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10/31/14 - Most Inspiring Halloween House
Such an inspiring setup for Halloween. It's so Tim Burton inspired. It's Amazing!!!! Incredible art! (Thanks to Ron K. - JWD)

10/30/14 - What Pisses Me Off About Ebola
Stefan Molyneux is irritated - a scathing look at the rampant incompetence - including claims of racism - which have infected the mainstream conversation and hampered action to contain the Ebola outbreak. - What Pisses Me Off About Ebola

10/30/14 - Pope endorses evolution of alien life and UFO activity
In a statement before the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 27, Pope Francis I endorsed the view that extraterrestrial life – which he refers to as “beings of the universe” - has evolved in ways that is consistent with the plans of “God the creator.” The Pope’s statement is a surprising endorsement of the view that the activities of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe can be part of a universal plan by “God the creator”. Pope Francis’s statement is preparing the Catholic world that extraterrestrial life visiting our world in UFOs may be part of “the plan of the creator.” - Pope endorses evolution of alien life and UFO activity

10/30/14 - Life under Obama sucks. And these numbers prove it
KeelyNet America is so over Obama. In 2008, the media and a majority of the voters were head-over-heels in love with the man who told them that “yes, we can” overcome war and recession. By 2012, the amour had cooled but they were willing to give four more years to the guy who was – if nothing else – way hotter than Mitt Romney.

But now it’s 2014 and the passion is totally gone. Obama is the withholding boyfriend who knows that he’s probably on the way out and is just sending the odd friendly text message from the golf course. If this relationship-breakdown metaphor seems a little strained consider this: Barack Obama is close to having played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods.

America would happily kick him to the curb, but he can’t run again in 2016 – so these midterm elections are the chance to send a message of complaint. It’s true that unemployment has fallen to its lowest point since Obama took office, but that’s actually coincided with a collapse in his approval ratings: joblessness has dipped below 6 per cent, but 53 per cent of Americans think Obama is doing a bad job with the economy.

The reason? Quality of life is poor. Starting at the very bottom, poverty levels point to stagnation. In January 2009 the poverty rate stood at 14.3 per cent. It rose to around 15 per cent and then fell back down in 2013 to 14.5 per cent (but the actual number of those in poverty remained the same from 2012). Things are worse for black Americans, whose poverty rate has risen in that same period from 25.8 per cent to 27.2 per cent.

Politically, his natural instinct for raising taxes – such as the significant charges that Obamacare will levy – has been curtailed by dealing with a Republican Congress: in fact, since 2009 one think tanks says that he has proposed no less than 442 tax increases. Economically, any assistance that has been passed onto the voters is a reflection of the parlous state of their personal finances. According to the Federal Reserve, middle-class incomes stagnated from 2010-2013 while incomes at the bottom end of the scale continued to fall. Yet its latest finances survey discovered a fascinating anomaly: mean income is up while median income is down.

The explanation is that while most Americans’ financial performance remains weak, the very rich are doing splendidly. The scale of inequality of appalling: “The wealth share of the top 3 percent climbed from 44.8 percent in 1989 to 51.8 percent in 2007 and 54.4 percent in 2013. … The share of wealth held by the bottom 90 percent fell from 33.2 percent in 1989 to 24.7 percent in 2013.” - Life under Obama sucks. And these numbers prove it

10/30/14 - How big pharma has corrupted healthcare
Interview with Peter Gøtzsche on the topic of his recently-released book "Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare" as featured on Gøtzsche is Co-Founder of The Cochrane Collaboration, and Director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. - How big pharma has corrupted healthcare

10/30/14 - Is this our Future?


In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth. A man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds.

The 'Re-Atomizer' is a most intriguing idea. Re-Atomization? - The technologies we see in the film are: robots, exoskeletons, energy weapons, neural information storage and extraction, space transportation and habitats and a very mysterious healing machines. One way or another, most of these technologies appear in other popular works of science fiction. Out of all of these, the healing machines seem to be the most interesting one to me (most likely because it's something alien to the science fiction technologies I'm familiar with).

The machine looks and functions like an MRI scanner. The injured person lies down on a bed, a rotating arm scans his or her body. During this process, an image of the inside of the body (similar to the images seen on the screens connected to MRI scanners) appears on a computer. Once the injuries or sicknesses are detected, whether they are multiple fractures, cancerous tumors, missing limbs or even the facial damage caused by being close to an exploding hand grenade, the body is healed in a process called re-atomization. What exactly is this re-atomization process?

Based on what we see in the movie, re-atomization seems to be some sort of process where the atoms in the body are reorganized in order to reverse all damage. How does this work exactly? We aren't given any clues in the film apart from the rotating arm (which also re-atomizes the damaged areas it goes over). So we can assume that the rotating arm does the re-atomizing. Yet, regarding the nature of the process itself, we can only leave that to imagination. Whatever it is, I hope scientists and engineers come up with it soon... - Is this our Future?

