that money spread around to thousands (or more) groups and individuals who would pursue new theories and ideas with experiments that could wind up as working technology to change and better our world. Google X with all that money and those resources available, still don't investigate any type of alt science (that I'm aware of).

    KeelyNet So I wrote them an email suggesting they broaden their scope and to check out my lab project proposals, of course they won't even answer. So no answer and probably won't get one. But if you don't ask, you don't get. Would probably give me a heart attack if they answered with some kind of offer.

    I see it as the shining hope for rebuilding the USA and changing the world (for those who want to change) with non-combusting free energy sources, dimming gravity and regenerating/rejuvenating to heal all physical disease and infirmities.

    If you don't want to fund good things while you are ALIVE to benefit and receive rewards for your actions, then wait til you die and at the very LEAST, leave an inheritance to alt science researchers to DO GOOD THINGS with your money and/or possessions. You won't take any of it with you anyway! And you'd be remembered for ages!

    I'd be happy with JUST ONE of these technologies (free energy, gravity control and/or rejuvenation) to come to pass in my lifetime...it's a matter of people getting together to fund such things...you can't take it with you so spend it now and make things happen! We should all strive to good things while we are here and Die Wore Out and Broke!. - Immigration reform or Funding Alt Research

    04/23/14 - On Owning a thinking machine
    "The Measure of a Man" - When Data resigns his commission rather than be dismantled for examination by an inadequately skilled scientist, a formal hearing is convened to determine whether Data is considered property without rights or is a sentient being.

    You spend millions on a thinking machine. Does a point come when it is no longer your possession because it becomes self-aware? So you lose your investment or do you 'own' it as your slave for the duration of your life and can will it to your family, sell it, dismantle it, all at your leisure. Fascinating questions we will one day have to face.

    The Measure of a Man - The concept of manufacturing a race of artificial but sentient people has disturbing possibilities — "an entire generation of disposable people," as Guinan puts it. Picard's demand of an answer from Maddox, "What is he?" strips the situation down to its bare basics, and Picard answers Starfleet's mantra of seeking out new life by suggesting Data as the perfect example: "THERE IT SITS."

    Bicentennial Man faces the same issue...when does a robot you built or paid for no longer 'belong' to you? Based on a 1976 novel by Isaac Asimov, "The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories", this film follows the 'life' and times of the lead character, an android (Robin Williams) who is purchased as a household robot programmed to perform menial tasks.

    Within a few days the Martin family realizes that they don't have an ordinary droid as Andrew begins to experience emotions and creative thought. In a story that spans two centuries, Andrew learns the intricacies of humanity while trying to stop those who created him from destroying him. - On Owning a thinking machine

    04/23/14 - Handheld device to rapidly treat overdoses


    Naloxone injections are the standard treatment used to reverse the effects of narcotic overdose. Just this week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new handheld naloxone treatment device -- the first that’s specifically designed to be given by family or caretakers during a suspected opioid overdose.

    In hospitals, naloxone injections are administered intravenously to patients in emergencies or after surgery to decrease the effects of opiates given during surgery -- this has been extended to newborns if the mother received opiates prior to delivery.

    Naloxone belongs to a class of medications called opiate antagonists that block the central nervous system effects of prescription morphine, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl as well as illegal substances such as heroin.

    Injection kits and nasal mist formulations have been distributed by some states to caregivers of individuals with a history, though the spray is not FDA-approved and the syringe kits require some needle assembly, Forbes reports.

    This new pocket-sized auto-injector -- called Evzio -- can rapidly deliver a single 0.4 mg dose of the drug into the muscle or under the skin when a drug user or patient shows signs of decreased breathing and heart rates, or loss of consciousness.

    Once turned on, the device gives verbal instructions for the user, and it buys enough time for transportation to a hospital. If those signs and symptoms have nothing to do with opioids, the naloxone injection should have no other effect. - Handheld device to rapidly treat overdoses

    04/23/14 - Rainwater used to generate electricity

    04/23/14 - Scientists ‘edit’ DNA to correct adult genes and cure diseases

    04/23/14 - Graphene Can Be Made Using Your Kitchen Blender

    04/23/14 - Atoms behave differently in Biological Systems

    04/23/14 - Controlling Blood pH to live Forever

    04/23/14 - 3d Archeology under water

    04/23/14 - DIY 1/2 CD Wind Turbine

    04/23/14 - Electronic Schematics for free

    04/23/14 - 10+ Years of Inventor Madness in 6 Minutes

    04/23/14 - Car Dealers Terrified of Tesla’s Plan to Eliminate Oil Changes

    04/23/14 - 3D Printed AtmoMotor HV Atmospheric Motor

    04/23/14 - Atmospheric Powered Motor 2.0

    04/23/14 - What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough

    04/23/14 - A-10 Gatling Gun Test and Combat Footage

    04/23/14 - Star Trek Next Generation Then and Now 2012

    04/23/14 - Some Cops Refuse to Enforce Gun Control Laws

    04/23/14 - On Being An Outlaw

    04/23/14 - Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated using MMS!

    04/23/14 - Has the Fed Been a Failure?

    04/23/14 - Smart Grid And Smart Meters Exposed

    04/23/14 - 7 actions to take immediately following an EMP strike

    04/23/14 - UK Geologist says Global Warming is a FRAUD

    04/23/14 - You can be a Skeptic, just Don't be a DICK!

    04/23/14 - How Border Checkpoints Should Be

    04/23/14 - The VASIMR Hoax

    04/23/14 - 36 Cities Dump Dollar for Edison's Monetary System - Unproven!


    04/19/14 - Energy from Magnets Patent
    KeelyNet Energy producing magnetic converter - US 7531930 B2 - An energy producing magnetic converter is provided that outputs both electrical and mechanical energy. The converter includes a controller assembly rotatably secured between a plurality of field coil assemblies and a plurality of magnets.

    During a rotation of the controller assembly between the plurality of field coil assemblies and the plurality of magnets, electric current is generated in wire coils of the field coil assemblies, and counter-magnetic fields are induced around the wire coils.

