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08/31/14 - Megadrought could last 35 YEARS and cause mass population migrations
Southwestern United States has fifty percent change of suffering a 'megadrought' that lasts 35 years. Say California drought is 'a preview of our future'. Drought could be worst seen for 2,000 years. Could lead to mass population migration on a scale never before seen in this country.

They say global warming has meant the chance of a decade long drought is at least 50 percent, and the chances of a 'megadrought' – one that lasts up to 35 years – ranges from 20 to 50 percent over the next century.

Ault says climatologists don't know whether the severe western and southwestern drought will continue, but 'with ongoing climate change, this is a glimpse of things to come. 'It's a preview of our future,' he said.

While the 1930s Dust Bowl in the Midwest lasted four to eight years, depending upon location, a megadrought can last more than three decades, which could lead to mass population migration on a scale never before seen in this country. Ault said that the West and Southwest must look for mitigation strategies to cope with looming long-drought scenarios. 'This will be worse than anything seen during the last 2,000 years and would pose unprecedented challenges to water resources in the region,' he said. In natural history, they occur every 400 to 600 years. - Megadrought could last 35 YEARS and cause mass population migrations

08/31/14 - Drought Inspires a Boom In Pseudoscience
KeelyNet Across drought-stricken California, farmers are desperate for water. Now, many of them are calling dowsers. These "water witches," draped in dubious pseudoscience or self-assembled mythologies—or both—typically use divining rods and some sort of practiced intuition to "find" water.

The professional variety do so for a fee. And business is booming. They're just part of a storied tradition of pseudoscientific hucksters exploiting our thirst for water, with everything from cloudbusters to rainmachines to New Age rituals.

Hatfield is perhaps most famous for accepting a $10,000 job in 1915 from the city of San Diego, which had grown too fast to keep up with water demand. He set up a tower with his galvanizing tanks, and, coincidentally, a storm opened up and flooded the city, causing so much damage it refused to pay him.

Of course, all kinds of pseudoscientific devices have been assembled in the name of rainmaking—the most famous might be Wilhelm Reich's cloudbuster. Reich, one of history's most illustrious scientists-cum-pseudoscientists, believed that drought was caused by too much "orgone"—which he believed, according to Atlas Obscura, was "an omnipresent libidinal life force responsible for gravity, weather patterns, emotions, and health"—accumulating in the atmosphere.

So, he built a cloudbuster—basically, a bunch of hollow tubes connected to hoses—that would ostensibly suck the orgone out of the sky to create rain. In 1953, in the midst of another major drought, New England blueberry farmers asked the eccentric inventor to aim the contraption over their crops. By some accounts, it rained. Of course, the idea has never been recognized by science, primarily because it's absolutely insane.

The Desert Research Institute has found that seeding clouds with silver iodide, potassium iodide, or dry ice can squeeze more moisture out of clouds in the winter.

That's perhaps why China has a vast infrastructure dedicated to its national rainmaking project, and why it fires off artillery rounds full of chemicals into skies across the nation. Famously, it did so right before its Summer Olympic Games debut to attempt to ensure a dry opening ceremony. Scientists remain divided over the efficacy of such efforts—some suggest that the net precipitation isn't changed much, just the location where it falls—but at least there's a scientific basis for the endeavor. - Drought Inspires a Boom In Pseudoscience

08/31/14 - SOS Wristband like Robochek
Wearers of the spotNsave bracelet can send an SOS text message to emergency contacts by discretely tapping a button on it twice. It connects to Android smartphones via Bluetooth, using a free Android app. Message includes information about the wearer's location. Their position is marked on Google maps every two minutes. The bracelet costs $45 (£27) and there is a pendant version too.

A whole host of personal safety apps have been launched, but most of them rely on a user being able to operate their smartphone when they feel threatened, which may not always be possible. Now one man has launched an inconspicuous bracelet that at the press an SOS button, alerts relatives to the whereabouts of the wearer.

The spotNsave bracelet connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and works alongside a free app for Android handsets - with one for iPhones coming soon.

To call for help, a user only needs to press the SOS button on the bracelet twice in quick succession. This action lets them send a text message to five emergency contacts or ‘guardian angels’. This message includes the wearer’s location and also marks their coordinates on Google Maps every two minutes.

