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04/27/16 - Breakthrough Energy Conference 2016 - May 28/29 - Bastrop/Austin Texas
You, along with millions of others, want to truly do something about it. A substantial part of this equation is clean sustainable energy. Solving the energy crisis would radically change — EVERYTHING.

We believe humanity already has the solution for the energy crisis. For decades leading edge scientists, researchers and paradigm breaking inventors have demonstrated advanced clean and sustainable energy technologies and applications. The first of these are preparing to enter the global market now. The years of delay are due to unwilling and uneducated leaders and energy policy makers, but that is all about to change.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." – Bucky Fuller

In times of technological empowerment and the strong desire to evolve, people have always taken matters into their own hands. We are uniting forces to create a movement to activate global consciousness. The Breakthrough Energy Movement is a non-profit volunteer driven organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing. - Breakthrough Energy Conference 2016 - May 28/29 - Bastrop/Austin Texas

04/27/16 - 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference in early July


July 8, 9 and 10 - Hayden, Idaho USA - 2016 ENERGY CONFERENCE. List of 11 Speakers. It is recommended you register early to reserve your seat at Registration. - 2016 Energy Science and Technology Conference in early July

04/27/16 - 2016 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in late July


Albuquerque, New Mexico - July 27-July 31, 2016. When making hotel reservations, be sure to mention the TESLATECH conference to get the special room rate. Rooms at the conference rate are limited.

This is YOUR opportunity to MEET the Speakers ... and see WORKING DEVICES DEMONSTRATED. Be there and get to inspect theses devices UP CLOSE and Personal! Then spend the evening discussing it with the inventor... Sign up today... Check website for complete program with linked abstracts as they become available. Our own Norman Wootan will be one of the speakers with his presentation of "Engineering the Vortex Energy System". - 2016 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in late July

04/27/16 - In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who's Scamming Whom?


The researcher claiming a cold fusion breakthrough is in the midst of a $100 million lawsuit, all while others race to duplicate his efforts, trying to prove that this time it's not all smoke and mirrors.

In 2014, a long-awaited independent test of the E-Cat concluded that the device averaged 2,800 watts of output from a 900-watt input over a 32-day period. This is more than any chemical reaction could possibly produce. It suggests either a breakthrough nuclear reaction or outright fraud. Skeptics ripped into the report, questioning whether the testers were truly independent and whether Rossi might have rigged the results. Others are busy trying to figure out the "secret sauce" in Rossi's reactor and reverse-engineer the technology.

Rossi struck a deal with a U.S. company, Industrial Heat, to carry out a yearlong secret test of a one-megawatt cold fusion device. The installation is a shipping container packed with dozens of E-Cats. The experiment was to be overseen by a third-party "referee" to confirm it really was generating heat. Rossi claims to have spent most of the last year virtually living in the container, overseeing operations for 16 hours a day or more, to prove the E-Cat was commercially viable.

In his submission to a Florida court, Rossi claims the test was a success, and that the referee confirmed the E-Cat reactor consistently produced six times as much energy as it took in. He also claims Industrial Heat agreed to pay him $100 million—$11.5 million upfront after a 24-hour test (supposedly for licensing rights so they would be able to sell the technology, but only in the U.S.), with another $89 million due on the successful completion of the 350-day extended test. Rossi charges that IH but won't pay up because it has a "fraudulent scheme" to steal his intellectual property. Rossi also alleges that IH and the related defendants "have misappropriated the E-Cat IP; illegally copied Rossi's innovative technology and products, features, designs; and, have wrongfully attempted to obtain a patent for Rossi and Leonardo's [Rossi's company] intellectual property." (We when asked him about the lawsuit, Rossi simply referred us to his press release.)

Elsewhere Rossi has alleged that IH raised "50 or 60 millions of dollars" from investors on the back of one of his demonstrations, and another $200 million from China after "replications with the attendance of Chinese top-level officers." If true, there's more than just a hundred million at stake here. Industrial Heat rejects these claims as being without merit, adding that the company will vigorously fight the legal action. More significantly, it claims to have "worked for over three years to substantiate the results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the E-Cat technology—all without success."