    A pole of each counter-magnetic field is formed on the controller assembly, and counterforce present between magnetic fields of the plurality of magnets and the counter-magnetic fields cause and maintain forward rotational motion in the energy producing magnetic converter.

    Accordingly, because the forward rotational motion is maintained in the presence of sufficient counterforce, the magnetic converter outputs torque in addition to the electric current, thereby increasing an efficiency of the magnetic converter.

    The invention relates generally to the subject of converters and power supplies, and, in particular, to devices that generate usable electrical and/or mechanical energy through the use of magnetic fields. - Energy from Magnets Patent

    04/19/14 - Gyroscope Weight Loss 'Explained'
    This video tries to explain the weight loss due to gyroscopic precession as demonstrated by Professor Eric Laithwaite. In this video I attempt to lift a 19kg (42 lbs) wheel over my head one-handed while it's spinning at a few thousand RPM. This replicates an earlier experiment by Professor Eric Laithwaite. He claimed the wheel was 'light as a feather' and could not be explained by Newton's Laws. I wanted to find out for myself what I really felt like.

    It's a little shaky but if you average out the oscillations I think the result is clear. Again, huge thank you's to A/Prof Emeritus Rod Cross, Helen Georgiou, Alex Yeung, and Chris Stewart, the University of Sydney Mechanical Engineering shop, Duncan and co. Ralph and the School of Physics. - Gyroscope Weight Loss 'Explained'

    04/19/14 - Berlin shop where you borrow instead of buy
    Locals call it a Leihladen - the borrowing shop. North of Berlin's centre, Leila is a library of things - a pioneer of sharing in a consumer society. Founded by Maike Majewski and Nikolai Wolfert, the shop-without-money now has 500 members who donate goods to be loaned out. In return, members can borrow any of the shop's 2,000 items.

    Power tools are among the most popular. But you can also find inflatable boats, kitchen appliances, ice skates and toys.

    The not-for-profit venture is run by volunteers who seek to create not just a resource of goods to share, but also a community centre at the heart of the neighbourhood. Is it an idea worth sharing? - Berlin shop where you borrow instead of buy

    04/19/14 - DIY Anti-Gravity Machine
    KeelyNet The Electrogravitic Transport Device - Full plans on how to build your own working anti-grav machine to amaze your friends.

    Comment #1; "My personal interests generally lie in computer graphics and computer-generated special effects but sometimes a video like this comes along and makes me want to spend all together far too much money on paint and tools."

    #2; "Yes indeed. My machine is getting a felt skirt and some LED lights this weekend!"

    #3; "That is so damn cool! Really impressed by the rust effects that the process made."

    #4; "Blast! Foiled again!! And electrogravitcs seemed just within my grasp..." - DIY Anti-Gravity Machine

    04/19/14 - Why are Gas Prices so High?
    In the beginning, there was oil. Well, not exactly oil but its ingredients. Once-living organisms became one with the planet upon their deaths, eventually breaking down and congealing over millions of years to form the lubricious substance we know today as oil. Time, heat and pressure created the necessary conditions to concoct this lifeblood of modern human existence.

    Today, as we stare at the rising price of gasoline with bewilderment, we wonder how it came to be that something so ubiquitous could be so expensive. For the past few years I have written a great deal on this very subject and have come to the conclusion that while peak oil is a real phenomenon not just a theory, our ingenuity has held this reality at bay for the time being. Furthermore, the forces that cause price spikes and volatility in oil and the commodities markets as a whole have little to do with actual market conditions such as supply and demand.

    The investment banking industry, with the assistance of the federal government, has surreptitiously hijacked the oil business over the past decade and caused the price of oil to skyrocket. But this is rarely the story that is told in the media. And because the subject matter is so dense, it's difficult to explain. It's complicated and boring. No way around it.

    So instead of banging the oil drum here for the umpteenth time to no avail as I watch pundits butcher the subject and politicians lie through their teeth to the American people, I have decided that a change of venue is in order.

    To properly explain why oil prices are so high, I enlisted the support of my friends Doug Wood and Rob Bellon to help me tell the story a little differently. In lieu of my normal offering in Off The Reservation, we have produced an 8-minute video called "The Book of Morgan," which tells how investment banking giant Morgan Stanley came to rule the oil world.

    The story itself is an age-old chronicle of greed and corruption filled with intrigue and dirty dealings. It illustrates how Morgan Stanley, among others, took the hidden world of commodities trading from a $10 billion industry to a $450 billion business by maneuvering through generous loopholes created by Congress. It shows how Morgan Stanley not only dominates the trading arena but how it has become a full-fledged Big Oil company from transportation to terminal storage to having an ownership stake in the very exchange that half of the world's oil is traded on.

    So with that, I invite you to watch the video and judge for yourself why the price of oil has skyrocketed. The purpose of presenting it this way is to open more eyes as to how rotten our system truly is and to elevate the dialogue about one of the most crucial economic elements of our daily lives. In the next several months we will be bombarded with finger pointing and accusations with respect to gasoline prices as the presidential campaign heats up. But few of the arguments you will hear will resemble the truth. For the truth, my friends, can only be found in the gospel according to Wall Street?and "The Book of Morgan." - Why are Gas Prices so High?

    04/19/14 - Frog embryo changed into a salamander?


    "Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that DNA absorbs light photons in its surrounding area, and causes the photons to spiral through the molecule itself. This spiraling effect will continue in the same spot for up to 30 days after the DNA is physically removed from that spot -- and this effect is called the 'DNA Phantom'.

    Bariaev also shined a gentle laser beam through a developing salamander embryo and redirected it into a developing frog embryo.

    This caused the frog embryo's DNA to completely re-code itself with the instructions to build a healthy adult salamander (!), even though the two embryos were in hermetically sealed containers and only the light was allowed to pass through".

    Can a modulated laser rewrite portions of the DNA molecule? - "The power of sound to activate DNA had recently been documented by the Gariaev group in Russia. Dr. Peter Gariaev and his brilliant team of geneticists and linguists proved that damaged DNA can be healed without gene splicing or other physical manipulation by merely immersing it in radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies."

