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11/24/15 - Experimental Drug Targeting Alzheimer's Disease Shows Anti-Aging Effects
The Salk team expanded upon their previous development of a drug candidate, called J147, which takes a different tack by targeting Alzheimer's major risk factor–old age. In the new work, the team showed that the drug candidate worked well in a mouse model of aging not typically used in Alzheimer's research.

When these mice were treated with J147, they had better memory and cognition, healthier blood vessels in the brain and other improved physiological features.

"Initially, the impetus was to test this drug in a novel animal model that was more similar to 99 percent of Alzheimer's cases," says Antonio Currais, the lead author and a member of Professor David Schubert's Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory at Salk.

"We did not predict we'd see this sort of anti-aging effect, but J147 made old mice look like they were young, based upon a number of physiological parameters."

In this latest work, the researchers used a comprehensive set of assays to measure the expression of all genes in the brain, as well as over 500 small molecules involved with metabolism in the brains and blood of three groups of the rapidly aging mice. The three groups of rapidly aging mice included one set that was young, one set that was old and one set that was old but fed J147 as they aged.

The old mice that received J147 performed better on memory and other tests for cognition and also displayed more robust motor movements. The mice treated with J147 also had fewer pathological signs of Alzheimer’s in their brains. Importantly, because of the large amount of data collected on the three groups of mice, it was possible to demonstrate that many aspects of gene expression and metabolism in the old mice fed J147 were very similar to those of young animals. These included markers for increased energy metabolism, reduced brain inflammation and reduced levels of oxidized fatty acids in the brain.

Another notable effect was that J147 prevented the leakage of blood from the microvessels in the brains of old mice. “Damaged blood vessels are a common feature of aging in general, and in Alzheimer’s, it is frequently much worse,” says Currais.

Currais and Schubert note that while these studies represent a new and exciting approach to Alzheimer’s drug discovery and animal testing in the context of aging, the only way to demonstrate the clinical relevance of the work is to move J147 into human clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease.

“If proven safe and effective for Alzheimer’s, the apparent anti-aging effect of J147 would be a welcome benefit,” adds Schubert. The team aims to begin human trials next year. - Experimental Drug Targeting Alzheimer's Disease Shows Anti-Aging Effects

11/24/15 - Louis Friedman Says Humans Will Never Venture Beyond Mars
Dr. Louis Friedman, one of the co-founders of the Planetary Society, is coming out with a new book, "Human Spaceflight: From Mars to the Stars," an excerpt of which was published in Scientific America.

Friedman revives and revises a version of the humans vs. robots controversy that has roiled through aerospace circles for decades. Unlike previous advocates of restricting space travel to robots, such as Robert Park and the late James Van Allen, Friedman admits that humans are going to Mars to settle. But there, human space travel will end. Only robots will ever venture further.

His thesis is based at once on an optimistic view of advances in robotic technology and a pessimistic one of advances in technology that will enable human spaceflight. Friedman certainly thinks that interstellar travel by humans is impossible, because the distances are so vast, but does not offer a concrete reason as to why.

“The point of playing with these unimaginable numbers is to illustrate that interstellar travel is a subject of science fiction, not ready for prime time—at least not for humans. Most of the serious technical work for traveling between the stars, some with brilliant engineering and sophisticated applications of physics, relies on schemes that are entirely fictitious—or at least not real in any practical sense.” - Louis Friedman Says Humans Will Never Venture Beyond Mars

11/24/15 - NASA Selects Universities To Develop Humanoid Robot Astronauts
NASA announced that it is sending copies of its R5 Valkyrie humanoid robot to two universities for software upgrades and other research and development. The effort is part of a continuing project to develop cybernetic astronauts that will assist human astronauts in exploring other worlds.

The idea is that robot astronauts would initially scout potentially hazardous environments, say on Mars, and then actively collaborate with their human counterparts in exploration. NASA is paying each university chosen $250,000 per year for two years to perform the R&D. The university researchers will have access to NASA expertise and facilities to perform the upgrades.

NASA’s work in developing robot astronauts has been long and ongoing. In 2010, the Johnson Space Center proposed an idea called Project M to land a humanoid robot on the lunar surface and have it explore for 1,000 days. The project never got past the conception stage, though the lunar lander part of it was incorporated into Project Morpheus.