The implication here is clearly that IH doesn't believe the E-Cat works, and Krivit of New Energy Times sees no reason to give Rossi the benefit of the doubt. "In June 2011," he tells PM, "I went to Italy and interviewed Rossi and filmed a demonstration of his E-Cat. Twenty-four hours later, I reported serious concerns about how Rossi was measuring heat output. Six days later, I posted my video on YouTube. Experts from around the world sent me analyses and I published their reports in July. It was obvious to me then that this was a fraud."

Here is your chance to try it yourself. DIY - Study of the Replica of Rossi's High Temperature Generator - On the basis of the Lugano report regarding the operation of Rossi’s high temperature thermogenerator, it can be supposed that this reactor is in fact a simple ceramic tube which is charged with nickel powder with added LiAlH4 (10% by mass). For the initiation of the process the tube must be heated to temperatures of 1200-1400°C.

At 1150°C and 1200-1300°C the reactor output heat is much greater than the energy consumed. During these times (90 minutes) energy was produced in excess of electricity consumed by about 3 MJ, or 0.83 kilowatt-hours of energy.

Experiments with the replica of the Rossi high temperature heat source loaded mixture of lithium aluminum hydride and nickel, have shown that at temperatures of about 1100°C or higher, this device actually produces more energy than it consumes. The level of ionizing radiation during reactor operation does not significantly exceed background rates. Neutron flux density does not exceed 0.2 neutrons/cm2. - In Cold Fusion 2.0, Who's Scamming Whom?

04/27/16 - Cold Fusion (LENR) Verified - Inventor Sues Industrial Heat, LLC.
Leonardo Corporation announced today that on March 29, 2016, Leonardo Corporation received independent third party validation of the overwhelmingly positive results of a nearly yearlong test of Leonardo's 1MW Energy Catalyzer ("E-Cat"). According to the inventor, Andrea Rossi, the E-Cat generates a low energy nuclear reaction ("LENR") which produces excess heat energy at a cost substantially below more traditional energy sources. According to the independent third party report, over the 352 day test period, the E-Cat consistently generated energy at a rate in excess of six (6) times the amount of energy consumed by the plant, often generating energy exceeding fifty (50) times the amount of energy consumed during the same period. According to Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation considers the results of the third party test to be "an overwhelming success" and that "the world is one step closer to the realization of a commercially available new, clean and efficient energy source."

The independent third party validation test was performed by Dr. Ing. Fabio Penon, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, at the behest of Leonardo Corporation and one of its licensees, Industrial Heat, LLC. as both desired independent third party verification of the sustainability of the energy production of the E-Cat over a prolonged period. "The results of Dr. Penon's test was consistent with the measurements taken by the representatives of Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat respectively during the course of the test" said inventor Andrea Rossi.

"Leonardo Corporation is working diligently with its licensees, corporate partners and material suppliers to implement a production and distribution plan consistent with the expected demand for the E-Cat units when they are made commercially available" stated Rossi.

Notwithstanding, Licensee Industrial Heat continued involvement in the development and manufacturing of the E-Cat is uncertain at this time. As stated in a lawsuit filed by The Silver Law Group, P.A. on behalf of Leonardo Corporation on April 5, 2016, Leonardo Corporation believes that Industrial Heat breached the terms of its license agreement and misappropriated Leonardo Corporation's intellectual property relating to the E-Cat. Additional information is available regarding the E-Cat at The lawsuit can be viewed at, Case No. 16-CV-21199-JLK, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. Leonardo Corporation does not anticipate that there will be any delay in the commercial release of the E-Cat technology as a result of the lawsuit. - Cold Fusion (LENR) Verified - Inventor Sues Industrial Heat, LLC.

04/27/16 - BLACKBOX - Silicon Crystal Graphite Battery Module - NO CHARGING
Multi cell Silicon Crystal Graphite Battery power module with 11.2Ah capacity - Blackbox - Silicon Crystal Graphite Battery Module - NO CHARGING

04/27/16 - Teslajet turbine 1kW Home power
Tesla Turbine (Teslajet) with modified rotors generating approx 1kW shaft power for home off grid power generation with alternative green fuel (wood chips) for alternative energy production. This is a test of a tesla style turbine. Lots of noise from out of balance. An 8" dia bicycle disk brake is on shaft and acting as fan to dissipate energy / power being produced by boiler running at low power around 20kW, so 5 percent or so thermal efficiency of power be measured in up coming videos. This is a test of a small turbine for a home power generation system that will use wood chips as fuel and produce heat and electricity for space heating, hot water heating, and home or small business electricity. Future turbines will generate 20kW power for small business operation or local power for a group of off grid homes / cabins. - Teslajet turbine 1kW Home power