Not ANOTHER BRACELET/WRISTBAND! This is the same thing my Robochek Android app does for $2. - JWD - SOS Wristband like Robochek

08/31/14 - On-Board Electrolyzers Work
KeelyNet From George Wiseman - This document PROVES on-board electrolyzers, producing on-demand Brown's Gas, CAN save fuel.. This PROOF document is an 'industry game changer' and the first in a series of papers that will change how Brown's Gas is perceived by the scientific community. BG has amazing, virtually unrealized, potential in a spectrum of applications.

This is a tool that you can use to educate yourself, experts, skeptics and critics. Post a link to this document on every Facebook, Twitter, Skeptic Blog, YouTube and on-line News comments fields you can find. Here are some example posts...

I've found a document that PROVES on-board electrolyzers, producing on-demand Brown's Gas (BG aka HHO), CAN save fuel. - Scientific PROOF that Water as Fuel technology WORKS! - - Use when the website won't allow a url in the post.

It’s time for the truth to be known and accepted! It's time to bypass Vested Interest myth-education with a grassroots truth campaign. If you post links where ever you can (even put the PDF on your own website), first thousands and then tens of thousands of people will learn what the Vested Interest have tried so hard to suppress. - On-Board Electrolyzers Work

08/31/14 - God knows nothing of the potential of the microchip
Here we see a representation of evil talking about gaining knowledge and becoming a God. And he goes on to suggest that the microchip can (and will) be used for evil purposes. - God knows nothing of the potential of the microchip

08/31/14 - The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying
KeelyNet One thing sits at the heart of what many consider a surveillance state within the US today. The problem does not begin with political systems that discourage transparency or technologies that can intercept everyday communications without notice.

Like everything else in Washington, there's a legal basis for what many believe is extreme government overreach—in this case, it's Executive Order 12333, issued in 1981.

“12333 is used to target foreigners abroad, and collection happens outside the US," whistleblower John Tye, a former State Department official, told Ars recently. "My complaint is not that they’re using it to target Americans, my complaint is that the volume of incidental collection on US persons is unconstitutional.”

The document, known in government circles as "twelve triple three," gives incredible leeway to intelligence agencies sweeping up vast quantities of Americans' data.

That data ranges from e-mail content to Facebook messages, from Skype chats to practically anything that passes over the Internet on an incidental basis.

In other words, EO 12333 protects the tangential collection of Americans' data even when Americans aren't specifically targeted—otherwise it would be forbidden under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978. - The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying

08/31/14 - Renewable energy provides 22% of worlds power
KeelyNet Wind, solar and other renewable power capacity grew at its strongest ever pace last year and now produces 22% of the world's electricity, the International Energy Agency said on Thursday in a new report.

More than $250bn (£150bn) was invested in "green" generating systems in 2013, although the speed of growth is expected to slacken, partly because politicians are becoming nervous about the cost of subsidies. Hydro and other green technologies could be producing 26% of the world's electricity by 2020, the IEA said in its third annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report. They are already used as much as gas for generating electrical power, it points out.

But the total level of investment in renewables is lower now than a peak of $280bn in 2011 and is expected to average only $230bn annually to the end of the decade unless governments make increasing policy commitments to keep spending higher. The current growth rate for installing new windfarms and solar arrays is impressive but the IEA believes it is not enough to meet climate change targets, triggering calls in Brussels from green power lobby groups for Europe to adopt tougher, binding targets.

The IEA – a Paris-based agency established to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 29 member countries – says that in Brazil, Chile and South Africa onshore wind is already a preferred option over new fossil fuel plants such as coal or gas. Onshore wind, despite being the most economic of the renewable power technologies in Britain, is still opposed by parts of the Conservative party, while offshore wind remains controversial because of its high costs.

New figures released on Thursday by the industry body Energy UK show wind provided a little over 4% of Britain's power generation in July compared with 42% for gas, 24% nuclear and 17% for coal. - Renewable energy provides 22% of worlds power

08/31/14 - World's first 3D-printed castle
KeelyNet In Minnesota -- and the wizard who whipped up this magic castle was Andrey Rudenko, a contractor with a background in engineering.

Instead of using spells and potion to bring his castle into this world, Rudenko used something much more concrete. In fact, he actually used concrete extruded through a 3D printer he designed himself. Getting that concrete to the right consistency to be fed through the machine was quite a challenge Rudenko told CNET.

"Although cement has existed for thousands of years," he said, "it hasn't been common to use cement mixes for low-speed precise extrusion. It took a lot of research and experimenting to come up with the proper mix. So the recipe is my own with common materials and some additives."

