The BETAR Sound Relaxation System
A Practical Usage of Phase Conjugate Sound
for Physical Stress Relief
by Peter J. Kelly of Interdimensional Sciences
121 Oasis Road
PO Box 167
Lakemont, Georgia 30552
(shared with KeelyNet courtesy of Peter Kelly - 01/07/98)

NOTE : The term BETAR as used in this document is trademarked.

I started from the premise that it was conceivable to alter normal three dimensional reality through a process which I now call 'tuned intent'. While at the time I didn't understand the mechanism for the process, and still can't provide its full mathematics, nevertheless, I pursued the premise, gradually understanding much of the engineering rules supporting it, and eventually made it workable.

From my research, I postulated a model for the composition of reality which confirmed my premise. This model takes into account two vectors: an E-field (electric charge), and an H-field (magnetism). Although these two vectors tend to have separate functions, it is the resultant vector between them that tends to describe our reality as we know and experience it.

Experimentation showed the electric vector to be the Summed Scaler Components that represents energy-as-information, while the magnetic vector locks this energy-as-information into a mode that renders it to us as our 3-dimensional reality.

Included as part of the magnetic vector are the gravitational field effects, as well as mass related effects of the spinning earth and its resultant fields.

What does this mean in a practical sense? If and when you are clever enough to locally cancel the magnetic and related components, while devising a way of tuning into the "energy-as-information", then with a combination of this tuning plus your own "intent"; (or desire/will), you can affect that which gives identity to any reality.

By careful tuning you can achieve a resonance which allows you to modify that reality. Working with this simple premise and very minute amounts of normal electromagnetic (electricity), one can, for example, detect and analyze biological conditions in humans and animals, as well as the various patterns and energies that make up a farmer's fields and crops, the weather patterns, and the telluric or earth energies at any given location.

Equally important, one can make basic and fundamental modifications to these various realities in their patterns of energy-as-information, which then reflects back into our normal 3-dimensional world.

Without elaborating the mechanics of how we accomplish this, I can state that it is mostly done by working with charges, circuits, and fields in which you convince, as it were, electron flow not to occur while you are doing this type of tuning with intent.

By using the same approach, one can collect the energy field or aura surrounding a subject, perform analysis in the form of FFTs (fast Fourier transforms), display it to a computer screen, and store the information to a hard or floppy disk drive for later evaluation.


Time reversal theory has decades of distinguished and important usage in physics, although most engineers in fields outside nonlinear optics have little or no appreciation for the concept (a).

However, the phase conjugated (time reversed) wave is a general solution to the wave equation and applies to waves of all types (b). It has been accomplished with sound waves (c), for example, although little engineering use has been made of the effect except in the field of nonlinear optics, where it is an essential part of the paradigm.(d).

That phase conjugation (PC) waves can have beneficial effects on the human body has been addressed by Tom Bearden (e). Prestigious French scientists demonstrated that advanced electromagnetic machines, constructed by Antoine Priore using complex multiple signals of radar frequencies mixed and phase conjugated in a rotating plasma, exhibit significant healing characteristics, even against terminal cancers and leukemias (f).

Our purpose, however, in the use of phase conjugate sound in the BETAR tm is not to accomplish biological healing, but only the release and relief of embedded stresses in the body.

It is well-known in medical science that the prevalence of physical stress hampers the body's immune system and healing functions. Therefore, the release of stress, particularly chronic stresses, can have beneficial effects by enabling the body to relax and recover the normal level of its own natural and vital immune and healing capabilities. Other than relaxation through stress releases, no other claim for phase conjugated sound is made or envisioned.


Western scientists discovered time-reversed EM (electro-magnetic) waves in the available Soviet nonlinear optics literature in the early 1970's. Prior to that time, no one in the West suspected that macroscopic, extensive time- reversed waves could easily be made and utilized.

A means of amplifying the time-reversed wave by four wave mixing was quickly discovered (g). This mixing is a universal mechanism and easily provided for in any nonlinear dielectric system in which multiple-wave inputs are mixed. It is as true of sound as it is of any other electromagnetic waves.

The simplest case will be explained briefly. Into a dielectric medium, two sinewave oscillations are introduced antiparallel, or with components that are antiparallel, so that their respective phases are 180 degrees apart.

The nonlinear medium acts as a modulator, and locks the two waves together into a single wave with zero translation resultants, but with rhythmic stress oscillations (rhythmic compressions and rarefactions, or, simply put, rhythmic squeezes and releases) in the material medium. In phase conjugation optics, this stress wave is referred to as the pump wave.