04/27/16 - Nigel Farage - someone in Europe with common sense
Nigel Farage Talks More Sense Than any one else on Europe, This guy should be put up as a national hero.. - Nigel Farage - someone in Europe with common sense

04/27/16 - DIY Engineer Who Built a Nuclear Reactor in His Basement
Doug Coulter is not that sort of worker. He may have started out behind a desk when he worked in the security business as a beltway bandit, coming up with signal processing and radio gadgets for our favorite three-lettered intelligence agencies, but in recent years, Doug's chosen to explore his engineering interests in the isolated backwoods of Virginia, absent from any pesky boss or sticky bureaucracy.

Doug's gone from being paid to play with other people's expensive toys to making his own. And although he may call them toys because of the amount of fun he derives from them, his creations are hardly ordinary playthings. Then again, Doug is no ordinary man.

But Doug's most exciting creation is his guerilla-engineered nuclear fusion reactor. His pursuit of a limitless source of clean and self-sufficient energy takes place in what he calls his "den of creative chaos," which is essentially a cluttered workshop in the entrance of his home, directly underneath his bedroom.

Nuclear fusion, which produces energy by fusing atoms, rather than splitting them, has been a dream of physicists and clean energy fans for years. But while there have recently been major strides to in fusion generation, a full-time reactor that produces more energy than it takes in remains a long ways off.

Doug claims that his homemade fusion reactor has the potential to be the holy grail of energy, and hopes to one day pass the threshold at which the reactor produces more power than it needs to run. It's certainly fair to be skeptical of Coulter's claims, although he isn't—and he's not the only person building DIY nuclear reactors. To hear Doug tell it, his efforts could possibly level and at least royally piss off a trillion dollar energy industry. Long shot it may be, but at least he's going for it. Instead of fatiguing himself with morning commutes and measly paychecks, Doug is more busy developing and sharing his open source DIY philosophy to share with the rest of us.

Commenter; "Doug, you are so cool, You remind me of Norm Wootan in Dallas, bet you guys would hit it off bigtime.. Having said that, I want to share something with you that I posted on a few months ago. A 1959 patent where they found you can mix three chemicals together, then slap them with 300mhz and they become radioactive for about an hour!!! During that time, you can pull out 1000 watts....when the radioactivity fades, you slap it again with 15 seconds at 300mhz and its back up to full radioactivity. And you can repeat this they say for up to 75 years!!! I checked ebay and the chemicals are easily available for about $10 each...

Imagine the right shielding and having this little 1kw battery...and you can scale it up for more power but would need more shielding...and its totally safe because if it breaks open, the radioactivity fades away in an hour when not cool is that??? Home Nuclear Battery - power for 70 years - 12/18/15; - DIY Engineer Who Built a Nuclear Reactor in His Basement

04/27/16 - Claims to have reversed two decades of Telomere Shortening
KeelyNet Elizabeth Parrish, Chief Executive Officer and guinea pig for Bioviva, announced today that she has become the first human “successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy.” Using two proprietary processes, Parrish claims to have reversed two decades worth of telomere shortening, the process that leads to the breakdown of cell replications in the vast majority of living things. Telomere scores — measured using white blood cells — indicate that Parrish, who was 44 years old in September, has slowed a cellular process many scientists believe to be one of the root causes of aging. "It will become so obvious why we haven't been able to "cure" the diseases of aging -- because we've been treating symptoms for so long," Parrish told Inverse.

I basically had to change my thinking to realize that the body’s cells are very much like a computer, and the things that they’re programmed to do eventually land up with a lot of damage over time. Some people get that damage at a youthful age; that is, some people have programming issues — genetic problems — early on. Some people are born with them. But all of us are accumulating this damage that will eventually lead to the symptoms of the aging disease and kill us.