The structure is quite impressive, measuring 10 feet by 16 feet with a height of 12 feet -- just think of the coolest castle playhouse you've ever seen. Then again, Rudenko's goal in creating the castle wasn't to make a livable structure. It was to act as a sort of proof-of-concept for the 3D printer and concrete extruding process he'd invented, so that he could move on to his real goal: printing an entire 3D house.

"A new era of architecture is inevitable, and I'm excited to see where the next few years will lead in terms of construction and design," Rudenko says on his website. "I have previously been sure I could print homes, but having finished the castle, I now have proof that the technology is ready."

KeelyNet A closeup of the walls of the castle, built by layering beads of concrete atop each other.

According to the site, Rudenko is currently refining his printer so that it will be up to the task. The current machine, which according to (which first reported Rudenko's plans back in April), is based on the RepRap project, an open-source 3D printer that, once made, can be modified extensively and even be used to reproduce itself. Rudenko says that the printer can pump out layers that are 10 millimeters in height by 30 millimeters in width but that "countless other options are available with just the click of a button." - World's first 3D-printed castle

08/31/14 - People with Autism have too many brain connections

08/31/14 - Young blood could cure Alzheimers

08/31/14 - Telepathic emails

08/31/14 - Magnetic Stimulation Boosts Memory

08/31/14 - CDC Autism Whistleblower revealed

08/31/14 - Cancer cured with MMS?

08/31/14 - President Harrison J. Bounel

08/31/14 - Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

08/31/14 - Time to “hang up the car keys”?

08/31/14 - Adding salt to lengthen lithium battery life

08/31/14 - Sonic Shark Stopper

08/31/14 - Lizard tails could teach humans to regrow body parts

08/31/14 - Glucose levels without the finger-prick

08/31/14 - Jero yurt assembles in a few hours

08/31/14 - Sorting cells using sound waves

08/31/14 - DeepFlight Dragon Personal Submarine

08/31/14 - Smart Gaswatch keeps tabs on propane

08/31/14 - Large Supramolecular Water Clusters Caught on Camera

08/31/14 - Figuring out Anti-aging from mynah birds, fruit flies and leeches

08/31/14 - Maxwell's 'Hidden' Etheric Component

08/31/14 - Powerful New Way to Generate Electricity

08/31/14 - US Space Debris Tracking Site To Be Built In Western Australia

08/31/14 - European Salt Water Powered Car gets approval

08/31/14 - Just how BIG is Google?

08/31/14 - Another gravity/inertial idea

08/31/14 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

There are now three Mexistim versions, the K.I.S.S. (green) model which is a direct clone of the machine used on over 10,000 people, the Basic I (red) model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal II (blue) model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
....4) Increased overall energy
.....5) No headaches
......6) No stomach pains or aches
.......7) No muscle pains
........8) Weight loss
.........9) Increase urination
.........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website


08/28/14 - California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels
Google showed us what it feels is the car of the future. It drives itself, it doesn't have a gas or brake pedal, and there's no steering wheel. But that last one might be an issue. Back in May California's Department of Motor Vehicles published safety guidelines aimed at manufacturers of self-driving vehicles.

After seeing Google's self-driving car vision, the California DMV has told the company it needs to add all those things back to their traditional locations so that occupants can take "immediate physical control" of the vehicle if necessary.

Don't for a second think this is a major setback for Google, as the prototypes unveiled weren't even close to production ready. While the DMV may loosen some of these restrictions in the future as well all become more comfortable with the idea of self-driving vehicles, there's no question when it comes down to the safety of those on the road.

Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can't drive.

We're now developing prototypes of vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves—just push a button and they'll take you where you want to go! We'll use these vehicles to test our software and learn what it will really take to bring this technology into the world.

Great idea if there are backups with backups. Riders in a car that relies on satellite GPS should FEAR the word 'buffering'. So maybe they have it builtin that with loss of signal, the car would pull over as best as possible and stop or allow a human to take over. That's why its good to have a steering wheel, even if hidden until needed. - JWD - California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

08/28/14 - Coral Castle - Coral, Calcite, Magnetite, and the Pineal Gland
This video provides a direct "genetic" or biological connection between Ed Leedskalnin, the coral that he used to build the Coral Castle, and our intentions. - Coral Castle - Coral, Calcite, Magnetite, and the Pineal Gland

08/28/14 - 1930'S Video of Ed Leedskalnin
Daren Nemith posted this originally , he collects old films from everywhere. Yes this is real, but don't worry, Ed did move some stones using levitation, he had to. - 1930'S Video of Ed Leedskalnin

08/28/14 - Free cash for everyone - Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income
What if everybody received every month enough money to live by? Will society collapse? Will we all become slackers?

Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income, with analysis from a real world experiment conducted in India between 2011-2013. Keynote speech by Federico Pistono at the Future of Work Summit, NASA Ames Research Park, California, June 30, 2014.

The study points out that ALL assistance programs become corrupt and only a fraction of the money being spent is actually going to the people to give the money DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE so everyone will have what they need to they won't have to work doing jobs they don't like just to get by...instead they will have enough to live so they can go after the things they WANT TO DO...

Brilliant...and if you want more, you can work or do whatever to have more wealth and extra money, but you will always have enough to take care of you...

The Indian study showed how very few chose NOT TO WORK at all...almost everyone worked but doing what they wanted to do because they always had the backup of a regular monthly check.

We already piss away billions on food stamps, welfare, govt housing, unemployment, etc... with hordes of managers and room for errors and cut out all the middlemen and give the money direct to the people...tested and proven.

Switzerland will be giving $4000 a month to every person in the country...only problem is things there are 70% higher than in other countries...

He talks about families receiving bags of rice and having to empty out the ROCKS the crooks substitute for rice and flour.... Any way necessary to cut out the middleman is a bonus.

Lots of tuning needs to be done, but it makes sense...most people aren't lazy and won't be happy or productive living on subsistence pay...we all want toys and experiences and will make the extra money to get them...cigs, sex, drugs, entertainment...etc...brilliant... - JWD - Free cash for everyone - Myths and facts about Unconditional Basic Income

08/28/14 - Got a Great Idea But Not the Time (or Means) to Develop a Product?
On the heels of successful TV programs such as Shark Tank, Damon D’Amore created the Beverly Hills-based WayFounder, born out of the idea that not all idea generators desire to become CEOs of a startup. During a recent Money Talk radio interview, he explained to me that in his experience, many people have ideas "but very few wanted to take the life risk inherent in going to try to launch a startup.”

“Good ideas come from everywhere," D’Amore wrote on the WayFounder blog. "However, for most people, without a full-time commitment there are few great options for turning their ideas into a successful product or business.” So he created WayFounder to serve those with a great idea but no domain expertise or people with domain expertise but no desire or time to launch a startup.

D’Amore will provide funding to domain experts in the dog-toy category -- people who know how to design, produce and market dog toys. If the product is successful, the idea generator will be rewarded with royalties and a stake in the company.

WayFounder receives ideas through a quarterly competition; the ideas for products and apps are evaluated by a panel of judges (from various industries) according to specific criteria.

Each quarterly competition has at least one winner, who's granted a $10,000 cash prize, as much as $50,000 to bring that product to market and a 5 percent royalty fee on all sales (if the product makes it to market).

If the product is successful, WayFounder will invest an additional $250,000 to hire an experienced CEO to build the business from producing the single product into a viable and sustainable operation. The inventor receives 5 percent founder equity in the new company.

Only the WayFounder team and the judges view the submissions. WayFounder provides a cash payment up front. When the product reaches the market, WayFounder provides revenue-sharing and equity participation.

With WayFounder focused on early-stage ideas, a participant might have a concept but not have invested any meaningful time or money in its development. These participants don’t have the luxury of dropping everything in life and committing full-time to building a business.

Entrepreneurs may take issue with WayFounder’s business model, seeing it as a way of making off with great ideas at a fraction of their true value. D’Amore defends WayFounder’s business model, noting that some idea generators may also be entrepreneurs. “Other folks are just great idea people," he said. "And if you are not an entrepreneur, it’s OK to say, ‘I’m an idea generator.’" - Got a Great Idea But Not the Time (or Means) to Develop a Product?

08/28/14 - Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory
Operating with cutting-edge technology out of a trailer in rural Illinois, government researchers started today on a set of experiments that they say will help them determine whether or not you and me and everything that exists are living in a two-dimensional holographic universe.

In a paper explaining the theory, Craig Hogan, director of the Department of Energy's Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics writes that "some properties of space and time that seem fundamental, including localization [where things are], may actually emerge only as a macroscopic approximation from the flow of information in a quantum system."

In other words, the location of places in space may constantly fluctuate ever so slightly, which would suggest we're living in a hologram.