    "According to Gariaev's research, DNA not only assembles proteins but also stores and communicates data in a decidedly linguistic fashion. His team found that the genetic code in “junk” or potential DNA follows, for practical purposes, the same foundational rules as human languages. In order to prove this, the syntax, semantics and grammar of language and DNA were compared. It was discovered that potential DNA's alkaline sequences closely mirror linguistic communication rules. This strongly suggests that the many human languages did not appear randomly, as is commonly believed, but reflect our essentially similar genetics. Supported by Braden’s revolutionary discovery that the ancient Hebrew name for God is code for DNA based on the latter's chemical composition of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon, Gariaev's findings offer scientific corroboration that in the beginning was the Word!"

    "Gariaev and his colleagues also studied DNA's uncommon electromagnetic behavior. They concluded that living chromosomes function exactly like holographic biocomputers powered by DNA's own laser radiation. The Gariaev team modulated certain linguistic frequencies onto a laser. With this technology of language-modulated codes translated into radio and light waves, they were not only able to heal damaged chromosomes–they also regrew endocrine glands in animals, stimulated regrowth of new adult teeth in humans, and even successfully altered genetic expression. Amazingly, they obtained results similar to those documented by Dr. Yu Dzang Kangeng, who was the first to employ torsion energy to map DNA sequences between organisms. Using radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies to rewrite DNA, as opposed to gene splicing, Gariaev’s team literally transformed frog embryos into healthy salamander embryos in the laboratory."

    "In this manner metamorphosis was achieved without any of the side effects encountered when manipulating isolated genes. The “random and risky nature of gene splicing has been sadly hidden from the public,” warns Horowitz. “With gene therapy, researchers cannot definitively predict where on a [chromosome] the modified gene might land, raising a hazardous possibility of inadvertently disrupting other genetic expressions and cellular functions.” Compare this to the organic alteration of genetic expression that can be achieved by simply applying vibration and language (or sound and intention, or words) to DNA. Gariaev's historical experiment in embryogenesis points to the immense power of what many are calling “wave-genetics,” an area which, contrary to current molecular biology dogma and propaganda, has an obviously more primary influence on the origin of species than biochemistry."

    So, Dr. Gariaev’s team transformed frogs into salamanders, using light and speech! Amazing! Astounding! Literally unbelievable!

    Wave Genetics - The history of wave genetics has been developing for more than 80 years. In 20s and 30s of the last century Russian scientists, A G Gurwitsch and A A Lubishev postulated that not only does genetical apparatus of living organisms on the Earth operate at material, physical level but also at certain waves/fields level and is able to transfer genetic data/information via electromagnetic (EM) and acoustic waves. The science has recently taken a major leap in its advancements of the theory and reproducible experiments and thus the theory of wave genome has been put forward.

    DNA Replication at a Distance - The joint winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier, is claiming that DNA can send ‘electromagnetic imprints’ of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. You can read the original paper here [PDF].

    Montagnier also filed for a U.S. patent on the technology of detecting phantom replica of DNA in water: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20110027774.pdf. The popular press and self-appointed blog experts, without bothering to investigate any further, have decided to misrepresent this important work as “teleportation” or “magic”.

    Alexander Gurwitsch - In 1922, the Russian doctor and histologist Alexander (Gurwitsch) Gurvich (1874-1954) and his wife discovered that living cells separated by quartz glass were able to communicate vital-cell information. Numerous experiments suggested that this information was transmitted by invisible light waves in a UV frequency spectrum passed by quartz and stopped by window glass. Dr. Gurvich coined the phrase "mitogenic" "mitotic" wave since it was observed during enzymatic reactions and mitosis. "Gurvich determined that muscle tissue, cornea, blood and nerves are all transmitters of this special energy."[5] His work is the first documented evidence of "biophotons," coherent light emitted by animal and plant cells, and became the basis for the design of later bioelectromagnetic therapy devices. It was not until the early 1960’s that Leningrad State University succeeded in capturing the mitogenic rays with sensitive photomultipliers.[6] - Frog embryo changed into a salamander?

    04/19/14 - 3 approaches to curing cancer, Natural, Mechanistic or Electric Fields
    "A Patient Cured is a Customer Lost..." - Dr. Robert Beck - It's the perfect reason why we don't have cures for so many of the diseases that maim or kill us. Despite billions spent, we still suffer and die. No doctor or hospital or drug company wants to see cures for anything because they would be out of business. We will find a Panacea to cure all diseases, cure aging and rejuvenate to healthy 20 year old bodies in which we can live as many centuries as we wish.

    Video #1 - This is an awesome video documentary of THC OIL and Rick Simpson how he has changed the lives of so many. I have used this oil myself a few years ago and it helped me overcome my severe IBD. I did use a variety of things but this helped me come to a new level. Called Hemp Oil or Phoenix Tears. "There is something that could repair your cells, improve your overall health status, and it's illegal...so pathetic!"?

    "Cannabinoids cure what aids the body now, and that's a fact. Don't like the thought of Hemp Oil? How about juicing a whole bud? That's right ... you don't have to smoke cannabis to benefit from its medicine. Do the research and keep an open mind ... you just might find a way to enjoy life again."?

    "The government is hand in hand with the pharmaceutical companies, the pill pushers won't make money if they cure cancer. same with suicide, the government finds it illegal because they can't get any more money from you."

    Video #2 - Traditionally, David Agus explains, cancer treatments have had a short-sighted focus on the offending individual cells. He suggests a new, cross-disciplinary approach, using atypical drugs, computer modeling and protein analysis to treat and analyze the whole body.

    Video #3 - Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the best-known methods for treating cancer. At TEDMED, Bill Doyle presents a new approach, called Tumor Treating Fields, which uses electric fields to interrupt cancer cell division. Still in its infancy -- and approved for only certain types of cancer -- the treatment comes with one big benefit: quality of life.

    This fascinating information just in from our friend George Wiseman at Eagle Research. Everyone needs to read and pass around this amazing link 34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer - There’s still a lot of confusion across the nation about whether or not cannabis is effective for cancer patients. Odds are you’ve heard something about it but weren’t sure whether the information was reliable or definitive.