The pump wave is not, however, the rhythmic variation of the stress: stress and relax: stress and relax: and so on, through the dielectric medium. Precisely, it is a wave of potential, a scalar wave, throughout the medium, rather than a wave of translation forces (rather than a vector wave). In the ideal situation, it is also a standing wave, and thus a standing scalar wave.

The medium together with its standing pump wave is referred to as a pumped phase conjgate mirror (PPCM). A PPCM has certain very significant characteristics, the chief one being the capability of acting as an amplifier for producing an amplified phase conjugate (time-reversed) wave. If a third wave is now introduced into the PPCM, an amplified time-reversed replica of that third wave will be output by the medium itself.

In other words, the embedded, bound stresses of the medium (due in this case to the presence of the stressing pump wave) are released by this emitted and amplified phase conjugate wave.

The entire system acts much as a triode tube: the third input signal is the grid signal, and the pump wave is the energy input into the cathode. The input of the grid signal results in an amplified signal appearing at the plate in this instance, departing the system and radiating away.

In the situation of continuous 'pumping'; of the medium, the initiating signal must be continually applied. If the pump wave is only temporarily applied, then a single initiation of the grid signal will cause emission of a single amplified phase conjugate replica, which stress relieves the medium.

Thus with four-wave mixing and pumped phase conjugate reflection, bound, locked in stresses in a dielectric medium can be relieved and caused to radiate away as time-reversed waves. It is accented again that these characteristics and functions are universal to all waves and nonlinear media for them, not just to electromagnetic waves.


The application to the human body is straightforward. Since the body easily contains audible sound wavelengths, standing sonic pump waves can occur in the body tissues by properly phased, opposing sound waves, or sound waves with opposing or phase shifted components.

Body tissues form a highly nonlinear dielectric and modulator, locking together the opposing components into a standing scalar sound wave. Inputs of opposing complex sound waves produce a variety (a spectrum) of standing scalar sound waves in body tissues.

This standing scalar wave spectrum completely penetrates with a minimum of input power, and none of the body tissues are completely omitted from possessing an internal standing wave.

The body becomes a pumped phase conjugate mirror. In addition, other inputs which do not zero-sum at the moment are continually occurring across the spectrum, providing a constant barrage of grid inputs to the body PPCM/triode, scaning the entire signal spectrum.

By this constant and pulsating grid signal input, the body is continually stress relieved, even from its deepest and finest tissue levels by the amplified phase conjugate replica sound radiation. The effect poses enormous importance: excess bodily stress of any and all kinds is continually scavenged from the cells, tissues, vessels, organs, bones, the entire body; and is radiated away as harmless, complex time-reversed sound waves.

Further, only excess stress is scavenged and relieved. A natural control is present, since the scavenging (PPCM) effect only exists when and where stress exists. Hence, no damage or harmful effect is done to tissues since the power levels are kept below the intensity that would be necessary for physical tearing and tissue damage.

The mechanism is one hundred percent efficient. It specifically targets internal stress, contacts the deepest and most minute levels of the body, and insures an automatic self regulation mechanism to prevent any harm to the tissues.


As can be readily seen by the first two drawings below (1a and 1b), placement of the transducers above and below the bed produces the four-wave amplified phase conjugate sound mirror (PPCM).

This mirror effect is achieved by the use of unique audio amplifiers and components with particular time-shifting characteristics. Furthermore, the pumping of the same signal through special transducers using particular materials and their placement in a designed relationship to the body being pumped are necessary for the phase conjugate effect and its inherent stress- relieving phenomena.

To further enhance the PPCM phenomena and effect, particular audio frequencies and pulses in the sub-audible and audible range are mixed throughout the BETAR system.

They consist of both sine waves and their odd-order harmonics, and are sub- audible in relation to the music heard on the BETAR system.

The amplifiers used in the system are unique also; for it is necessary to have a bandpass of frequencies that are well above and below what is considered the hearing range of a normal human being.

The physical properties of living, biological structures such as the human body behave as a semiconductor material. For some of the body's elemental composition conducts due to minute amounts of metallic compounds and elements. Other components are nonconductors, a dielectric by their nature, such as the various salts, etc.

The commonly accepted view is that a body has relatively high (26K ohms or more) resistance, certain capacitances,inductances, and conductances. Thus it acts like a semiconductor, or even possibly a dielectric.

The human body stores patterns of energy-as-information in the semi-conductor matrix which constitutes its matter. At different times, due to such changes as the amount of conducting materials, the subject may be more or less inclined to store more of these patterns of energy-as-information from his environment.

The BETAR and its transducers are physically designed to access these patterns-of-energy -as-information. The subject lays down above the transducers. The BETAR initiates and processes the sound in a phase-conjugate mode.

This normal translation of electromagnetic energy into sound vibration and pulsed magnetic fields induces a relaxation response in the body.