10/30/14 - Emperor of America?
KeelyNet Is the bama setting himself to rule through executive orders? Executive Order tyranny -- Obama plans to rule America with pen, phone - In a menacing statement at a cabinet meeting last month, as well as during his recent State of the Union address and in a pre-Super Bowl interview with my Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly, the president has referred to his pen and his phone as a way of suggesting that he will use his power to issue executive orders, promulgate regulations and use his influence with his appointees in the government’s administrative agencies to continue the march to transform fundamentally the relationship of the federal government and individuals to his egalitarian vision when he is unable to accomplish that with legislation from Congress. He has carried out that threat already.

In June 2012, facing a presidential election campaign that he feared he might lose and wishing to keep socially conservative Hispanics from voting for Mitt Romney, the president directed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) -- the same folks who failed miserably at rolling out ObamaCare -- to establish standards of behavior for millions of illegal immigrants, which, if followed to the government’s satisfaction, would get them off of government deportation lists.

To be sure, deportation can be ruinous, particularly to a family with children who were brought here as infants and have become fully Americanized. But the conditions for deportation, and for avoiding deportation, can only be established by Congress, not by the president or his appointees.

When he lays down a list of conditions that permit persons in America to avoid complying with federal law, he is not enforcing the law; he is rewriting it. Only Congress can lawfully establish the circumstances under which those who are candidates for deportation may legally avoid it.

As well, when the president creates the conditions for avoiding compliance with federal law, he can hardly be said to be enforcing it. Yet, enforcing federal law is the heart of the president’s job.

The Framers were so concerned with the potential of presidents to decline to enforce laws with which they disagreed that they inserted the word “faithfully” in the presidential oath when describing his enforcement obligations, and then they inserted the oath itself into the Constitution. The inescapable conclusion from this is that the Framers intended American presidents to enforce all of the laws that Congress has written, even those they dislike, even those they condemn, even those that may frustrate their friends, even those that may harm their political interests. - Emperor of America?

10/30/14 - US Post Office Increases Secret Tracking of Mail
The NY Times reports that the United States Postal Service says it approved nearly 50,000 requests last year from law enforcement agencies and its own internal inspection unit to secretly monitor the mail of Americans for use in criminal and national security investigations, in many cases without adequately describing the reason or having proper written authorization.

In addition to raising privacy concerns, the audit questioned the efficiency and accuracy of the Postal Service in handling the requests. The surveillance program, officially called mail covers, is more than a century old, but is still considered a powerful investigative tool. The Postal Service said that from 2001 through 2012, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies made more than 100,000 requests to monitor the mail of Americans. That would amount to an average of some 8,000 requests a year — far fewer than the nearly 50,000 requests in 2013 that the Postal Service reported in the audit (PDF).

In Arizona in 2011, Mary Rose Wilcox, a Maricopa County supervisor, discovered that her mail was being monitored by the county's sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Wilcox had been a frequent critic of Arpaio, objecting to what she considered the targeting of Hispanics in his immigration sweeps.

Wilcox sued the county, was awarded nearly $1 million in a settlement in 2011 and received the money this June when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ruling. Andrew Thomas, the former county attorney, was disbarred for his role in investigations into the business dealings of Ms. Wilcox and other officials and for other unprofessional conduct. "I don't blame the Postal Service," says Wilcox, "but you shouldn't be able to just use these mail covers to go on a fishing expedition. There needs to be more control." - US Post Office Increases Secret Tracking of Mail

10/30/14 - Noah's Ark theme park gets millions in state tax incentives

10/30/14 - Library for Survival Knowledge

10/30/14 - Arrow of Time Emerges in a Gravitational System

10/30/14 - Tracking Fracking contamination

10/30/14 - DoJ Trial Against MMS ‘Potent Bleach’ Sellers

10/30/14 - Electric-car drivers trading gas for solar power

10/30/14 - Future China chooses will dictate future of the planet

10/30/14 - Curved Vortex Lift

10/30/14 - Water Power - The Future of Energy

10/30/14 - Magnetic field lines visible in 3D and real time

10/30/14 - Scientists warn that aliens may come to destroy us


10/27/14 - Portable Generator Runs on Water!!
We have developed a portable water powered generator that creates a large amount of energy to run our portable generators that generate power simply by adding water. Spending money on expensive gasoline is a thing of the past. We have found a way to produce energy by adding clean tap water.

Emergency back-up power for camping, motorhomes to construction sites, GDS Technologies has created a new solution. Our generators are 50% less noisy than regular gasoline generators and can be used indoor becasue it produces NO Fumes and NO Pollution. Save energy, reduce costs and help the environment. Visit GDS Technologies at (Thanks to Patrick for sharing this! - JWD)

Email notes; Wow, 4 gallons will run it for 3 days and it's so quiet!!! Hope they are for real, the GDS 3000 he said. 3000 watts per hour. When he opens it up, you can see the bigass Peltier with multijunctions for extra they convert water to hydrogen, burn the hydrogen across the Peltier and store the power in the dual batteries.

Now the batteries would run for maybe 4 hours (my one battery running my tv AND dvd and 25 watt fluorescent OR computer and 25 watt fluorescent runs about 2 hours) before draining and it will take power to convert the water to hydrogen to make more electricity to recharge the batteries. So I'm thinking this thing will wind down over a time...maybe 6-10 hours or so??? and have to run awhile to recharge the batteries.