My job is to mitigate the diseases we can mitigate. To create the mandate on the Earth that the minute we do that, we have to move forward. If we think we have something, it would be immoral not to move forward with it. How long people can live, I don’t know, but I want them to live as well and as healthy as they can live for as long as possible. That’s good for society, that’s good for the economy, that’s good for you and me, and it’s good for the future of our planet.

First gene therapy successful against human aging - Telomere score is calculated according to telomere length of white blood cells (T-lymphocytes). This result is based on the average T-lymphocyte telomere length compared to the American population at the same age range. The higher the telomere score, the “younger” the cells.

In September 2015, then 44 year-old CEO of BioViva USA Inc. Elizabeth Parrish received two of her own company’s experimental gene therapies: one to protect against loss of muscle mass with age, another to battle stem cell depletion responsible for diverse age-related diseases and infirmities. The treatment was originally intended to demonstrate the safety of the latest generation of the therapies. But if early data is accurate, it is already the world’s first successful example of telomere lengthening via gene therapy in a human individual. Gene therapy has been used to lengthen telomeres before in cultured cells and in mice, but never in a human patient.

Telomeres are short segments of DNA which cap the ends of every chromosome, acting as ‘buffers’ against wear and tear. They shorten with every cell division, eventually getting too short to protect the chromosome, causing the cell to malfunction and the body to age. In September 2015, telomere data taken from Parrish’s white blood cells by SpectraCell‘s specialised clinical testing laboratory in Houston, Texas, immediately before therapies were administered, revealed that Parrish’s telomeres were unusually short for her age, leaving her vulnerable to age-associated diseases earlier in life.

In March 2016, the same tests were taken again by SpectraCell revealed that her telomeres had lengthened by approximately 20 years, from 6.71kb to 7.33kb. This implies that Parrish’s white blood cells (leukocytes) have become biologically younger. These findings were independently verified by the Brussels-based non-profit HEALES (HEalthy Life Extension Company), and the Biogerontology Research Foundation, a UK-based charity committed to combating age-related diseases.

Parrish’s reaction: “Current therapeutics offer only marginal benefits for people suffering from diseases of aging. Additionally, lifestyle modification has limited impact for treating these diseases. Advances in biotechnology is the best solution, and if these results are anywhere near accurate, we’ve made history”, Parrish said.

Bioviva will continue to monitor Parrish’s blood for months and years to come. Meanwhile, BioViva will be testing new gene therapies and combination gene therapies to restore age related damage. It remains to be seen whether the success in leukocytes can expanded to other tissues and organs, and repeated in future patients. For now all the answers lie in the cells of Elizabeth Parrish, ‘patient zero’ of restorative gene therapy. One of my theories is based on the idea of tensioning the muscles and organs to expel toxins. Squeezing out Toxins for Immortality - 12/12/15 - Updated 12/25/15. - Claims to have reversed two decades of Telomere Shortening

04/27/16 - Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines all Found Murdered
Not long ago, Neon Nettle reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida, U.S. The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)

Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defense to naturally kill cancer cells. According to Nagalase is a protein that’s also created by all cancer cells. This protein is also found in very high concentrations in autistic children. And they’re PUTTING it in our vaccines!!

This prevents the body from utilizing the Vitamin D necessary to fight cancer and prevent autism. Nagalese disables the immune system. It’s also known to cause Type 2 Diabetes. So basically…they weren’t killing these doctors because they had found the cure to cancer or were successfully treating autism… they’re killing them because these Dr’s had been researching and had the evidence that the vaccines they’re injecting our precious children with are CAUSING our current cancer and autism crisis!!

And that it’s obviously being done knowingly and on purpose! The Dr’s they killed in FL had been collaborating and were getting ready to go public with the information.

Depopulation 101..add poison to vaccines…make it law that all children must be injected to attend school. Slow kill methods. They think they’re being fair w/ their “survival of the fittest” type mentality. Only the best genes survive? These people have no souls. Dr Ted Broer broke it on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and it took them a whole hour just to get him on air b/c their 3 hour show was brought down and every line they tried to use kept disconnecting…and then their servers were brought down.