    So, in order to help clear things up, here is a list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancers being cured in each study. As you sort through the articles, note that the consistent theme between them is that cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. - Three approaches to curing cancer, Natural, Mechanistic or Electric Fields

    04/19/14 - Why There Will Be A Robot Uprising


    We think of artificial intelligence programs as somewhat humanlike. In fact, computer systems perceive the world through a narrow lens, the job they were designed to perform.

    Microsoft Excel understands the world in terms of numbers entered into cells and rows; autonomous drone pilot systems perceive reality as a bunch calculations and actions that must be performed for the machine to stay in the air and to keep on target.

    Computer programs think of every decision in terms of how the outcome will help them do more of whatever they are supposed to do. It’s a cost vs. benefit calculation that happens all the time. Economists call it a utility function, but Omohundro says it’s not that different from the sort of math problem going in the human brain whenever we think about how to get more of what we want at the least amount of cost and risk.

    For the most part, we want machines to operate exactly this way. The problem, by Omohundro’s logic, is that we can’t appreciate the obsessive devotion of a computer program to the thing it’s programed to do.

    Put simply, robots are utility function junkies.

    “We show that these systems are likely to behave in anti-social and harmful ways unless they are very carefully designed. Designers will be motivated to create systems that act approximately rationally and rational systems exhibit universal drives towards self-protection, resource acquisition, replication and ef?ciency. The current computing infrastructure would be vulnerable to unconstrained systems with these drives,” he writes.

    “When roboticists are asked by nervous onlookers about safety, a common answer is ‘We can always unplug it!’ But imagine this outcome from the chess robot’s point of view,” writes Omohundro.

    “A future in which it is unplugged is a future in which it cannot play or win any games of chess. This has very low utility and so expected utility maximisation will cause the creation of the instrumental subgoal of preventing itself from being unplugged. If the system believes the roboticist will persist in trying to unplug it, it will be motivated to develop the subgoal of permanently stopping the roboticist,” he writes.

    In other words, the more logical the robot, the more likely it is to fight you to the death.

    The problem of an artificial intelligence relentlessly pursuing its own goals to the obvious exclusion of every human consideration is sometimes called runaway AI. The best solution, he says, is to slow down in our building and designing of AI systems, take a layered approach, similar to the way that ancient builders used wood scaffolds to support arches under construction and only remove the scaffold when the arch is complete. - Why There Will Be A Robot Uprising

    04/19/14 - Effective energy harvesting from natural water motion

    04/19/14 - Homemade Gravity light last up to 25 minutes

    04/19/14 - Plastic Gas Can Speakers

    04/19/14 - DIY Water Blob

    04/19/14 - Humans Are Taking Jobs From Robots In Japan

    04/19/14 - Paper Microscope Magnifies Objects 2100X Costs Less Than $1

    04/19/14 - Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

    04/19/14 - Google trying new Tech Ideas

    04/19/14 - Chinese Pollution could Be Driving Freak Weather In US

    04/19/14 - 'Fixing' the 2nd Amendment

    04/19/14 - 'Thermoelectrics' Could One Day Power Cars

    04/19/14 - Scientists create Stem cells from Adults

    04/19/14 - Criminals Using Drones To Find Cannabis Farms and Steal Crops

    04/19/14 - Facebook Phone App Lets You Stalk Your Friends

    04/19/14 - Americans wary With Possibility of Ubiquitous Drones, Designer Babies

    04/19/14 - Decoding the Dark Crystal

    04/19/14 - Healing the Brain with Vibration

    04/19/14 - Neil Young's Long Fight to Restore the Quality of Music

    04/19/14 - The amazing Sam Bailey - Shivers~~~

    04/19/14 - Nicholas McDonald X Factor 2013 all performances

    04/19/14 - Kicked in the head by a train

    04/19/14 - Risque but very funny Towel Dance

    04/19/14 - First contagious airborne WiFi virus

    04/19/14 - RELOX therapy for brain injuries and stroke

    04/19/14 - Perpetuum Mobile Gravitations Rad

    04/19/14 - Vortexes

    04/19/14 - Blood Test with Ionized Water

    04/19/14 - If you like Boogie Woogie

    04/19/14 - To Be Human Is To Be Transhuman

    04/19/14 - Boston Bombing Hoax Explained In 6 Minutes


    04/15/14 - Handheld Jet Thrusters Make Any Sport Instantly Extreme


    Now that rechargeable battery technologies have developed past the point of being abysmal, they've allowed a company called Dreamscience to create this set of handheld electric jet thrusters that make everything from snowboarding to rollerblading infinitely more awesome.

    Because they're not quite ready for primetime just yet, Dreamscience isn't exactly forthcoming with technical details on its creation. But it credits recent advances in lithium polymer battery technology as making it possible to actually power four eight-kW motors that in turn spin fan blades at speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. And all without creating so much eat as to scorch whoever's using it.

    In trial runs on snow, the Dreamscience thruster has propelled a snowboarder to speeds of up to 50 mph in seconds. And that's on a completely flat run, no inclines to help it along.

    The company is nowhere near ready to start selling this to the public, but it's hoping to first get it out the door for around $10,000. - Handheld Jet Thrusters Make Any Sport Instantly Extreme

    I love these propulsion gadgets because I see the day when we can reduce our weight by 'dimming gravity' so we weigh almost nothing. Then it's just a matter of pushing ourselves through the air using wings, jets or fans. It is closer than we know. - JWD

    04/15/14 - Arcology Geodesic Structures that aren’t just Domes
    [Brian Korsedal] and his company Arcology Now! have developed a great geodesic building system which makes architectural structures that aren’t just limited to domes. They 3D scan the terrain, generate plans, and make geodesic steel space frame structures which are easy to assemble and can be in any shape imaginable.

    Their clever design software can create any shape and incorporate uneven terrains into the plans. The structures are really easy to construct with basic tools, and assembly is extremely straight forward because the pole labels are generated by the design software. Watch this construction time lapse video.