However if you have the 5kw version and you only pull out 3kw, it might run continuous as long as there is water.

You know years ago, Jade Mountain, who supplies survival gear...announced they would soon have a peliter device that would produce 5kw from a campfire... They put out some test units and had to recall all of them because the peltier junctions kept melting so they never were able to sell them...but I think kit was like $500 for the unit which is pretty damn cheap.

New Highly Efficient Thermoelectric Generator Invention and this 01/15/13 - Peltier campfire generator put out 14W (kind of).

Update 10/28/14 - The device clearly converts water to hydrogen. So to extract power from hydrogen we have two options, burning it to produce heat to drive a thermionic Peltier device OR pressuring it to drive through a fuel cell. When I initially saw the unit opened, I saw a disc shaped device mounted on the water tank which made me think it was thermionic. That water tank looks like gray pvc plastic which questions the idea of heat. It could be a fuel cell or maybe just a fan, if so how do they convert hydrogen to current?


The motor needs power to drive the generator that charges the batteries and powers the load. Hydrogen could do that but I don't see any recognizable fuel cell or Peltier so what is the secret? - Portable Generator Runs on Water!!!

10/27/14 - Rusty Humphries: Sneakin’ In To The USA
Illegals sapping our countries resources are not a laughing matter but you have to appreciate the humor of this video. - Rusty Humphries: Sneakin’ In To The USA

10/27/14 - Glass Walls
(Warning, this video is hard to watch. - JWD) Music legend and activist Paul McCartney delivers a powerful narration of this must-see video. Watch now to discover why everyone would be vegetarian if slaughterhouses had glass walls. - Glass Walls

10/27/14 - Detritus From Cancer Cells May Infect Healthy Cells
KeelyNet Tiny bubbles of cell membrane — called exosomes — are shed by most cells. Long thought to be mere trash, researchers had recently noticed that they often contain short, regulatory RNA molecules, suggesting that exosomes may be one way that cells communicate with one another.

Now, it appears that RNA in the exosomes shed by tumor cells can get into healthy cells and 'transform' them, putting them on the path to becoming cancerous themselves.

Previous studies had shown that cancer cells crank out more exosomes than normal cells2. Cancer researcher Raghu Kalluri of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and his colleagues therefore decided to look into how the two types of exosome might differ. They isolated exosomes from cells grown in culture and found that, unlike normal exosomes, those from cancer cells contained the building blocks required to produce the short fragments of RNA called microRNA that can shut off the expression of target genes.

Exposure to the cancer exosomes altered gene expression in the normal cells. Those cells then caused tumours when injected into mice. Exosomes from normal cells did not yield tumours, however, and tumour growth was reduced in cells exposed to cancer exosomes in which the microRNA-producing molecular machinery had been disabled.

The team also collected exosomes from the blood of 8 healthy individuals and 11 people with breast cancer. Five of the 11 exosome samples from the patients induced tumour growth when mixed with normal cells and injected into mice; none of the exosome samples from healthy people did so.

It is unclear how far exosomes can travel in the body, says Kalluri, but the fact that the team could isolate them from blood suggests that they could be quite mobile. And even if their effect is only local, they could still make nearby cancer cells more aggressive, or transform healthy cells into cancerous ones, he says. - Detritus From Cancer Cells May Infect Healthy Cells

10/27/14 - How To Beat Online Price Discrimination
A study (PDF) shows how e-commerce sites show online shoppers different prices depending on how they found an item and what the sites know about the customer. "For instance, the study found, users logged in to Cheaptickets and Orbitz saw lower hotel prices than shoppers who were not registered with the sites.

Home Depot shoppers on mobile devices saw higher prices than users browsing on desktops. Some searchers on Expedia and consistently received higher-priced options, a result of randomized testing by the websites.

Shoppers at Sears, Walmart, Priceline, and others received results in a different order than control groups, a tactic known as “steering.”

To get a better price, the article advises deleting cookies before shopping, using your browser's private mode, putting the items in your shopping cart without buying them right away, and using tools like Camelcamelcamel to keep an eye out for price drops. - How To Beat Online Price Discrimination

10/27/14 - A Low Cost, Open Source Geiger Counter
Worried about Fukushima infected foods and drinks that the media is suppressing information about? This could be very useful to check them before you buy, especially tuna!

Sawaiz Syed's LinkedIn page says he's a "Hardware Developer at GSU [Georgia State University], Department of Physics." That's a great workplace for someone who designs low cost radiation detectors that can be air-dropped into an area where there has been a nuclear accident (or a nuclear attack; or a nuclear terrorist act) and read remotely by a flying drone or a robot ground vehicle.

You can also find many low cost prebuilt units on eBay Geiger Counters - JWD - Low Cost, Open Source Geiger Counter

10/27/14 - Jedi-ism Becomes a Serious Religion
KeelyNet 390,127 Brits declared their religion as Jediism in their last census — many as a joke, but some are quite serious, the BBC reports. Cambridge University Divinity Faculty researcher Beth Singler estimates at least 2,000 of them are "genuine," around the same number as the Church of Scientology.