They asked a bunch of people to pray against the attack and then finally got him on a secured line..and so a full hour into the show they were finally back on the air and connected to Dr Broer and the first thing he said was “I am in no way suicidal.” He was super nervous holding onto this info…afraid he’d be taken out Hastings style before he got a chance to say it publicly. So listen to this short clip of him breaking the story. - Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines all Found Murdered

04/27/16 - Texas secession debate is getting kind of real
KeelyNet When Texas Republicans assemble for their state convention next month, it’s possible they will debate whether Texas should secede from the United States. There’s almost no chance Texas Republicans will actually vote in favor of seceding, mind you — not least because most of the party wants nothing to do with this — but the fact we’re even mentioning secession and the Texas GOP convention in the same sentence suggests that the once-fringe movement has become a priority for at least some conservative grass-roots Texans.

To be sure, that seems to be a relatively small group. The Texas secession movement says 22 out of the 270 county GOP conventions passed some kind of independence resolution this spring. A party official said he'd be surprised if that were the case, and the Houston Chronicle was able to confirm only 10 counties. But 10 is a lot more than the one county that passed an independence resolution in 2012.

Texas Republicans say these independence resolutions are just a handful of tens of thousands various resolutions to be considered at their convention. But it does seem like the secession movement is growing, or at least organizing, and may have become too big for party officials to ignore.

“It’s cropped up in a major way just in this last year,” Paul Simpson, chairman of the Republican Party of Harris County, told the Houston Chronicle. As Texas’s earlier history makes clear, a variant of the Texas secession movement has refused to die. It has ebbed and flowed in Texas for the 150 years since. The modern secession movement revved up again in the 1990s under a controversial leader, Richard Lance McLaren, who took a more violent tack to get his point across — including kidnapping. He is currently serving a 99-year prison sentence related to that incident.

I knew Rick and many of the organizers as well as somewhat involved with the movement at that time. They talked about making me Secretary of Science. The problem was uncontrolled media where people were using the group logo and adding their own agendas. It really got out of hand when people kept filing bogus legal documents against anyone who pissed them off. They took the form of false liens against peoples property so they would have great problems if they tried to sell it.

I am all for Texas seceding. The feds taking over beyond their constitutional 10 square miles has ruined the USA with all states having to pay for the screwups of others.

District of Columbia home rule - Therefore, the authority to establish a federal capital was provided in Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, which states that Congress shall have the power:

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States.

Constitution Article 1 - Section 8 - To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings;

Texas could do so much better on our own. Maybe give the USA a warning if you don't get your shit together in a year (return to republic rule, kill the federal reserve, bring all our troops home to guard our borders, limit public assistance with very strict rules to participate, focus on making all our own power, converting to electric/propane/compressed air and other motor sources, drastically reduce the federal government so states control themselves, etc,) we are out of the union. - JWD

The Texas Nationalist Movement took over from there and has advocated a more political approach. It has attempted to get language advocating for secession on GOP primary ballots, and every four years, it’s tried to prod a skeptical and reluctant Texas Republican Party to debate secession at its state convention.

A 2012 petition to secede earned more than 125,000 signatures and a response from the White House. (The response: No.) Last year, the group held speaking tours to try to promote its cause and get a nonbinding resolution on the GOP primary ballot.

Today, the movement says it has advocates in most Texas counties and 200,000 members statewide (although those numbers are hard to verify and are just a small percentage of the state’s population of 26.9 million). Which brings us to 2016, when at least 10 Republican county conventions — there are 254 counties in Texas, but some have two conventions — passed some kind of item expressing support for Texas independence or at least for debating it.

Lubbock County GOP chair Carl Tepper told the Houston Chronicle his county approved a resolution advocating for secession if such a convention fails to fix Texas’s problems with the federal government.

The fact that the United States didn't want Texas to join because it would add another slave state and/or start a war with Mexico, which still didn't recognize Texas as an independent country. It wasn't until James K. Polk won the presidency by campaigning in part on bringing Texas into the fold that Texas became part of the US. - Texas secession debate is getting kind of real

04/27/16 - The Borax and Boron Miracle 1 - Arthritis cure
Introduction: You may not be able to imagine that borax, this humble insecticide and laundry detergent, has the potential of singlehandedly bringing down our entire economic system. But you do not need to worry, the danger has been recognised and the necessary steps are already being taken to defuse the situation. I will start with the basics and you will understand what I mean as the story unfolds.