    At the moment, ordering a structure fabricated by the company is your only option. But it shouldn’t be too hard to fabricate something similar if you have access to a hackerspace. It may even be worth getting in touch with Arcology now! as they do seem happy collaborating to make art like the Amyloid Project, and architectural structures for public spaces and festivals like Lucidity. Find out what they are up to on the Arcology Now! Facebook page. - Arcology Geodesic Structures that aren’t just Domes

    04/15/14 - Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing
    KeelyNet "One of the great theories of modern cosmology is that the universe began in a Big Bang. It's backed up by numerous lines of evidence, such as the cosmic microwave background and so on. But what caused the Big Bang, itself?

    For many years, cosmologists have fallen back on the idea that the universe formed spontaneously; that the Big Bang was result of quantum fluctuations in which the universe came into existence from nothing. But is this compatible with what we know about the Big Bang itself and the theories that describe it?

    Now cosmologists have come up with the first rigorous proof that the Big Bang could indeed have occurred spontaneously and produced the universe we see today. The proof is developed within a mathematical framework known as the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle allows a small region of empty space to come into existence probabilistically due to quantum fluctuations.

    Most of the time, such a bubble will collapse and disappear. The question these scientists address is whether a bubble could also expand exponentially to allow a universe to form in an irreversible way.

    Their proof (PDF) shows that this is indeed possible. There is an interesting corollary: the role of the cosmological constant is played by a property known as the quantum potential.

    This is a property introduced in the 20th century by the physicist David Bohm, which has the effect of making quantum mechanics deterministic while reproducing all of its predictions. It's an idea that has never caught on. Perhaps that will change now."

    Always the question is who created God, who, in turn, supposedly created and sustains everything else, if this proves out, we have new keys to many areas of science and understanding. - JWD - Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing

    04/15/14 - Cost Skyrockets For United States' Share of ITER Fusion Project
    "ITER, the international fusion experiment under construction in Cadarache, France, aims to prove that nuclear fusion is a viable power source by creating a 'burning plasma' that produces more energy than the machine itself consumes.

    Although that goal is at least 20 years away, ITER is already burning through money at a prodigious pace.

    The United States is only a minor partner in the project, which began construction in 2008. But the U.S. contribution to ITER will total $3.9 billion — roughly four times as much as originally estimated — according to a new cost estimate released yesterday.

    That is about $1.4 billion higher than a 2011 cost estimate, and the numbers are likely to intensify doubts among some members of Congress about continuing the U.S. involvement in the project."

    (THIS IS JUST OUR SHARE DIGGING IN THIS USELESS BOTTOMLESS PIT. We have many other options for those who get it. - JWD) - Cost Skyrockets For United States' Share of ITER Fusion Project

    04/15/14 - Are You Apocalypse-Useful?


    "Young people, when choosing a profession, are often told to 'do what you love.' That's why we have experts in such abstruse fields as medieval gymel.

    But let's talk hypotheticals: if there's a worldwide catastrophe in which civilization is interrupted, somebody specializing in gymel wouldn't provide much use to fellow survivors. In a post-apocalypse world, medical doctors would be useful, as would most scientists and engineers.

    The bad news for Slashdotters is that decades without computers would render computer science and related professions useless.

    What do you consider to be the most useful and mostly useless post-apocalypse professions? How long would it take for society to rebuild enough for your profession to be useful?" - Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

    04/15/14 - U.S. Biomedical Research 'Unsustainable' Researchers Warn
    KeelyNet "The U.S. biomedical science system 'is on an unsustainable path' and needs major reform, four prominent researchers say.

    Researchers should 'confront the dangers at hand,' the authors write, and 'rethink' how academic research is funded, staffed, and organized. Among other issues, the team suggests that the system may be producing too many new researchers and forcing them to compete for a stagnating pool of funding."

    Commentary - What I don't like about these proposals is the stench of elitism that encircles them. As I have said repeatedly, one of the design virtues (even if imperfectly realized) of the NIH system is the respect for the democracy of ideas. In theory, anyone can propose a fundable study by coming up with a great idea that simply must be done.

    The alternative that is being proposed here is that we select good scientists at the beginnings of their careers and that is it. They get the money even if someone else has a better idea. Because that someone else may not have been selected in the beginning and will now never be able to get into the racket.

    The racket will be dominated by pedigree, you better believe it. Not good.

    Everyone has biases. EVERYONE! The only tried and true solution is the competition of biases which requires diversity. We need junior scientists in the mix. We need people from a diversity of institution types. We need people of diverse backgrounds and interests. We need a diversity of scientific approaches, orientations and interests. All competing on a more or less equal footing. It is the only way to minimize biases of review.

    I think the problem is funding organizations and philanthropists ignore potential new discoveries using novel approaches. I also think there is a good old boy network where people won't touch anything that risks toppling the massive profits made by the medical industry, charities and pharmaceutical companies. NONE OF THEM WANTS A CURE FOR DISEASE OR DEATH because it would destroy the cash cows living off the sick and dying. - JWD - U.S. Biomedical Research 'Unsustainable' Researchers Warn

    04/15/14 - Low Level PEMFs to Heal and Rejuvenate the Body
    KeelyNet (This is a version of the Beck Stimulator - JWD) - "10 Hz square wave stimulation caused neural tissue regeneration 4 times over baseline, NASA didn't dig deep enough to explain why cell regeneration QUADRUPLED under 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) or why the genetic effects occurred ONLY at 10 Hz pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF).

    Also something completely unexpected was found: 10 Hz and 10 Hz only turned 120+ maturation genes OFF and switched 120+ developmental genes ON! This effect can only be due to such immense amounts of energy being generated by the cell.

    Very plainly the cell is detoxified with all this extra energy and literally "tricked" into believing it is young again. It is not outside the realm of possibility that it will be found genetic and chromosomal repair, and lengthening of telomere is accomplished also. The longevity effect on the human organism is staggering (NASA-Goodwin, 2003).