The U.K. Church of Jediism has 200,000 members worldwide. Their belief system has expanded well beyond the Star Wars universe to include tenets from Taoism, Buddhism, Catholicism and Samurai. Former priest, psychotherapist and writer Mark Vernon finds real power in the Jedi story: "The reason it's so powerful and universal is that we have to find ourselves. It's by losing ourselves and identifying with something greater like the Jedi myth that we find a fuller life."

See how easy it is to create a religion and induce people to believe in and follow it? I never cease to be stunned by the unending stupidity of humans believing in fairy tales as reality. Well, maybe this new cult will wipe out christians and muslims with their ceaseless violence, destruction and killing in the name of their fantasy god, which would be a good thing. - JWD - Jedi-ism Becomes a Serious Religion

10/27/14 - Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required
KeelyNet For almost 40 years, Carole Hinders has dished out Mexican specialties at her modest cash-only restaurant. For just as long, she deposited the earnings at a small bank branch a block away — until last year, when two tax agents knocked on her door and informed her that they had seized her checking account, almost $33,000.

The Internal Revenue Service agents did not accuse Ms. Hinders of money laundering or cheating on her taxes — in fact, she has not been charged with any crime. Instead, the money was seized solely because she had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report.

“How can this happen?” Ms. Hinders said in a recent interview. “Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?” The federal government does.

Using a law designed to catch drug traffickers, racketeers and terrorists by tracking their cash, the government has gone after run-of-the-mill business owners and wage earners without so much as an allegation that they have committed serious crimes. The government can take the money without ever filing a criminal complaint, and the owners are left to prove they are innocent. Many give up.

“They’re going after people who are really not criminals,” said David Smith, a former federal prosecutor who is now a forfeiture expert and lawyer in Virginia. “They’re middle-class citizens who have never had any trouble with the law.”

On Thursday, in response to questions from The New York Times, the I.R.S. announced that it would curtail the practice, focusing instead on cases where the money is believed to have been acquired illegally or seizure is deemed justified by “exceptional circumstances.”

Making deposits under $10,000 to evade reporting requirements, called structuring, is still a crime whether the money is from legal or illegal sources. The new policy will not apply to past seizures.

The practice has swept up dairy farmers in Maryland, an Army sergeant in Virginia saving for his children’s college education and Ms. Hinders, 67, who has borrowed money, strained her credit cards and taken out a second mortgage to keep her restaurant going.

Their money was seized under an increasingly controversial area of law known as civil asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement agents to take property they suspect of being tied to crime even if no criminal charges are filed. Law enforcement agencies get to keep a share of whatever is forfeited.

Critics say this incentive has led to the creation of a law enforcement dragnet, with more than 100 multiagency task forces combing through bank reports, looking for accounts to seize.

Under the Bank Secrecy Act, banks and other financial institutions must report cash deposits greater than $10,000. But since many criminals are aware of that requirement, banks also are supposed to report any suspicious transactions, including deposit patterns below $10,000.

Last year, banks filed more than 700,000 suspicious activity reports. Owners who are caught up in structuring cases often cannot afford to fight. The median amount seized by the I.R.S. was $34,000, according to the Institute for Justice analysis, while legal costs can easily mount to $20,000 or more.

There is nothing illegal about depositing less than $10,000 cash unless it is done specifically to evade the reporting requirement. But often a mere bank statement is enough for investigators to obtain a seizure warrant. In one Long Island case, the police submitted almost a year’s worth of daily deposits by a business, ranging from $5,550 to $9,910. The officer wrote in his warrant affidavit that based on his training and experience, the pattern “is consistent with structuring.” The government seized $447,000 from the business, a cash-intensive candy and cigarette distributor that has been run by one family for 27 years. (Thanks Bill T. for the link. - JWD) - Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required

10/27/14 - GMOs may be to Blame for Kids with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

10/27/14 - The False Flag Ebola and other Pandemics

10/27/14 - Interesting physical vibration experiments

10/27/14 - Three things you (probably) don't know about islam

10/27/14 - Absolute Zero - what happens when the poles flip?

10/27/14 - Teen converts bus into off-grid $5600 photovoltaic tiny home

10/27/14 - Human Regenerator That Controls Aging

10/27/14 - States taking driver’s license for ‘social engineering’

10/27/14 - 8 Ways Being Poor Is Wildly Expensive in America

10/27/14 - Nasa approves 'impossible' space engine design

10/27/14 - Couple Arrested At U.S. Border For Asking Questions

10/27/14 - Why whole towns will want to take themselves off-grid

10/27/14 - American Soldiers Are Waking Up

10/27/14 - 747 vs. truck

10/27/14 - Failed 'War on Drugs' Is Militarizing Law Enforcement

10/27/14 - NASA silent on Smith request for information

10/27/14 - The bama Worst President Since WWII?