The R5 Valkyrie itself has been a work in progress. Two years ago, the Valkyrie tied for dead last in a DARPA robotics competition. However, the R2 Robonaut has proven to be more successful on board the International Space Station, testing how a robot astronaut can perform mundane maintenance tasks, freeing up its human counterparts for conducting research.

The hope is that some version of R5 will be on the first crew to go to Mars or back to the moon. It will answer the ancient controversy of whether humans or robots are best capable of exploring space with one word: “both.” - NASA Selects Universities To Develop Humanoid Robot Astronauts

11/24/15 - Researchers Create Plant-Circuit Hybrid
KeelyNet Researchers have crafted flexible electronic circuits inside a rose. Eventually such circuitry may help farmers eavesdrop on their crops and even control when they ripen. The advance may even allow people to harness energy from trees and shrubs not by cutting them down and using them for fuel, but by plugging directly into their photosynthesis machinery.

The researchers used "an organic electronic building block called PEDOT-S:H. Each of these building blocks consists of a short, repeating chain of a conductive organic molecule with short arms coming off each link of the chain.

Each of the arms sports a sulfur-containing group linked to a hydrogen atom. Berggren's group found that when they placed them in the water, the rose stems readily pulled the short polymer chains up the xylem channels (abstract). ... The upshot was that the myriad short polymer chains quickly linked themselves together into continuous strings as long as 10 centimeters.

The researchers then added electronic probes to opposite ends of these strings, and found that they were, in fact, wires, conducting electricity all down the line." - Researchers Create Plant-Circuit Hybrid

11/24/15 - Satellite Wars
Sixty years after the space race began, an orbital arms race is again in development. Military officials from the U.S., Europe and Asia confirm in private what the Kettering Group and other amateur stargazers have been watching publicly. Almost every country with strategically important satellite constellations and its own launch facilities is considering how to defend — and weaponize — their extraterrestrial assets.

"I don't think there is a single G7 nation that isn't now looking at space security as one of its highest military priorities and areas of strategic concern," says one senior European intelligence official.

The U.S. is spending billions improving its defenses — primarily by building more capacity into its constellations and improving its tracking abilities. A $900m contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin in 2014 to develop a radar system capable of tracking objects as small as baseballs in space in real time.

But there are also hints that the U.S. may be looking to equip its satellites with active defenses and countermeasures of their own, such as jamming devices and the ability to evade interceptions. A purely offensive anti-satellite program is in fast development as well.

High-energy weapons and maneuverable orbiters such as space planes all open the possibility of the U.S. being able to rapidly weaponize the domain beyond the atmosphere, should it feel the need to do so. - Satellite Wars

11/24/15 - 3-Year-Old Given 8% Chance to Live Overcomes Cancer with Cannabis
Landon Riddle of Colorado is only 3 years old, but he is the center of a hotly contested debate regarding medical marijuana. He was recently given only a few weeks to live after reacting very badly to chemotherapy, but once his mother began to administer medical marijuana, even the chemo became unnecessary. The problem is that Landon didn’t live in a state where medical marijuana is legal to administer.

Landon has acute lymphocytic leukemia, or ALL, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Or should we say – HAD. It all started with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes in 2012, but quickly progressed to a full stage cancer. Within weeks, Landon was flown to a hospital in Salt Lake City because his symptoms were progressing very rapidly.

“His whole chest was full of leukemia tumors, which is why he couldn’t breathe,” his mother says. “They started him on chemo, but told us that he probably wasn’t going to make it.” Landon’s mother was told he had an 8% chance of survival.

Landon’s mother did what any would do to save her son – she moved to Colorado. She rented a room, got Landon’s medical marijuana card, and began giving him marijuana — THC for the pain and nausea, and CBD for its own healing properties. The dose was based on Landon’s weight. He first took it in oil form, but now takes a pill. She says that his red and white blood cell counts increased dramatically after only a few doses. Landon’s cancer is now in full remission. - 3-Year-Old Given 8% Chance to Live Overcomes Cancer with Cannabis

11/24/15 - Maher: Liberal Idea That Muslims Share American Values Is 'Bulls**t'
Bill Maher took liberals to task on Real Time for their calls to not paint refugees and Muslims with too broad a brush, while ignoring how they embrace a different value system than most Americans. Click on the link for videos. - Maher: Liberal Idea That Muslims Share American Values Is 'Bulls**t'

11/24/15 - 'El Chapo' Guzmán basically controls the entire US drug market

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's Sinaloa cartel is arguably the most powerful drug-trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere — and in the world.