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral commonly mined from dried salt lakes, and is the source of other manufactured boron compounds. The main deposits are in California and Turkey. Chemical names are sodium tetraborate decahydrate, disodium tetraborate decahydrate, or simply sodium borate. This means it contains four atoms of boron as its central feature combined with two sodium atoms and ten molecules (or sometimes less) of crystallisation water. All borax is naturally mined, there is no synthetic borax, the difference is only how much crystallisation water it contains - decahydrate means 10 water molecules, pentahydrate means 5, and anhydrite means 0 water; chemically it is all the same.

Borax is commonly sold as technical or agricultural grade with 99 to 99.5% minimum purity. Potential impurities consist of sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulphate and phosphate but not toxic or heavy metals. This grade includes the borax commonly used as household cleaner. Pharmaceutical grade is not noticeably purer or better.

Borax is the sodium salt of the weak boric acid. Because sodium is more strongly alkaline, this makes a solution of borax strongly alkaline with a pH between 9 and 10 (pH 7 is neutral). When ingested, it reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form boric acid and sodium chloride. The boron content of Borax is 11.3% while for boric acid it is 17.5% or about 50% higher. Ingested boron compounds are rapidly and nearly completely excreted with the urine. Formerly boric acid was widely used as a preservative in foods but is now banned for this purpose in most countries, and is also banned from public sale in Australia.

According to conventional medicine it is not known if boron is essential for humans but research shows that we do need it. The reason why it was difficult to answer this question is the presence of boron in all plants and unprocessed foods. Diets with a fair amount of fruit and vegetables provide about 2 to 5 mg of boron per day, but this also depends on the region where the food was grown and how it was grown.

In reality the average intake in developed countries is 1-2 mg of boron per day. Institutionalized patients may receive only 0.25 mg of daily boron. Chemical fertilizers inhibit the uptake of boron from the soil: an organic apple grown in good soil may have 20 mg boron, but if grown with fertilizer it may have only 1 mg of boron. Fertilizers combined with poor food choices have greatly reduced our boron intake compared to 50 or 100 years ago.

Further, unhealthy cooking methods greatly reduce the availability of boron from food. The cooking water of vegetables containing most of the minerals may be discarded during home cooking or commercial processing; phytic acid in baked goods, cereals and cooked legumes may greatly reduce availability, while gluten sensitivity and Candida overgrowth inhibit the absorption of minerals. All this makes health problems due to boron deficiency now very common. 100% pure Borax - 100% borax is a 100% natural product that comes from nature. It is cleaned, dried and ready for use at home. It takes the form of a white powder and is packed in a plastic bucket. - The Borax and Boron Miracle 1 - Arthritis cure

04/27/16 - Implant harvests heartbeat power

04/27/16 - Animal whiskers inspire new navigation technology

04/27/16 - Battery technology with off-the-charts charging capacity

04/27/16 - Bunching of orgone/aether and tapping earth power

04/27/16 - Fireflies inspire OLED efficiency gains

04/27/16 - US-Saudi Showdown Over 9/11

04/27/16 - This is what happens to nations that accept Muslim migrants from the Middle East

04/27/16 - The sound of your skull could soon replace your password - seriously

04/27/16 - New protein injection reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice in just one week

04/27/16 - Resistant Starch - Nature's Fat-Burning Breakthrough

04/27/16 - 3D Printed AtmoMotor HV Atmospheric Motor - Wireless Energy

04/27/16 - Van de Graaff device and the beginning of an absurd theory of physic

04/27/16 - The 5th Wave - shows how EMP could wipe us out

04/27/16 - Signs of A Clogged Lymphatic System and 10 Ways To Cleanse It

04/27/16 - Thermophotovoltaic cells generate electricity in the dark

04/27/16 - Solar panels don't last forever and degradation varies wildly

04/27/16 - MUST SEE Piers Morgan The Trump Interview

04/27/16 - Revolving Door Between Pentagon and War Industry Keeps Turning: General Cartwright


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04/27/16 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

There are now three Mexistim versions, the K.I.S.S. (green) model which is a direct clone of the machine used on over 10,000 people, the Basic I (red) model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal II (blue) model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
....4) Increased overall energy
.....5) No headaches
......6) No stomach pains or aches
.......7) No muscle pains
........8) Weight loss
.........9) Increase urination
.........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website




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