10/24/14 - Electromagnetic gadget boils water directly inside your CUP
KeelyNet The Miito gadget comprises a metal rod, which is placed into a cup of water and an induction plate that is placed underneath it, which when combined, heat liquid quickly and efficiently.

The base creates an electromagnetic field, which transfers heat to the metal rod and causes the water around it to heat up, saving time and energy to make a cup of tea.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if everyone boiled only the water they need, they would save enough electricity to power the UK’s street lights for two months.

The Miito gadget uses induction to heat liquid. It comprises a metal rod, which is placed into a cup of liquid and an induction plate, which is used like a coaster underneath the cup.

The base contains a coil though which a high frequency alternating current is passed and creates an electromagnetic field. The heat induced in this base - where 'eddy' currents within the metal and resistance lead to it heating up - is transferred to the liquid in a cup via the metal rod inside it, which gets hot. Induction heating is faster and more efficient that other methods and heats liquid more consistently.

Miito works with non-metallic vessels of any size, such as cups and teapots. ‘It can also heat your soup or milk for a coffee,’ Mr Chudy said. ‘Once a vessel is placed onto the base and the rod is placed inside, the full induction power turns on and heats the induction plate of the rod. ‘The device signals once the liquid has boiled and shifts into standby mode. By placing the rod on the base, the device shuts off.’ - Electromagnetic gadget boils water directly inside your CUP

10/24/14 - Fun and Inspiring youtubes
Video #1 - Could David Howell, Paul McGinley, Marcel Siem or Rhys Davies skim a ball 200 yards across a lake and hit a 9 inch gong?

Video #2 - On the ABC television series "Primetime: What Would You Do?", actresses posing as shoppers without enough money to pay for their items get some unexpected helped from strangers. This social experiment catches many good Samaritans by surprise.

Video #3 - The sparrow, and how we as people today do not seem to have the time, or patience that our parents had for us.

Video #4 - Speech by Charlie Chaplin from the film: The Great Dictator

Video #5 - One act of kindness can lead to many.Random acts of kindness become contagious. And yes the world would be a better place if we all "PAY IT FORWARD"!!

Video #6 - Will it take a threat to destroy our world for us all to come together to live as brothers, sisters and end bigotry, greed, famine, poverty, disease and war? - Fun and Inspiring youtubes

10/24/14 - Engineered Disasters
KeelyNet The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story is a best-selling[1] 1994 non-fiction thriller by Richard Preston about the origins and incidents involving viral hemorrhagic fevers, particularly ebolaviruses and marburgviruses. The basis of the book was Preston's 1992 New Yorker article "Crisis in the Hot Zone".[2]

The filoviruses Ebola virus (EBOV), Sudan virus (SUDV), Marburg virus (MARV), and Ravn virus (RAVV) are Biosafety Level 4 agents. Biosafety Level 4 agents are extremely dangerous to humans because they are very infectious, have a high case-fatality rate, and there are no known prophylactics, treatments, or cures.

Along with describing the history of the diseases caused by these two Central African diseases, Ebola virus disease (EVD) and Marburg virus disease (MVD), Preston describes a 1989 incident in which a relative of Ebola virus named Reston virus (RESTV), was discovered at a primate quarantine facility in Reston, Virginia, less than fifteen miles (24 km) away from Washington, DC.

The virus found at the facility was a mutated form of the original Ebola virus, and was initially mistaken for Simian Hemorrhagic Fever (SHV). The original Reston facility involved in the incident, located at 1946 Isaac Newton Square, was subsequently torn down sometime between 1995 and 1998.[3] (Thanks Norm for remembering this book and sharing - JWD) - Engineered Disasters

10/24/14 - Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project
Austrian born Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897-1957) was a brilliant psychoanalytic student of Sigmund Freud and a neuro-psychiatric student of Nobel laureate Julius Wagner-Jauregg.

Reich's wide-ranging social, medical and scientific work included promoting sexual health, standardizing and advancing therapeutic techniques, analyzing the psychology of fascism as manifested in both Nazism and Communism, conducting cellular research, investigating the origin of cancer and other diseases, developing experimental treatments for terminal cancer patients, and carrying out innovative climate research.

Tragically his books and published research journals were banned and burned by the United States government in 1956 and 1960, and Reich died in a Federal penitentiary in 1957.

How could such a thing have happened in America, the country to which Reich--an outspoken antifascist—had emigrated just four days before the outbreak of World War Two? What was in Reich's publications that so threatened people in power that they felt they must destroy them to keep people from reading them?

For decades Reich’s ideas and work have been carelessly and dishonestly misrepresented in the academic, medical and scientific communities, as well as in the media and on the Internet—including Wikipedia—by those whose knowledge of Reich is not based on accurate information.

Finally, a factually accurate, full-length documentary film about Reich has been meticulously researched and written, and a serious effort is now underway to fund this film. This documentary will not only correct the distorted narratives about Reich, but will also educate viewers about the potential benefits of Reich’s work for today's medicine and science.

Please, this film project needs your help! Your contribution to this Kickstarter fundraising campaign will help ensure that Reich’s pioneering insights into psychological and physical heath, and the health of the planet, will be presented factually and compellingly to a wide variety of audiences. - Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project

10/24/14 - Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown
Social science is being militarised to develop 'operational tools' to target peaceful activists and protest movements.