As of 2013, the DEA believed that the cartel supplied "80% of the heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine — with a street value of $3 billion — that floods the Chicago region each year."

And, as a DEA report released this summer makes clear, Guzmán's organization has only expanded and deepened its US operations in the last two years. Trumps wall will fix this. - JWD - El Chapo' Guzmán basically controls the entire US drug market

11/24/15 - Graphene 100 times cheaper than ever before
A large part of this expense is the substrate on which Graphene is generally produced. By using a process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD), graphene has often been grown as a monolayer (a layer one atom thick) by exposing platinum, nickel or titanium carbide to ethylene or benzene at high temperatures. Recent production methods have lowered these costs somewhat by incorporating copper as a substrate, but even this method can still prove expensive.

To help drastically reduce these costs, the researchers came up with the idea of depositing high-quality graphene on the surface of inexpensive copper foils often used to make the ultra-thin cathodes (negative electrodes) in lithium-ion batteries. As it turns out, the surface of the copper proved to be both completely smooth and a superior substrate on which to form the graphene.

"The commercially-available copper we used in our process retails for around one dollar per square meter, compared to around $115 for a similar amount of the copper currently used in graphene production," said Dr Dahiya, of the University of Glasgow's School of Engineering. "Our process produces high-quality graphene at low cost, taking us one step closer to creating affordable new electronic devices with a wide range of applications, from the smart cities of the future to mobile healthcare."

The team believes that large-scale, inexpensive synthesis of high quality graphene films through their method could realize graphene-based flexible optoelectronic systems, including such things as cell phones with roll-up displays, e-paper, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, medical patches to deliver drugs or monitor vital signs, and tactile or electronic skin for robotics and prosthetics. - Graphene 100 times cheaper than ever before

11/24/15 - New taxpayer bailout to cover up ObamaCare’s failure?

11/24/15 - College Students Say Remembering 9/11 Is Offensive to Muslims

11/24/15 - Cheap, natural clock

11/24/15 - Life Change Tea???

11/24/15 - As Millions Start to Travel Home for the Holidays, Tensions Run High

11/24/15 - Trump Barbara Walters interview

11/24/15 - Charcoal Health Benefits

11/24/15 - Proven Method on How to Treat ADHD and Concentration Problems

11/24/15 - 1-2 Drops of These and You’ll Sleep Like a Baby!

11/24/15 - How to put a baby to sleep in less than ONE MINUTE

11/24/15 - USC Researchers Discover How to Regenerate Your Entire Immune System in 72 Hours

11/24/15 - Vacuum sealed Foam pad camping mattress

11/24/15 - SALT Self-Defense Gun is Non-Lethal, Fires Specialized Rounds Filled with a Toxin

11/24/15 - Skarp Razor shaves with lasers instead of metal blades

11/24/15 - Nora, The Smart Snoring Solution

11/24/15 - Touchjet WAVE: Turns TV into a Touchscreen Tablet

11/24/15 - Mogees - Transform anything into a musical instrument

11/24/15 - Obama's Media Covers Up Bomb Threat to Promote Migrant Invasion

11/24/15 - Jerome Corsi: Clinton Indictment Imminent

11/24/15 - Johnson Smith Company

11/24/15 - Why more Mexicans are leaving United States than entering


11/20/15 - x2 Sport is the world’s first wearable underwater jet pack
The x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack is the world’s first wearable jet pack that lets you fly through the water faster than an Olympic swimmer They are currently available to pre-order on Indiegogo. The jet pack was created by brothers Simon and Chris Parke of Portsmouth based SCP Marine Innovation and uses patented Hydra thrusters to propel you at superfast speeds (top speed in excess of 6mph).

All you have to do is point your arms in the direction you want to go and control your speed using the handy throttle grip attached to your wrist. Oh, and it comes in five different colours (to match your superhero costume, of course).