In other words, space, and the universe, might not be entirely definite—locations of things might not be completely definite and might be transmitted in quantum bits that vary ever so slightly. He likens it to the idea of "pixels" in a photo. From afar, you see one picture, but if you zoom in far enough, you see tiny points that make up the larger whole.

Space, and everything that exists, might be the same, he theorizes. In other words, if you zoom in far enough on matter, on space, to a far-beyond subatomic level, you might see that existence is similarly blurry, and always moving slightly.

If so, that would mean that the "real world is the ultimate 4-dimensional video display." In the paper, he says his team's hypothesis is that space and time are created from tiny bits of information that vary and that the relationship between space and time are created using information processing.

Now operating at full power, the Holometer uses a pair of interferometers placed close to one another. Each one sends a one-kilowatt laser beam (the equivalent of 200,000 laser pointers) at a beam splitter and down two perpendicular 40-meter arms. The light is then reflected back to the beam splitter where the two beams recombine, creating fluctuations in brightness if there is motion. Researchers analyze these fluctuations in the returning light to see if the beam splitter is moving in a certain way—being carried along on a jitter of space itself.

So, if the team detects movement, it's possible that the movement is being caused by space not being a completely set thing, in which case, we could be living in the Matrix. - Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

08/28/14 - How We Can Get Submarines to Travel at Supersonic Speed
KeelyNet Chinese researchers say they are developing technology that would allow submarines to travel more than 750 mph. That’s faster than commercial aircraft fly, and yes, it is possible.

The technology is called supercavitation, and it’s been around for decades. The idea is to increase the speed of an object like, say, a submarine or torpedo by creating a bubble around it, reducing drag as it moves through the water.

The nose of the vehicle typically is designed to create the bubble, and gas often is used to shape the bubble. The Soviets used this trick on the Shkval torpedo in the 1960s and ’70s; it was capable of 230 mph but for no more than a few miles.

One of the stickiest wickets is steering a submerged craft that has little in the way of control surfaces in the water. A traditional submarine is controlled by a rudder, much like a conventional boat. Steering a supercavitating vessel requires having control planes pierce the bubble, producing great drag. These planes also would be under tremendous force and pressure at speed, and would need to be extraordinarily strong.

Another challenge: High speeds (for underwater travel) are required to maintain the bubble, perhaps around 45mph, though it would depend greatly on the size and design of the ship. It’s tricky just to reach a speed where a bubble can be created in the first place. So even if the Chinese researchers, at Harbin Institute of Technology’s Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Lab, have made a breakthrough in supercavitation, the limits of standard underwater propulsion will hold them back—especially if they want to make a real submarine.

An underwater rocket capable of giving a supercavitating vessel long range doesn’t exist yet. Building a small torpedo is one thing, building a submarine capable of crossing the Pacific is quite another.

The Chinese researchers told the South China Morning Post they have developed a liquid membrane that tackles both issues. Continuously sprayed on, it would reduce drag and help get the vessel up to speed. The membrane could allow various amounts of friction to be applied to different sides of the ship, creating a steering effect. “By combining liquid-membrane technology with supercavitation, we can significantly reduce the launch challenges and make cruising control easier,” Professor Li Fengchen says. - How We Can Get Submarines to Travel at Supersonic Speed

08/28/14 - All in your Head!
KeelyNet It is possible to learn to control gravity, take off the blinders, realize gravity is not a suction but a pressure from space holding us all to the planet, we can block this pressure and reduce weight by any amount we desire, so please contribute to this very worthy cause.

We must learn to use the natural properties of gravity. People will be stunned when they find how easy it is to do and how little energy it takes after determining the correct geometries and velocities.

With gravity control we could easily access parts of the planet to develop and live in what were 'wastelands'.

With gravity control we could work in cities and live hundreds, yes even thousands of miles away where living expenses and homes are much cheaper.

With gravity control country borders would eventually dissolve as anyone could easily enter any country via air. "Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth," - Archimedes - All in your Head!