A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across the world, under the supervision of various US military agencies. The multi-million dollar programme is designed to develop immediate and long-term "warfighter-relevant insights" for senior officials and decision makers in "the defense policy community," and to inform policy implemented by "combatant commands."

Launched in 2008 – the year of the global banking crisis – the DoD 'Minerva Research Initiative' partners with universities "to improve DoD's basic understanding of the social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the US."

The project will determine "the critical mass (tipping point)" of social contagians by studying their "digital traces" in the cases of "the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the 2011 Russian Duma elections, the 2012 Nigerian fuel subsidy crisis and the 2013 Gazi park protests in Turkey."

Twitter posts and conversations will be examined "to identify individuals mobilised in a social contagion and when they become mobilised." Another project awarded this year to the University of Washington "seeks to uncover the conditions under which political movements aimed at large-scale political and economic change originate," along with their "characteristics and consequences." The project, managed by the US Army Research Office, focuses on "large-scale movements involving more than 1,000 participants in enduring activity," and will cover 58 countries in total.

Last year, the DoD's Minerva Initiative funded a project to determine 'Who Does Not Become a Terrorist, and Why?' which, however, conflates peaceful activists with "supporters of political violence" who are different from terrorists only in that they do not embark on "armed militancy" themselves. The project explicitly sets out to study non-violent activists:

"In every context we find many individuals who share the demographic, family, cultural, and/or socioeconomic background of those who decided to engage in terrorism, and yet refrained themselves from taking up armed militancy, even though they were sympathetic to the end goals of armed groups. The field of terrorism studies has not, until recently, attempted to look at this control group. This project is not about terrorists, but about supporters of political violence."

The project's 14 case studies each "involve extensive interviews with ten or more activists and militants in parties and NGOs who, though sympathetic to radical causes, have chosen a path of non-violence."

Minerva is a prime example of the deeply narrow-minded and self-defeating nature of military ideology. Worse still, the unwillingness of DoD officials to answer the most basic questions is symptomatic of a simple fact – in their unswerving mission to defend an increasingly unpopular global system serving the interests of a tiny minority, security agencies have no qualms about painting the rest of us as potential terrorists. - Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown

10/24/14 - White House Seeks Ideas For Building a 'Solar System Civilization'
While the rise of the barbarous Islamic State and the spread of the modern day plague of Ebola has many concerned about the state of civilization here on earth, some at the White House are turning their attention beyond our planet. A Tuesday entry on the White House blog solicits ideas for "massless exploration and bootstrapping a Solar System civilization" and "how the [Obama] Administration, the private sector, philanthropists, the research community, and storytellers can further these goals."

"Bootstrapping" is a term employed by Dr. Phillip Metzger, former NASA research physicist now on the University of Central Florida faculty. Metzger explains:

If we want to want to create a robust civilization in our solar system, more of the energy, raw materials, and equipment that we use in space has to come from space. Launching everything we need from Earth is too expensive. It would also be too expensive to send all of the factories required to manufacture everything necessary to support a solar system civilization.

Ultimately what we need to do is to evolve a complete supply chain in space, utilizing the energy and resources of space along the way. We are calling this approach “bootstrapping” because of the old saying that you have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Industry in space can start small then pull itself up to more advanced levels through its own productivity, minimizing the cost of launching things from Earth in the meantime. Obviously, this isn’t going to happen overnight, but I think that it is the right long-term goal. - White House Seeks Ideas For Building a 'Solar System Civilization'

10/24/14 - What are the Advantages of Hiring a US Military Veteran?
Intuition is a skill. It can be learned. The military teaches it.

What many people think is that leaders are born. Not in the military. Simply put, many times in the military people are presented with situations where they must make life and death decisions in the blink of an eye. How do you do that given that there are no pie charts to help you make the decision? No data scientists to way the variables an not spreadsheets, journals or time to decide. Intuition. How exactly do you trust that someone will make the right decision when you plan to throw them into that kind of situation?

Faith in a system of training which focuses on immediate decision making in response to only the information available at the time, intuition. The Marines and the military train intuition into their culture. You might not even know what intuition really is. Well, here go.

Intuition is the ability to take massive amounts of information and quickly come to a decision from all possible options quickly and correctly. It is the precise execution of understanding gained through experience and study.

You don’t do it with charts and graphs, you do it by absorbing all the knowledge available to you ahead of time and making it so readily available that the employee can access it at any given moment they wish. This sounds a lot like memory, but there is more than just recalling information. This means using that mental database to its fullest capacity.

They are also able to sort through it and glean the right information without all the excessive over analysis that comes with having an abundance of information and options, often labeled “analysis paralysis” that can accompany a lot corporate level thinkers. This is one of the hardest things in the world to do and most people think you are either born with the ability you aren’t. This is a false assumption given to many by a society that worships heroes who magically just know what to do. Intuition, in truth, is a trainable skill and the vets have it already.