Besides these purely vibrational effects of the focused sound and vibrational components, the magnetic field generated by the coil component of the transducer interacts with the semiconductor materials sandwiched in the sound lens. Experimentally, we are showing an accessing of the patterns of energy- as-information as they are stored in the human subject.

The addition of the detector system mentioned at the beginning of page 2, provides the possibility for qualified medical personel, physicians, psychiatrists, as well as psychologists, in developing a system of understanding for the interpretation of the modifications of energy that the body undergoes during the BETAR experience.


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The following references are a further elaboration of the mechanics of the BETAR research.

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(see footnotes in main paper on BETAR patent application).

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Note from Jerry Decker of KeelyNet - 01/07/98

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to 'ride' the BETAR on a visit to Peter's lab in Georgia. In my experience, Peter allowed me to select whatever type of music I wanted and I selected Rock. The BETAR unit that I rode was an open geodesic shaped half dome with a platform suspended inside the dome.

I climbed onto the platform and lay down flat with a small pillow for a headrest. The BETAR was then set in operation using the Rock music I'd selected. Within a matter of minutes, I began feeling my muscles relax. A kind of drifting sensation arose as I listened to the Rock music. This sensation was most pleasant.

Normally, a BETAR ride runs up to 30 minutes. Peter let me stay on it for a full hour. When that hour was up, he re-entered the lab and turned off the BETAR. I had trouble getting my muscles to respond.

Having experienced an isolation tank for about 45 minutes in Dallas, the sensation was almost identical. The muscle tone was greatly diminished. In the case of the isolation tank, it took about 5 minutes to make the muscles respond to the will. Though it was a similar sensation on the BETAR, my muscles responded within about a minute of the unit being switched off.

It is my considered opinion, based on this direct experience, that the BETAR would be very beneficial to health if used on a regular basis.

I compare it to the extensive research done by the Heartmath Institute into stress and how it affects health. When a person gets excited, nervous, anxious or otherwise under SUSTAINED stress, the organs of the body, including the heart, suffer irregular pulsations.

If the person takes no action to smooth these irregular tremors, the organ has a greater chance of malfunction or failure. Heartmath has come up with meditation tapes that teach you to minimize or eliminate these stresses. Details and their successes are posted on their website.

My opinion is that the most profound sensations that I experienced when riding the BETAR were due to this lowering of the muscle tone to a near quiescent state. Granted, autonomous functions such as respiration, digestion, waste processing, etc. are probably not affected by these methods since they are not normally directed by conscious thought.

The various versions of BETAR units include one intended to be used in a clinical setting, where people can ride them for 30 minutes or so a day, as a kind of relaxation/stress relief.

On the weird science side of this, there is a fascinating little book called Lost Dimension. It can be purchased from Peters' company, Interdimensional Sciences. The book says Jehovah was a biologist and the other 'gods' included other biologists, physicists, chemists, etc..

They were working in the various disciplines trying to determine how to extend their own lives for thousands of years. The other biologists believed that chemistry and gene research was the key to causing perfect regeneration of tissue to extend life. However, their injections yielded deformed or gross aberrations where hands or other organs would sprout from the site of the injection, due to totally random tissue differentiation.

Jehovah, however, understood that the body formation and regeneration was controlled by a dynamic energy field, much like Sheldrakes 'morphogenic fields' or Burr's 'electrodynamic fields'. He also came to the conclusion that the aura could be affected by the mind, so that stressful events experienced on a day to day basis, would produce energy interferences in the aura. If those energy interferences were sustained by not being resolved, the body would be affected to cause organ failure, allowing for the generation of disease and general loss of vitality leading to gradual aging.

Because of this, Jehovah developed a meditation technique that was used for 30 minutes prior to sleep. The meditation was simply thoughts directed to each section of the body, where the energy field of the aura was envisioned as without interference and brightly illumined with no 'dark spots' that would indicate a stress area. Once this 'imagery' technique had been applied to the entire body (and it could be done several times to reinforce the total body image), the subject falls to sleep.

Since the body heals most efficiently and rapidly while sleeping (because there is less use of energy and attention to navigation, thought, digestion, sex, etc.), if the aura was cleared up using this meditation technique, then any tissue regeneration would provide an optimal pattern.

Using this method, Jehovah found that, over a period of time, the body was restored to its optimum energy levels and a more vigorous youthful appearance.

That is why I think the BETAR and the Heartmath tapes make perfect sense. There is also a 'mini' BETAR for home use and when I come into some bucks, I plan to investigate the effectiveness and purchase one if it might help maintain health and vigor.

I'd also like to thank Peter for sharing this document with us all.

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