While the early bird jet packs are now, sadly, sold out, you could get your hands on one for $2,000 (£1,615) here. Or, if you want to try before you buy, you could splash out $150 (£97) for the x2 Sport experience. If crowdfunding proves successful (what do they mean ‘if’?), delivery is planned for September next year. Imagine this with antigravity? - JWD - x2 Sport is the world’s first wearable underwater jet pack

11/20/15 - He means well
Man helps woman vacuuming! - He means well

11/20/15 - Canada plans to store energy in giant underwater balloons
Canada’s Hydrostor has developed a creative energy storage solution that is half the cost of the best battery technology and lasts twice as long. The clean energy startup is storing energy as compressed air and then housing the air underwater inside giant balloons. Though it sounds ridiculous, the idea is efficient at energy storage, and an environmentally friendly, zero-emissions solution.

Cleantech startup Hydrostor designed and is now partnering with Toronto Hydro to operate the world’s’ first underwater compressed air energy storage system in Toronto. Located 3 kilometers off the shore of Toronto Island, a series of underwater balloons containing compressed air are submerged under 55 meters of water and connected to Hydrostor’s power facility via a pipe. The facility currently is being used to store excess energy from Toronto’s existing power grid during non-peak times It also can be adapted to store energy from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power, providing the ability to store energy during peak energy generation times to compensate for the occasional downtimes.

Under development for five years, the Hydrostor solution takes existing technologies and repurposes them for its clean energy storage solution. To store electricity, the company converts excess electrical energy into compressed air, which is moved through a pipe to the company’s underwater storage facility. The air is then pumped into giant submerged balloons called accumulators that are made from the same material that’s used to raise sunken ships from a lake bed or an ocean floor.

The compressed air remains inside the underwater balloons until it is needed by Toronto during peak energy hours. To pump the stored power back into the grid, Hydrostor must first convert the compressed air back into electricity. The system takes advantage of the natural pressure of the lake water to push the air out of the balloons and send it back through the pipe to a turbine. The compressed air-powered turbine then is used to generate the extra energy required by the grid.

Compressed air has been considered a solution for energy storage in the past, but it has not been widely adopted because it needs a large area of open space for storage. By using a lake bed, Hydrostor has ample storage space and also can take advantage of the lake’s hydrostatic water pressure in the energy generation process. The company fired up its first pilot facility on November 18 and is capable of providing 660 kilowatts of power, which is enough power to meet the needs of roughly 33 homes. The technology is scalable and, unlike competing battery storage solutions, does not use any toxic substances. Hydrostor hopes to expand its operations globally and is already working with Aruba to build a system similar to the one operating in Toronto. Click on link for video. - Canada plans to store energy in giant underwater balloons

11/20/15 - Mexico Rules Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis Is A Fundamental Human Right
KeelyNet The Mexican Supreme Court ruled by 4 to 1 that banning the consumption and cultivation of cannabis for personal use violates the human right to free development of one's personality. "This vote by Mexico's Supreme Court is extraordinary for two reasons," says Hannah Hetzer of the US Drug Policy Alliance, which campaigns for the relaxation of drug laws. "First, it's being argued on human-rights grounds, and secondly, it's taking place in one of the countries that has suffered most from the war on drugs," she says.

Cannabis reached the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, arriving in the southwest from Mexico, as immigrants fled the country during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1911. The cultivation of cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, can be traced back at least 12,000 years, which places the plant among humanity's oldest cultivated crops. However, modern humans have found it acceptable to prohibit the use of one of the most therapeutic plants in the world based on mostly political reasons.

A federal law called the Marijuana Tax Act banned its use and sales in 1937. Prior to 1937 in the United States (and 1928 in the United Kingdom), cannabis had enjoyed a 5,000 year run as a therapeutic plant with no history of illegality.

Four US states -- Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon -- have legalised the personal use of cannabis and Canada is expected to follow suit. More than a dozen U.S. states have now completely decriminalized the act of possessing marijuana. It's a far cry from initiatives in 2011 when the federal government decreed that marijuana had no accepted medical use use and should remain classified as a highly dangerous drug like heroin.