What they don’t have? They may not have the specific job essential abilities and skills you need. Provide them the training and let it add to their knowledge base. After that, let them use what they know, namely the ability to think, a skill often missing from many fresh college grads. You just have to provide the training and watch them succeed in implementing it. - What are the Advantages of Hiring a US Military Veteran?

10/24/14 - Myelin records your talents
Myelin is a protein-rich fatty material that coats and insulates nerves. When new skill is learned later in life myelin is made in order to retain it. Once skill has been learnt, it is retained even after myelin production stops. Although earlier studies of myelin - or white matter - hinted at its involvement in skill learning, the study is the first to confirm it experimentally.

Your success at playing a musical instrument could be down to a fatty substance in your brain. Scientists have discovered that an electrically insulating substance known as myelin is essential to our brains learning new skills. They claim that when a skill, such as playing the piano, is learned later in life, myelin must be made in order to retain the skill.

Lab mice tests showed that new myelin must be made each time a skill is learned later in life and the structure of the brain's white matter changes during new practical activities by increasing the number of myelin-producing cells.

Myelin is a fatty material that coats and insulates nerves. It is sometimes compared to the insulating material around an electrical wire. Its job is to quickly conduct impulses between the brain and different parts of the body.

The result is faster reactions to danger and a better chance of survival. It is made up of around 40 per cent water, while its dry mass is around 20 per cent protein. Flaws in making myelin result in a number of neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS).

While the study showed young adult mice need to make myelin to learn new motor skills, new myelin does not need to be produced to recall and perform a pre-learned skill. The theory was established when normal mice and mice which had their their ability to produce OLs and myelin switched off were made to run on an irregular spaced wheel. The 'abnormal' mice could not master the wheel. - Myelin records your talents

10/24/14 - LEDs attract 50% more insects and could damage ecosystems
LED bulbs use around 90 per cent less energy than incandescent lights. But insects are more strongly attracted to the LED spectrum of light. Scientists caught and labelled around 20,000 insects attracted to LEDs. The attraction can be fatal, causing more flies to be eaten by predators. Scientists say this can disrupt food chains and damage local ecosystems. Another concern is that LED lights near ports could attract flying pests, such as the gypsy moth, that are accidentally transported by ships.

Blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been receiving positive attention after its inventors were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics last week. They use around 90 per cent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last for 100,000 hours compared with 1,000 hours for tungsten filament light bulbs. But while they may be good for the environment, a new study claims that the discovery may a problem for insects, which are more strongly attracted to the LED spectrum of light.

The research, by New Zealand-based institute Scion, found traps placed near LEDs captured 48 per cent more insects than traps near sodium-vapour lights. Sodium vapour bulbs, which emit yellow light, are commonly used in street lighting as they are more efficient than pre-LED lights.

Insects are attracted to both white and yellow light, but it seems they are even more attracted to blue light which is generated by LED bulbs. Overall, the researchers caught and labelled more than 20,000 insects, with moths and flies the most common group of bugs. They claim the attraction can be fatal, causing flies to be thrown off their usual path and into the jaws of predators, disrupting the food chain. - LEDs attract 50% more insects and could damage ecosystems

10/24/14 - Scientists ‘melt’ excess white fat by turning it ‘brown’
White cells are responsible for muffin tops and flab, for example. While brown fat cells convert excess energy in food into heat. These brown cells behave in this way because of adenosine receptor A2A. This receptor sends the adenosine molecule to break down the cells. By transferring the receptor into white cells, they behaved like brown ones.

Sit ups help tone your stomach, while squats strengthen your legs and bottom - but love handles are particularly difficult to shift. Now scientists believe they have discovered a way to ‘melt’ the excess white fat in muffin tops by turning it ‘brown’. While white cells are responsible for muffin tops and flab in general, brown fat cells convert excess energy in food into heat.

To make white cells behave like brown ones, researchers at the University of Bonn discovered a new signalling pathway. ‘Not all fat is equal,’ said Professor Alexander Pfeifer from the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University Hospital Bonn. ‘If we are able to activate brown fat cells or to convert white fat cells into brown ones, it might be possible to simply melt excess fat away.’

‘If adenosine binds to this receptor in brown fat cells, fat burning is significantly stimulated,’ claimed Dr. Thorsten Gnad from Professor Pfeifer's team. In addition, the research team investigated the possibility that adenosine transforms white fat cells into brown fat cells - a process termed ‘browning’. - Scientists ‘melt’ excess white fat by turning it ‘brown’

10/24/14 - Armchair archaeology finds Bronze Age settlement using GOOGLE
KeelyNet Former Royal Marine from Plymstock, Devon, trawled Google Earth for terrain that would have offered food, water and shelter to prehistoric men. He pinpointed a spot in South Hams and found the landowner to investigate. Howard Jones unearthed scraps of metal, pottery shards and flint tools dating back 5,000 years - hinting the site was a Bronze Age settlement. Experts surveyed the field and found two large buried farm buildings. Some parts of the settlement are thought to date back to Roman times.