08/28/14 - Tracking vision of Movie-goers

08/28/14 - Whole Thymus Organ Grown In Animal For First Time

08/28/14 - Eye Problems From Space Affect At Least 21 NASA Astronauts

08/28/14 - Underground Experiment Confirms Fusion Powers the Sun

08/28/14 - Hitchhiking into Space

08/28/14 - Recycling old batteries into solar cells

08/28/14 - Body Frequency

08/28/14 - DIY Spooky2

08/28/14 - Laser pulse turns glass into a metal

08/28/14 - A Price for Utopia

08/28/14 - Say Hello to Your New Boss – The Autonomous Robot

08/28/14 - Rain from 'Spacelight'

08/28/14 - Portals: Government Weapons and Top Secret ‘Energy’

08/28/14 - Water splitter made of silicon and nickel

08/28/14 - Sonic Weapons

08/28/14 - Sun Gun Telescope

08/28/14 - A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft

08/28/14 - E-Cat Connections to GE/North Carolina Company Revealed

08/28/14 - Putting the human into artificial intelligence

08/28/14 - Cannabis Takes on Alzheimer’s and Dementia Successfully

08/28/14 - Bush Exonerated with discovery of WMDs in Iraq?

08/28/14 - Your Startup is Not Getting Funded. Not Now. Not Ever.

08/28/14 - The Flatula Backfire

08/28/14 - The Ultimate Over Unity Circuit


08/24/14 - Forget motorcycles! Hoverbikes are in the works
KeelyNet UK-based Malloy Aeronautics is preparing to test a manned quadcopter capable of out-manouvering a helicopter and presenting a new paradigm for aerial vehicles.

A 1/3-sized scale model is already gaining popularity with drone enthusiasts around the world, with the full-sized manned model expected to take flight in the near future. Matthew Stock reports.

Mr Malloy said the idea came to mind when he was learning how to fly helicopters in 1999. He said manoeuvrability in the air was an issue, of which his Hoverbike aims to fix.

"It's certainly a viable product," Mr Malloy said. "It just takes time and money."

His original intention was to get the Hoverbike free flying and "show that to the world and get potential investors to invest to take it towards the production stage, which is harder than the flying stage".

KeelyNet As with the Chinook helicopter, the counter-rotating rotors cancel out each other's torque reaction, eliminating the need for an anti-torque vertical tail rotor and increasing the efficiency of the vehicle.

With a maximum takeoff weight of 270kg, the Hoverbike is estimated to reach an airspeed of 150 knots (278 km/h) and travel 148km on a primary tank of fuel at 80knts cruise (290km with secondary tanks installed), according to his website.

Mr Malloy, who works at an optical engineering company in Sydney, has spent the last two years working in his garage on the bike, which he originally estimated could sell for $US40,000 ($37,660) in production runs of 100.

Speaking with Fairfax Media today (2011), though, he said it was more like $70,000 if he was to do a production run of 20 at a time, which he is planning to do if he receives the $1.1 million in investment he is after. - Forget motorcycles! Hoverbikes are in the works

08/24/14 - Water splitter runs on an ordinary AAA battery
Scientists at Stanford University have developed a low-cost, emissions-free device that uses an ordinary AAA battery to produce hydrogen by water electrolysis. The battery sends an electric current through two electrodes that split liquid water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Unlike other water splitters that use precious-metal catalysts, the electrodes in the Stanford device are made of inexpensive and abundant nickel and iron.

"Using nickel and iron, which are cheap materials, we were able to make the electrocatalysts active enough to split water at room temperature with a single 1.5-volt battery," said Hongjie Dai, a professor of chemistry at Stanford. "This is the first time anyone has used non-precious metal catalysts to split water at a voltage that low. It's quite remarkable, because normally you need expensive metals, like platinum or iridium, to achieve that voltage."

In addition to producing hydrogen, the novel water splitter could be used to make chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide, another important industrial chemical, according to Dai. He and his colleagues describe the new device in a study published in the Aug. 22 issue of the journal Nature Communications.

"The electrodes are fairly stable, but they do slowly decay over time," he said. "The current device would probably run for days, but weeks or months would be preferable. That goal is achievable based on my most recent results." The researchers also plan to develop a water splitter than runs on electricity produced by solar energy. - Water splitter runs on an ordinary AAA battery

08/24/14 - Magnetism Stiffens Space-Time
KeelyNet It is believed a hunk of matter such as a star bends space-time just as a bowling ball weighs down a rubber sheet. The result, described in relativistic terms, is gravity. That much has been known for the better part of a century. But physicist Christos Tsagas of Portsmouth University in the United Kingdom looked at the equation in an unusual way, switching the roles of space and time--a swap that makes no mathematical difference but changes the form of the equation.

Tsagas spotted something no one had seen before: A term in the equation showed that magnetic fields transfer their properties to the very fabric of space-time itself. Like rubber bands under tension, magnetic field lines try to remain as straight as possible. The fields transmit that tension to space-time, Tsagas writes in the 11 June issue of Physical Review Letters, making nearby space like a rubber sheet that has been stretched a little bit tighter. According to Tsagas, such a region becomes stiffer and flattens out somewhat.