We now know that accepting and promoting the powerful health benefits of marijuana would instantly cut huge profits geared towards cancer treatment and the U.S. would have to admit it imprisons the population for no cause. Nearly half of all drug arrests in the United States are for marijuana.

Bills to legalise cannabis for medical use are under debate in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica. The world is moving towards its inhabitants finally being able to once again possess, sell, transport and cultivate the plant. Several other countries have moved towards more lenient laws on cannabis use, but none have done so solely on the basis of human rights. Most, like Ireland, which in early November moved towards legalising supervised heroin use and possible decriminalisation of other drugs, have cited health, compassionate and economic grounds.

"We're seeing a new rationality in relation to drug laws," says David Nutt of Imperial College London, who is a former UK government adviser on drugs."At last some countries have the courage to admit that the ‘war on drugs' is futile and does more harm than good." - Mexico Rules Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis Is A Fundamental Human Right

11/20/15 - Ideas for evil pranks
Evil vacuum cleaner and 10 other evil pranks. Click on link for more videos. - Ideas for evil pranks

11/20/15 - Cult of Islam wolves among us

Not only the Hindus, but also Cristianity suffers because of Islamic Terror..Every hindu/indian must watch. The 2nd video is totally mind blowing - The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is based on its own doctrine and practice.

Difference Between Cult and Religion - Cult - ‘“ a cult is a religious or social group with socially deviant or novel beliefs and practices. In an article on Al Qaida published in The Times, journalist Mary Ann Sieghart wrote that al-Qaida resembles a "classic cult", commenting: "Al-Qaida fits all the official definitions of a cult. It indoctrinates its members; it forms a closed, totalitarian society; it has a self-appointed, messianic and charismatic leader; and it believes that the ends justify the means."

Also Cult - ‘“ a secretive group that brainwashes its members into engaging in obscene and harmful practices for the sake of a charismatic leader. As you can see, the definition of cults has changed significantly over the past thirty to forty years. This is because some cult leaders, such as Jim Jones, sexually abused his followers. Other cults, such as Aum Shinrikyo, have committed high profile crimes, such as the sarin gas attack that took place in the Tokyo subway.

Religion - ‘“ a method of thought that is meant to give meaning to man’s life by putting him in communion with a higher power through stories, rituals, and beliefs.

548 battles, 19,000 jihad attacks - follows Islamic doctrine of jihad. 12 decades in 1400 years jihad free. Islam is 91% violence, 9% peace. jihad - Christians 60 million, Buddhists 10 million, Hindus 80 million, Africans 120 million, total 270 million dead by jihad as of 2012.

Doctrine drives history. Political Islam is the enemy of ALL Kafir (nonbeliever) civilizations. The word Islam means 'submit.' The abuser expects submission on the part of the victim, the Kafir (non believer). 1400 years of jihad, brutality, enslavement, theft, deception, rape, annihilation and insults, Kafir mind is identical to an abused victim. Click on link for videos. - Cult of Islam wolves among us

11/20/15 - Captagon drug fueling Syria’s war and turning fighters into superhuman soldiers
A tiny, highly addictive pill produced in Syria and widely available across the Middle East, its illegal sale funnels hundreds of millions of dollars back into the war-torn country's black-market economy each year, likely giving militias access to new arms, fighters and the ability to keep the conflict boiling.

A powerful amphetamine tablet based on the original synthetic drug known as "fenethylline," Captagon quickly produces a euphoric intensity in users, allowing Syria's fighters to stay up for days, killing with a numb, reckless abandon.

"You can't sleep or even close your eyes, forget about it," said a Lebanese user, one of three who appeared on camera without their names for a BBC Arabic documentary that aired in September. "And whatever you take to stop it, nothing can stop it." "I felt like I own the world high," another user said. "Like I have power nobody has. A really nice feeling." "There was no fear anymore after I took Captagon," a third man added.

According to a Reuters report published in 2014, the war has turned Syria into a "major" amphetamines producer -- and consumer. "Syrian government forces and rebel groups each say the other uses Captagon to endure protracted engagements without sleep, while clinicians say ordinary Syrians are increasingly experimenting with the pills, which sell for between $5 and $20," Reuters reported.