He began his search for a settlement by trawling satellite images for the sort of terrain that would have offered food, water and shelter to prehistoric man. Using Google’s overhead mapping website to zoom in on fields and farmland, he managed to pinpoint a site in Spriddlestone in the South Hams, Devon.

Mr Jones told Devon County archaeologist Bill Horner about his discovery, who carried out a geophysical survey using ground-penetrating radar equipment. Together, they found two large buried structures that they believe are farm buildings dating back to the Bronze or Iron Age.

Mr Horner said: ‘The survey shows two or three probable farmsteads which look to be late prehistoric, bronze age to Iron Age. ‘Other parts of the underlying settlement possibly continue to the Romano-British period, around 1,500 to 2,000 years ago. ‘The images also show tracks and enclosures, as well as a number of pits, which alongside Howard’s findings, looks like evidence of metal works. - Armchair archaeology finds Bronze Age settlement using GOOGLE

10/24/14 - Weird, wonderful, amazing and rare low cost eBooks, CDs and DVDs
KeelyNet You can download any mix of our eBooks or order collections on CD to save money.

We also have unusual DVDs that you might find of interest. Here is your chance to build your library and your understanding of how the universe works.

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10/24/14 - Explaining to the Founding Fathers what has Happened to America

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10/24/14 - The downside of diversity

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10/24/14 - Kundalini as a cause of SHC

10/24/14 - The Night the World Exploded (1957)

10/24/14 - Rossis' E-Cat Plant Comprises 103 E-Cats, 100 Computers

10/24/14 - Crowd of Democrats walks out on the bama

10/24/14 - What Made Americans So Fearful and Stupid As They Are Today?

10/24/14 - Vote all you want, secret government won’t change

10/24/14 - The Renaissance of the Shopping Mall

10/24/14 - 3D Printed Guns documentary

10/24/14 - A 60 cycle Repulsion Coil Resonance Engine

10/24/14 - Is a Fake Alien Invasion Imminent?
If she is telling the truth about the meeting with Von Braun, that was over 20 years ago. At first I thought why didn't you tell us all this before some of these events began, but then I see it was posted in 2001 which kind of fits her theory.

Dr. Carol Roslin giving her testimony during the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in May of 2001. Says she met had a three and a half hour with Werner Von Braun in February of 1974, telling her, "you will stop the weaponization of space." Isn't that being unusally familiar with someone you just met?

Started as a threat from the Russians of weaponizing space, then there would be terrorists, then there would be third world countries (rogue nations), then there would be asteroids, then he repeated to her over and over, the last card will be the extraterrestrial threat.

Says she has been waiting for 27 years (1974-2001), that Von Braun said this alien threat might have these weapons, so it is imperative we build advanced space weapons to weaponize space to protect the earth from invasion.

The video continues by explaining how they will spin the news to control the masses to make this happen. They will use False Flags and Predictive Programming. - Is a Fake Alien Invasion Imminent?

10/24/14 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

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KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
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10/22/14 - Kickstarter Freezes Anonabox Project for Misleading Funders
All August Germar asked for was $7,500 to fund his privacy-focused router project. But as the attention and controversy around his Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign snowballed over the last five days, he found himself at one point with 82 times that amount—and now with nothing.

On Friday afternoon Kickstarter suspended the crowdfunding campaign for Anonabox, an initiative to sell a tiny, $45 router that would run all a user’s online traffic over the anonymity network Tor. The idea tapped into an explosive demand for simple privacy technology, and earned more than 10 times its modest goal in hours. But as funders shoveled more than half a million dollars into the project, they also began to pick apart Anonabox’s claims of creating custom hardware, as well as the promised security of its software. Soon, many were calling for the project to be cancelled, and asked others to report its shortfalls to Kickstarter staff, who now say they’ll cancel all investors’ pledges.

In an email to the project’s investors, Kickstarter told backers only that “a review of the project uncovered evidence that it broke Kickstarter’s rules.” Those rules, the email continued, prohibit “offering purchased items and claiming to have made them yourself,” “presenting someone else’s work as your own” and “misrepresenting or failing to disclose relevant facts about the project or its creator.”

The backlash against Anonabox began Tuesday evening, as users pointed out that the router’s hardware, which Anonabox creator Germar had claimed was custom-designed, could be found for sale from Chinese suppliers on sites like the business e-commerce platform Alibaba. In fact, Germar soon clarified to WIRED that the Anonabox prototype was built from an off-the-shelf case and a nearly stock board tweaked to add more flash memory storage, both sourced from the Chinese manufacturer Gainstrong. That was a reversal of some claims he had made to WIRED before our initial story on Anonabox, which we corrected Wednesday; Germar had said, for instance, that the case was created with a custom injection mold that Anonabox had paid to have its supplier create.

Others soon followed up with critiques of Anonabox’s software: the router’s default settings left its wireless network open and included a hardcoded root password that would leave users vulnerable to spying or compromise by hackers, the said. Those security shortcomings, the project’s critics argued, were especially egregious considering that Anonabox’s founders had said they intended the device to be used by journalists protecting sources and political dissidents in repressive regimes. - Kickstarter Freezes Anonabox Privacy Router Project for Misleading Funders


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