"The normal assumption is to neglect magnetic fields in the early universe, mostly for simplicity," says Bernard Carr, a physicist at Queen Mary's College in London. But if the finding pans out, cosmologists will have to rethink the role of magnetic fields in shaping the cosmos. And black hole theorists--who deal with sharply curved space near strong magnetic fields--might need to revise some pet notions as well. Astrophysicists in general, it's safe to say, could lose a little sleep over stiff sheets.

Again we must reconsider the work of Osborne Reynolds and his amazing Dilatant Matrix theory. - JWD - Magnetism Stiffens Space-Time

08/24/14 - SeedCell perfect way to sow your plants
KeelyNet Simply tear off a piece of cardboard, pop it in the ground and wait for your plant to grow. Seedcell looks like a pizza, with seeds inserted into each slice of the packaging. The wedges are pushed into the soil, where the seed gets just the right amount of food and water to ensure germination.

It’s the brainchild of Dan Robson, a former design student at Northumbria University, while working on a placement at a packaging factory. He set out to invent a simple, reliable and sustainable new way to raise plants.

Once in the ground, the pods create an ideal environment for the seeds to germinate. They absorb water and deliver it to the seed, and the roots break out into the soil once the pod begins to decompose.

“We’re taking some of the complexity out of sowing from seed. The quality of the substrate doesn’t matter and it’s hard to overwater because the paper will only absorb so much.”

The product is ideal for beginners, and would be the perfect way to start a container or window-box garden – although it works just as well in the ground. - SeedCell perfect way to sow your plants

08/24/14 - Gravitational Shock-Wave Displacement
KeelyNet Shockwave Deflection using the gravitational field of the object to assist the deflection of any object, using an energy shockwave this allows a much larger coverage of an object over 40% of the mass of the objects need to be deflected, but in saying that, we don’t need to actually hit the object but to detonate at a calculated distance.

The object needs to deflect from the side and also at a calculated intercepted point side on, and not head on. By using the gravitational displacement of the object I believe an energy wave would create a wave motion which would travel around the gravitational surrounds of the object along with the shockwave, this would allow the maximum energy required to move and deflect the object.

With my research, my findings have lead me to believe that we should be looking at placing probes on the bodies to track their position along with sensors that can measure the gravitational fields along with composition, but I am still of the opinion that platforms should be in place in orbit between the planet Mars and the moon with radar systems on board.

As we know a large number of these objects there are still a large number that we don’t know about and these are the ones that will be the biggest problem to earth and the human race. The only problem that we are facing at this point is that all we have is theory about deflecting these objects and with the Technology that we have, I still believe that shockwave deflection is still the way forward.

With 2012 DA 14 size approximately 45 metres, this would have been a great test subject for any method of deflection. As a body even of this size it could cause large destruction, and we have seen what even an object just 2 times this size can do. - Gravitational Shock-Wave Displacement

08/24/14 - Occult Science: Sonoluminescence
KeelyNet Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.

Sonoluminescence can occur when a sound wave of sufficient intensity induces a gaseous cavity within a liquid to collapse quickly.

This cavity may take the form of a pre-existing bubble, or may be generated through a process known as cavitation. Sonoluminescence in the laboratory can be made to be stable, so that a single bubble will expand and collapse over and over again in a periodic fashion, emitting a burst of light each time it collapses.

For this to occur, a standing acoustic wave is set up within a liquid, and the bubble will sit at a pressure anti-node of the standing wave. The frequencies of resonance depend on the shape and size of the container in which the bubble is contained.

KeelyNetJohn Keely's used musical instruments to activate his machines, a "vibratory engine" connected to "liberator" made of brass wires, tubes and tuning forks. he kept changing the terminology he used, to "vibratory-generator" to a "hydro-pneumatic-pulsating-vacu-engine" to "quadruple negative harmonics". Experiments have shown his HPPVE machine used cavitation.

For the 27 years Keely was running his company, he faced legal problems, accusations of fraud and even occasional claim of sorcery and involvement of occultism. In 1890 Keely pronounced that he was on the verge of a breakthrough. The "liberator" would disintegrate air and release an etheric force that could convert one quart (1 L) of water to enough power to "send a train of cars from Philadelphia to San Francisco".