Captagon has been around in the West since the 1960s, when it was given to people suffering from hyperactivity, narcolepsy and depression, according to the Reuters report. By the 1980s, according to Reuters, the drug's addictive power led most countries to ban its use. The United State classified fenethylline ("commonly known by the trademark name Captagon") as a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act in 1981, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Still, the drug didn't exactly disappear.

VOA notes that while Westerners have speculated that the drug is being used by Islamic State fighters, the biggest consumer has for years been Saudi Arabia. In 2010, a third of the world's supply — about seven tons — ended up in Saudi Arabia, according to Reuters. VOA estimated that as many as 40,000 to 50,000 Saudis go through drug treatment each year. - Captagon drug fueling Syria’s war and turning fighters into superhuman soldiers

11/20/15 - ISIS defector explains reason people continue joining
Despite ISIS's claims of ruling over a Islamic "caliphate" in line with Sharia law, a large number of the group's fighters joined for reasons having little to do with religion, according to a defector from the group that The Daily Beast's Michael Weiss interviewed in Istanbul, Turkey. Instead, people are joining the organization because they are desperate for money and are struggling to find a way to survive in Syria, where four years of civil war have decimated the economy.

The ISIS defector, who goes by the pseudonym Abu Khaled, spoke with Weiss about the group's internal dynamics, and what it was like to live under ISIS's rule. According to Abu Khaled, a large number of people are joining ISIS because they need money. After joining the militants, people are paid in US dollars instead of Syrian liras. Abu Khaled said that ISIS also runs its own currency exchanges.

ISIS members receive additional incentives to fight for the group. “I rented a house, which was paid for by ISIS,” Abu Khaled, who worked for ISIS's internal-security forces and "provided training for foreign operatives," told Weiss. “It cost $50 per month. They paid for the house, the electricity. Plus, I was married, so I got an additional $50 per month for my wife. If you have kids, you get $35 for each. If you have parents, they pay $50 for each parent. This is a welfare state.”

And those financial benefits are not just limited to the organization's fighters. According to Abu Khaled, any member of ISIS, ranging from construction workers to doctors, receives similar compensation. In war-torn Syria, these salaries are a powerful lure for people who might not otherwise be able to support their families — or for people just hoping to get rich.

“I knew a mason who worked construction. He used to get 1,000 lira per day. That’s nothing," Abu Khaled told Weiss. "Now he’s joined ISIS and gets 35,000 lira—$100 for himself, $50 for his wife, $35 for his kids. He makes $600 to $700 per month. He gave up masonry. He’s just a fighter now, but he joined for the income.” - ISIS defector explains reason people continue joining

11/20/15 - Make a “Flanagan Neurophone” - Like Device with a TL494

Patrick Flanagan invented the “Neurophone” over 40 years ago. His original patent (US3393279) was basically a radio transmitter that could be picked up by the human nervous system. It modulated a one-watt 40kHz transmitter with the audio signal, and used very near-field antennas to couple it to the body. It also used extremely high voltages.

Fortunately, we don’t need to work with radio transmitters or high voltages. Over a decade later, Flanagan came up with a version of the “Neurophone” that didn’t use radio, or high voltages. (Patent US3647970)

The second version of the “Neurophone” used ultrasound instead. By modulating an ultrasonic signal with the audio we want to listen to, it gets picked up by a little-known part of the brain and turned into something that feels like sound.

The weird thing is this works even if the ultrasound transducers are far away from the head: maybe down at your waist, or even further (depending on your body).

To make the ultrasound signal, we’ll use a widely-available TL494 pulse-width modulation controller. This isn’t a perfect solution, so you won’t hear the signal as well as with one of Flanagan’s designs. But it’s a lot simpler than messing around with DSP. And it gives you a chance to experience and experiment with the “Neurophone” effect. - Make a “Flanagan Neurophone” - Like Device with a TL494

11/20/15 - How a raisin can predict a toddler's future academic ability
A simple test using a raisin can predict how well a toddler will perform academically at age eight, according to research conducted at the University of Warwick. Using just the piece of dried fruit and a plastic cup they have devised a test based on how long a 20-month old child can wait to pick up a raisin in front of them.

