Al Francoeurs Gary Motor Replication
KeelyNet 12/29/01

The following two emails describe the two photos posted to the JLN discussion list, where Al Francoeur claims to have duplicated the basic Wesley Gary neutral magnetic line effect.

From: "AL.F"
Date: Fri Dec 28, 2001 12:51 am
Subject: Wesley Magnet Motor reproduction picture's.

Hello Tim and All

After hard searching, here are the only two picture's of my Wesley permanent magnet motor that I could find, but they may be a little dark from the scanner.

They are taken when it was under construction using wood and horseshoe neodymium magnets that I already have, and other material's from the hardware store, and machine shop. I also used (roller blade) easy turning greaseless stainless steel bearing's to minimize friction on all pivot point's, and allot of sweat (labor of love) while building it.

It is the simplest version of the Wesley magnet motor that you can ask for, and it does indeed prove to be very interesting. It did not cost me much to build and if you build one, it should not cost you much either.

I used 1/2" x 1/2 x 13&7/8" long iron bar for the balanced arm that holds the shield, and various carburetor spring's with different tensions, as the picture shows.

You will have to make adjustments for your version, so make yours so as you can adjust the balancing of all the parts. At the same time on my version, the counter balance on the main rocker is heavier than the horseshoe magnet.

The repelling force from the magnet's are more than enough to raise the counter weight to its full highest point against gravity. Gravity then pulls the counter weight down, and at the same time, the horseshoe magnet attracts to the now dropped shield for the next cycle.

These picture's were taken a while ago and they show one of my other motor/generator impulse machine's, also, it shows some of the parts of my Interference Disc machine unassembled against the wall beside the large capacitor's, my disc machine is now mostly assembled.

My Wesley magnet motor in this picture shows the arm that transfers the rocking motion that activates the shield. If you build one, you can use stacked button magnet's, or rod neo magnet's with a keeper bar in the back so as to make your horseshoe magnet's.

Could someone please upload these two picture's into the vault. Thank you very much.

Happy New Year to Everyone.

BC, Canada

From: "AL.F"
Date: Fri Dec 28, 2001 8:22 pm
Subject: Re: [jlnlabs] Re: Wesley Magnet Motor reproduction picture's.

Hello Ben

k4zep wrote:

Hi Al,

Thanks for the post/pictures on the Wesley motor. I know it is somthing you played with on the side while your heart was with the Generators you were building. Did you actually get it to cycle again and again by itself?

Yes I did get it to cycle, but because my device was not built to exact precision machine quality, it would cycle until the timing back fired (sort of speak). Some times the rocking magnet would over shoot, when that happens it would kick real hard up and over the stationary magnet.

If your hand was in the way when this happened, it could break it. These 5 inch wide horseshoe neodymium magnets with a 1" x 1" face that I have are very strong. You cannot pull them apart when they are together unless I use strong force to slide them apart, and you cannot push them together when they are in the repelling mode, that is what the shield is for.

Because of the shield, It allows the powerful magnet's to come together with ease, like compressing and loading a very strong spring. I actually might build another one, but very precise version of it after I complete my other machine's.

I used the information that I gathered from this device to refine my zero input Impulsion permanent magnet motor. It is also related to the Interference disc generator and my large motor/generator impulse machine. Or should I say, a cross between the two machine's.

k4zep wrote;

If the answer is yes, I got to build one next week myself. Lots of questions to be answered here about the "nutral" zone and the induced magnets. Also from your experience, do you think you have to use a N/S horseshoe magnet? I have a couple dozen beautiful round ceramic magnets that are N/S on the fat sides (2"X3/8"} and would like to only use one pole in the device. Of course I could use two side by side with a soft steel backing and then have the N/S orientation.

You don't even have to use neodymium magnets, but if you want more power, use the neo's. If you do use button magnet's, stack them up so they are longer, then use a soft steel keeper bar with two magnets on the end at right angles to make a horseshoe shape. In this form you will find that your horseshoe magnet will now pick up allot more weight, as compared to just a bar magnet.

You want the flux from both the poles of the magnet doing the work, not just one pole. Also, be sure to fasten the magnets and all the other parts securely so they do not come apart. Simplicity is Natures Secret

Happy New Year to everyone.

BC, Canada

The Gary Motor Effect

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