    Utilizing 10 Hz stimulation, mitochondrial density at the nerve synapse was doubled, nerve synapse energy was tripled. These synergistic changes took only 5 minutes to manifest. It is prudent to consider Tong first stimulated at sub-hertz rate of 0.5 Hz for just two minutes and both mitochondrial density and nerve junction energy parameters fell by 20%. However within 5 minutes at 10 Hz both measurements soared. Compare mitochondrial density of unstimulated mitochondria (white circles) w/ 10 Hz stimulated mitochondria (black circles); compare TOTAL ENERGY at synapse junction unstimulated (white circles) w/ 10 Hz stimulated (black circles). Mitochondrial density change = 2x+ and Synapse Energy change = 3x+ so each mitochondria increased its energy production by 50% within 5 minutes."

    Magnetic polarity - The magnetic north pole, from which the magnetic field lines escape, has stimulating effect (similar to antioxidant / alkaline), the magnetic south pole has an inhibitory effect (similar to oxidative / acidic). With the Parapulser® you can apply both polarities individually or in a toggle mode. North (n) is red (= activating), south (s) is blue (= soothing). During a pulse sequence, the north pole of the Parapulser® is recognizable by repelling the north pole of a compass needle, while the south pole attracts it.

    About the Beck video - "A Patient Cured is a Customer Lost" - This is the full version of the Bob Beck Protocol lecture - almost 2h long but full of so much good stuff. This video just had to be immortalised after Bob's death so people all over the world can help themselves to inexpensive and highly effective treatments rather than put our trust in the corrupt and useless health industry.

    What if someone could come up with a simple system costing pennies to eliminate all pathogens including the HIV virus - do you think the world would jump at it - wrong! That means a cure for all diseases including cancer and leukaemia. Well that's exactly what Dr Steven Kaali invented - a simple blood electrification system that kills all known pathogens and got a patent in just six months.

    This was such a threat to the Big Pharma that they went to all sorts of trouble in order stop this incredible invention leaking out to the public. This really incensed Dr Robert (Bob) Beck who decided to do something about this corruption and came up with the his own Bob Beck protocol which does not need the removal of blood from the body like Dr Kaali's invention and published the schematics to his machines on the interent (which went viral) before he died a few years later. I wish Dr Rife had done the same thing instead of trying to patent a technology that was un-patentable but enormous benefit to mankind - greed always gets the better of us don't you think?

    In 1990, an astounding discovery was reported at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC by Drs. Kaali and Wyman, resulting in Patent No. 5,188,738 being issued in 1993 entitled “Alternating Current Supplied Electrically Conductive Method and System for Treatment of Blood and/or Other Body Fluids and/or Synthetic Fluids with Electric Forces.”.

    This research work involved an in vitro & in vivo human Blood Electrification process, which electronically sterilizes the blood, resulting in all known pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus, being completely eliminated!

    Their research had been anticipated 24 years earlier in 1973 with the research involved in Patent No. 3,753,886. Not surprisingly though, due to the stranglehold, that the Pharmaceutical Cartel has in the U.S., this revolutionary clinical data was almost totally suppressed. Other than a few News Articles such as the Science News: Mar. 30, `91 pg. 207, Longevity: Dec. `92/pg. 14, and Houston Post: Mar. 20, ’91 /Sect. A-10, plus the Patent No. 5,188,738, there has been a complete BLACKOUT since then in the News Media about this powerful medical technology.

    The late Dr. Bob Beck delivered a health lecture you will never forget in 1997. Presented at the Granada Forum, explained known cures for AIDS, Lupus, Cancer and many other ailments. The method was entirely electronic, not herbal or pharmaceutical. The document with construction and full details to which Dr. Beck refers can be downloaded in .pdf form here. - Low Level PEMFs to Heal and Rejuvenate the Body

    04/15/14 - Inciting Hysteria and Promoting "Terrorism"
    KeelyNet Bill Maher is right about how so many people are so easily led by mainstream media. Losing 3,000 at 911 versus the tens and hundreds of thousands who die from alcohol, smoking, car accidents, natural disasters, manmade disasters, etc.

    Everyone turns a blind eye to these deaths, why? Because its not always in the news to steer our thoughts and decisions. There is no money to be made or paid political lobbying to purchase votes about dealing with the cause of all THOSE deaths.

    What about the hundreds of thousands who die everyday from war, sickness, starvation, malnutrition, genocide, etc.. We turn a blind eye to that unless there is something in it for us, like OIL or natural resources.

    We need to develop a sense of balance and not believe everything we are told as fact which causes us to LET BAD DECISIONS BE MADE IN OUR NAME to harm others and our country.

    All a matter of selective manipulation of the news through enhancing versus minimizing the reporting slanted to favor a preferred view. And pounding that view into our soft little heads until we believe it and are all stirred up demanding action.

    It's real simple, follow the money. Terrorism spawns loss of our rights and new "industries" that make billions where nothing exists to warrant their existence.

    Unending illegal wars that spend many billions on weaponry and support to kill and maim tens of thousands or more trying to locate a punish a handful of fanatics. It is irrational and history will judge us for our stupidity in allowing ourselves to be so controlled by media and hype.

    All done IN OUR NAME as one collective Bose Einstein Condensate harmonic body where everyone agrees to let this happen and worse, lets it CONTINUE TO HAPPEN.

    Time to fracture the Dark Crystal that we have allowed to buy off and suppress our sense of right and wrong... Always, always, think what we all COULD BE and work to make it so! Lead by Example! - JWD - Inciting Hysteria and Promoting "Terrorism"

    04/15/14 - $2 Robochek Life Sentry app could save your life!
    KeelyNet Robochek is FAR SUPERIOR to other emergency help apps and services because Robochek CONTACTS YOU! No need for you to press a button to make a call or send for help.

    What if you are UNABLE to press the button? No worries because if you fail to REPLY to Robochek, it will AUTOMATICALLY text your emergency contacts for help at the time of your choosing.

    Robochek Life Sentry is an automated app which asks daily 'Is everything OK?'. If you fail to respond, it will repeat the question every hour until you answer or at a time you specify, Robochek will automatically and SILENTLY use your smartphone to send text messages to your emergency contacts, providing the GPS location for where the cellphone is and as many details as you have provided about your plans for the day.