"Unfortunately the history books took the Scientific American debunking as fact and John Keely has been portrayed historically as a fraud and a conman, those who have any inkling of physics who have studied what remains of his work, know these reports to be mostly erroneous." See Keely History to show modern discoveries that correlate with Keelys' early claims. - Jerry Decker - - Occult Science: Sonoluminescence

08/24/14 - Helical Resonant Cavity - 200 Watts Moving 80 Million Pounds of Weight
KeelyNet Collective Geometric Order is directly proportional to electrical conductivity. It's not the atomic alignment that creates a magnet. The alignment creates resonant cavities. The resonant cavity is the means by which the surrounding atmosphere and energies can flow. By creating the resonant geometric "cavities", "cavitation" bubbles can form.

If you have fan blades underwater, it will just push the water around radially. It's not the fan blades we want to push outward. The shape of the fan blades of the Lily Impeller isn't what is creating the vortex I don't think. It's the helical chamber that creates the vortex! The empty part.

KeelyNet The water will push in on itself to fill that emptiness. (vortex) Water pushes on itself outwardly to get away from a fan blade. Where is the empty part of a fan blade? There isn't one. The deepest part of the concave surface is the "empty" part. There is only emptiness between each fan blade. Many fan blades divided. Divided we fall.

The Lily Impeller is 1 piece. United. Creating a harmonic resonant cavity. We want to spin hollow helical resonant chambers. John Searl's magnetization process creates helical resonant cavities out of the atomic lattice of the magnet itself. And when it's spinning, it draws IN power rather than push it away like a fan blade.

The Lily Impeller is 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide and replaces the need for a 25 foot turbine! The SEG is 3 feet in diameter 8 inches tall and replaces the need for nuclear power plants. - Helical Resonant Cavity - 200 Watts Moving 80 Million Pounds of Weight

08/24/14 - Turbo the Chihuahua
KeelyNet [Turbo] is a disabled Chiahuahua who has brought in quite a bit of media interest after [Mark Deadrick] designed and 3D printed some new wheels for the pup.

He was born without his front legs due to a genetic defect and quickly became the runt of the litter, as the other pups prevented him from getting much food — at 4 weeks old he only weighed 10 ounces! The couple owning the dogs didn’t want to give up on the little guy but weren’t sure what to do — most veterinarian clinics they visited didn’t offer much support, until they found [Amy Birk] at the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis.

[Amy], the manager of the clinic, had little [Turbo] examined and determined that the there was nothing physically wrong with the puppy, other than his missing legs — this meant [Turbo] could still have a full and happy life — with the help of some extra wheels. The only problem? Dog carts are generally built for their canine users when they stop growing — not much available for puppies — nor would it be cheap.

In a rush to get [Turbo] something to use, the employees at the clinic were able to hack together a makeshift dog cart using the wheels from a Fisher-Price toy helicopter, a few copper pipes and a ferret harness. It worked okay but wasn’t the greatest — lucky for them, the original news story got shared so much, [Mark Deadrick] heard about the predicament and started designing his own 3D printed cart for [Turbo]. Since he wasn’t local he made some estimations about [Turbo's] size, and mailed the clinic two prototypes for [Turbo] to try out. They both worked quite well but still didn’t fit the dog just right. The clinic is now working on getting a cast mold of [Turbo] to send back to [Mark] for further revisions. - Turbo the Chihuahua

08/24/14 - Learning to Dim Gravity
KeelyNet "If more people listen to Anne Murray, there would be fewer assholes in the world." - Eli

Update: 08/23/14 - Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Marketing isn't my forte' so I've had this link posted many times on Facebook and Twitter but most people either don't get it, don't believe it's possible or don't have extra money to donate.

The carpenter is still working on my 8 foot long beam balance and it takes about 3 weeks to receive mail here in Mexico so another week or so and I'll have the rest of my parts for my exciter circuits.

Here is a really good, very old story that you might find amusing, it is worth the read and would make an excellent TV movie or Indie film. A Tale of Negative Gravity - Learning to Dim Gravity

08/24/14 - Weird, wonderful, amazing and rare low cost eBooks, CDs and DVDs
KeelyNet You can download any mix of our eBooks or order collections on CD to save money.

We also have unusual DVDs that you might find of interest. Here is your chance to build your library and your understanding of how the universe works.

And our eBook Collections include John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell, Chandra Bose, Rejuvenation, Homeopathy and Learning to Draw to build your skills, and much, much more.

Your purchases help support Keelynet, so thanks! - JWD - Check out Vanguard Sciences or try a Mexistim

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