    You could have an accident at home or away from home, get sick, have a car wreck, so many things could happen where you could lose touch with your friends and family, unable to call them yourself, so let our Robochek Life Sentry personal app use your smartphone to contact them for you, automatically.

    You could even be with other people and something happen to all of you so fast or under such controlled conditions that you would not be allowed to make a call OR because your cellphone had been taken away. That is the beauty of the SILENT help message along with the GPS location being sent automatically at your preset time. - $2 Robochek Life Sentry app could save your life!

    04/15/14 - Propagation of the apoptotic signal by mitochondrial waves


    It has recently been established that release of mitochondrial factors to the cytosol is a fundamental component of the cell death machinery during apoptosis. However, the spatiotemporal organization of mitochondrial signals at the subcellular level remains elusive.

    The overall aim of the present study was to determine whether communication between mitochondria supports propagation of the apoptotic signal throughout the cell. Provided that the apoptotic signal can be spread by mitochondrial waves, it is also of great interest to unravel mechanisms that may allow discrete subcellular loci to initiate the waves.

    The first wave is characterized by lower amplitude and higher rate of propagation, and disappears if the SR had previously been depleted, suggesting that it originates from the SR. The second, delayed wave is accompanied by mitochondrial depolarization and prevented by cyclosporin A (CSA), suggesting that it originates from mitochondria and is due to PTP opening.

    These data establish the concept that intermitochondrial communication represents an effective means to ensure progressive spreading of the apoptotic signal throughout the cell, and in turn to synchronize the mitochondrial phase of apoptosis.

    See 07/26/13 - Blue Glowing Death wave - British scientists have captured death spreading like a wave through the body of a worm, by studying the blue fluorescence that travels cell-to-cell until the whole organism is dead. Researchers from the Wellcome Trust and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) likened the spread of the blue glow travelling through the worm's body to that of the Grim Reaper, stalking death.

    They believe that the research could eventually prove to be a useful model to understanding death in people and perhaps even lead to an increase in life expectancy. 'It’s like a blue Grim Reaper, tracking death as it spreads throughout the organism until all life is extinguished. 'We found that when we blocked this pathway, we could delay death induced by a stress such as infection, but we couldn’t slow death from old age. 'This suggests that ageing causes death by a number of processes acting in parallel.'

    See The Restoring Life and Rejuvenation Collection - In short, Dr. Littlefield makes the astounding assertion that he can bring the dead back to life. n demonstrating his theory the doctor employs a solution of saline origin, with salt as the basis, saturated with oleoresin and exposed for several hours to an atmosphere of free ammonia. The chemical thus formed, he declares, is an exact reproduction of conditions existing in the human body.

    Here, however the volatile magnetism is drawn into the body from the atmosphere through the lungs and finding present in body tissue mineral compounds the potent atmosphere is at once absorbed, held in bounds, and later compounded by natural processes with the tissue and organic formations. In other words, by securing through artificial means the solution which has proved so effectual in his experiments, the doctor asserts he is only duplicating on a small but comprehensive scale what occurs in the human body when air enters normal lungs and becomes the life-giving atmosphere of a normal body.

    Having secured this saline solution, Dr. Littlefield reduces it to a powder. It is this powder he has employed throughtout his long course of experiments. For instance, having put to death a dog or cat by browing and allowed the corpse to remain long enough to convince anyone following his investigations that all life is extinct.

    Dr. Littlefield takes the corpse and, without preparation of any kind, places it upon a heated stone or porcelain plate, brought to a temperature corresponding to that of the normal body, and covers it thoroughly with a light layer of the powder.

    Within three or four minutes from the time the powder has been coated over the dead body, signs of life manifest themselves, and within fifteen minutes after the resuscitating methods were begun, in every instance, the subject has returned to normal life. - Propagation of the apoptotic signal by mitochondrial waves

    04/15/14 - PEMFs to reverse Aging by Stimulating Mitochondria?


    The Holy Grail of ANY medical paradigm on this planet is a way to directly boost the integrity of the mitochondria and reduce oxidative stress. Search PubMed.gov or Google scholar for "mitochondrial dysfunction" (in quotes) adding any disease to that search and in 9 out of 10 (or more) disease states you will find relatively convincing evidence of coexisting mitochondrial dysfunction.

    MoreATP is based upon the preposition that if one were able to sustain the body longer on a fixed amount of oxygen (oxygen in a single deep-breath of air); then that body HAS GOT TO BE EXTRACTING MORE USABLE ENERGY (ATP) OUT OF THAT BREATH OF AIR. MoreATP proposes an upregulation (in efficiency) of the oxidative phosphorylation process; and this is the ONLY plausible explanation.

    According to Wikipedia air inhaled into the lungs is approximately 20% O2 and just .04% CO2; while breath exhaled is approximately 15% oxygen and 4-5% CO2. For MoreATP to be correct these ratio's would have to change with less O2 being exhaled. I have said many times that during these tests as they get longer and longer, the breath exhaled becomes smaller and smaller. Hmmmmm.

    To draw an analogy between mechanical engines and the engines of our cells (hundreds to thousands of trillions of mitochondria), if mileage goes up, emissions MUST go down. Reducing the amount of free-radical creation and increased (rather than decreasing) ATP production is the Mitochondrial Theory of Aging in REVERSE!

    I believe based upon the feedback from hundreds of clients; that pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) between 5 Hz and 15 Hz (Hz= beats per second) are this aforementioned Holy Grail.

    How pulsed electromagnetic fields utilizing frequencies between 5 Hz and 15 Hz have proven such well established healing and regenerative effects, as those represented in 4 decades of literature with absolutely no side effects beside transient headache with rTMS.

    Within the the range between 5 Hz to 15 Hz, dozens and dozens of studies NEVER failed to show beneficial effects in excess of 80% of test subjects regardless if subject species were two or 4 legged. These effects have been repeatedly well documented over the course of 4+ decades and through volumes of peer reviewed literature.

    This range of frequencies provide roughly the same effect regardless of whether the stimulation is magnetic or electric in nature. However this paper will deal with pulsed electromagnetics as they are easier to control and since electric currents limit effectiveness by following the path of least resistance, such that homogeneous and systemic electrical stimulation is nearly impossible.

    The moreATP proposition remains cohesive at frequencies as low as 2 Hz and as high as 20 Hz, regardless of tissue type (even plants), and particularly where tissue is damaged or debilitated and suffering underlying mitochondrial dysfunction; which is the rule rather than exception.

    By default, this paper also provides a simple explanation for much of the documented effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) as it is generally applied at under 20 Hz. It also provides a very simple explanation why stimulation at these frequencies provide such stunning effects overall regardless of the tissue type.

    Transient Features in Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields Differentially Modulate Mitochondria and Viability - It is hypothesized that high frequency components of nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs), determined by transient pulse features, are important for maximizing electric field interactions with intracellular structures.

    For monopolar square wave pulses, these transient features are determined by the rapid rise and fall of the pulsed electric fields. To determine effects on mitochondria membranes and plasma membranes, N1-S1 hepatocellular carcinoma cells were exposed to single 600 ns pulses with varying electric fields (0–80 kV/cm) and short (15 ns) or long (150 ns) rise and fall times. Plasma membrane effects were evaluated using Fluo-4 to determine calcium influx, the only measurable source of increases in intracellular calcium.

    Mitochondria membrane effects were evaluated using tetramethylrhodamine ethyl ester (TMRE) to determine mitochondria membrane potentials (??m). Single pulses with short rise and fall times caused electric field-dependent increases in calcium influx, dissipation of ??m and cell death.

    Pulses with long rise and fall times exhibited electric field-dependent increases in calcium influx, but diminished effects on dissipation of ??m and viability. Results indicate that high frequency components have significant differential impact on mitochondria membranes, which determines cell death, but lesser variances on plasma membranes, which allows calcium influxes, a primary determinant for dissipation of ??m and cell death. - PEMFs to reverse Aging by Stimulating Mitochondria?

    04/15/14 - Criteria for 'choosing wisely' lists of least beneficial medical services
    "Aiming to reduce wasteful medical care, the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation's Choosing Wisely initiative asks leading physician specialty societies to create a 'Top 5' list of medical services that provide no overall benefit to patients in most situations.

    As of August 2013, 25 participating specialty societies had produced 1 or more Top 5 lists containing a total of 135 services," according to background information in the article.

    Of the 135 services identified, 36 percent were for diagnosis or monitoring; 34 percent for treatment; and 30 percent for population screening. Most services were included in the Top 5 lists based on evidence that demonstrates equivalent but not superior benefit with higher risk or higher costs, or both, compared with other options. The second most common rationale was that there was not enough evidence to evaluate benefit for use of the service beyond the established indications, frequency, intensity, or dosage.

    The authors assessed the rationales for selecting all 135 services. Overall, 49 percent mentioned greater risks to patients, 24 percent mentioned higher costs, 16 percent mentioned both greater risk and higher cost, and 42 percent mentioned neither. Of the 25 specialty societies, 60 percent had at least 1 service whose inclusion was justified in part by higher costs.

    "Our data show that the issue of cost was almost always raised in the context of a service being judged as good as other options but more expensive. We believe that specialty societies should seek greater opportunities to include within their Top 5 lists services that offer only small incremental benefits at much higher prices," the authors write. - Criteria for 'choosing wisely' lists of least beneficial medical services

    04/15/14 - BBS: The Documentary (2005)
    KeelyNet Long before the Internet escaped from the lab, connected the planet and redefined what it meant to use a computer there was a brave and pioneering band of computer users who spent their time, money and sanity setting up their home computers and phone lines to welcome anyone who called. By using a modem, anyone else who knew the phone number of these computers could connect to them, leave messages, send and recieve files.... and millions did.

    They called these places "Bulletin Board Systems", or BBSes. And their collections of messages, rants, thoughts and dreams became the way that an entire generation learned about being online.

    When the Internet grew in popularity in the early 1990s, the world of the BBS faded, changed, and became a part of the present networked world.. but it wasn't the same.

    BBS - Bulletin Board System - A bulletin board system, or BBS, is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and log into the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, a user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users, either through email, public message boards, and sometimes via direct chatting. Many BBSes also offer on-line games, in which users can compete with each other, and BBSes with multiple phone lines often provide chat rooms, allowing users to interact with each other.

    Originally BBSes were accessed only over a phone line using a modem, but by the early 1990s some BBSes allowed access via a Telnet, packet switched network, or packet radio connection.

    During their heyday from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s, most BBSes were run as a hobby free of charge by the system operator (or "sysop"), while other BBSes charged their users a subscription fee for access, or were operated by a business as a means of supporting their customers. Bulletin board systems were in many ways a precursor to the modern form of the World Wide Web, social network services and other aspects of the Internet.

    As the use of the Internet became more widespread in the mid to late 1990s, traditional BBSes rapidly faded in popularity. Today, Internet forums occupy much of the same social and technological space as BBSes did, and the term BBS is often used to refer to any online forum or message board. Although BBSing survives only as a niche hobby in most parts of the world, it is still an extremely popular form of communication in Taiwan, China and other countries.

    I'm so proud the Keelynet BBS was a part of that age as one of (if not) the very first alt science BBSes in the world, it was so much fun! Bill Beaty at Amateur Science seeded the internet with our collected files and there is no telling how many websites spawned from them. These documentary videos just kept me smiling while remembering it all. Ah, memories even at 56kbaud running Wildcat! 26 years later, STILL HERE, how's that for dedication and believing in what you KNOW WILL HAPPEN! - JWD - BBS: The Documentary (2005)

    04/15/14 - DIY phased array to Steer Sound

    04/15/14 - Long Range RC Controller

    04/15/14 - Can You Buy a License To Speed In California?

    04/15/14 - Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

    04/15/14 - First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands

    04/15/14 - Climate Engineering Might Be the Answer To Warming

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