The toddlers were given a raisin that was placed under an opaque cup within easy reach. After three training runs toddlers were asked to wait until they were told (60 seconds) they could touch and eat the raisin. During the study it was found that those who were born very prematurely were more likely to take the raisin before the allotted time.

In a follow on study the academics found that those who couldn't inhibit their behavior as toddlers weren't performing as well in school as their full-term peers seven years later.

Senior author, Professor Dieter Wolke, who is based at the University of Warwick's Department of Psychology and at Warwick Medical School, said: "An easy, five-minute raisin game task represents a promising new tool for follow-up assessments to predict attention regulation and learning in preterm and term born children. The results also point to potential innovative avenues to early intervention after preterm birth." - How a raisin can predict a toddler's future academic ability

11/20/15 - I've Been Everywhere, Texas Version
I got this from my Dad, who got it from a friend, who got it somewhere, but this guy traveled over TEN THOUSAND MILES and got pictures for every town named in the Brian Burns version of "I've Been Everywhere", the Texas Version. Based on the Johnny Cash song 'I've been Everywhere.'

11/20/15 - Weird, wonderful, amazing and rare low cost eBooks, CDs and DVDs
KeelyNet You can download any mix of our eBooks or order collections on CD to save money.

We also have unusual DVDs that you might find of interest. Here is your chance to build your library and your understanding of how the universe works.

And our eBook Collections include John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell, Chandra Bose, Rejuvenation, Homeopathy and Learning to Draw to build your skills, and much, much more. Your purchases help support Keelynet, so thanks! - JWD - Check out Vanguard Sciences or try a Mexistim

11/20/15 - Scientist claims to have detected a parallel universe

11/20/15 - What Bill Whittle Loves About Donald Trump

11/20/15 - Robot kills weeds, and could end the need for herbicides on farms

11/20/15 - Married with Children Documentaries

11/20/15 - New test detects all viruses that infect people and animals

11/20/15 - Augmented reality device turns your arm into a keyboard

11/20/15 - Space mining could cost less than building a gas plant on Earth

11/20/15 - Will Uber’s driverless cars destroy 10M jobs by 2025?

11/20/15 - Humans Need Not Apply

11/20/15 - History of the Automat

11/20/15 - A Cure for Ageing?: David Sinclair at TED

11/20/15 - Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies

11/20/15 - Robots Could Steal 80 Million US Jobs

11/20/15 - Chromebit turns any old monitor or TV into a computer for $85

11/20/15 - Cure for headaches in Mozambique

11/20/15 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

There are now three Mexistim versions, the K.I.S.S. (green) model which is a direct clone of the machine used on over 10,000 people, the Basic I (red) model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal II (blue) model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
....4) Increased overall energy
.....5) No headaches
......6) No stomach pains or aches
.......7) No muscle pains
........8) Weight loss
.........9) Increase urination
.........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website


11/16/15 - The Cure for Terrorism
KeelyNet Travolta in 'Swordfish' - "Our job is to make terrorism so horrific that it becomes unthinkable to attack Americans. They bomb a church, we bomb 10. They hijack a plane, we take out an airport. Kill American tourists, we nuke an entire city." Nuke Mecca, then Tehran and every major mosque of importance to them (occupied or not) until they learn to behave.

Americans are stupid. Trying too hard to be politically correct and losing all common sense in the process, they vote in an admitted muslim who is still in power and doing all he can to destroy America while he still has time and our people give him total freedom to act in our names. Ban Executive Orders!

Now, to support his fellow muslims he wants to bring in 220,000 Syrian 'immigrants' so we too can enjoy the mischiefs being perpetrated so boldly across Europe and the world. Are people blind? They can't see muslim obama is doing everythng he can to bring in as many muslims as he can while we stupidly allow it...along with giving a terrorist state 150 BILLION of our money to support their deadly activities?

Trump has a reason for asking why, EVEN NOW, after the atrocious murders in Paris, that Obama refuses to say "radical islamic terrorists" or anything that would clearly identify the problem.

The Quote; "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

Actual quote

All muslims are sworn to do all they can to implement sharia law and kill all nonbelievers as taught, thereby openly declaring themselves as enemies of every civilized nation and deserving to be expelled and ostracized from participation with the civilized world. Send them all back to Africa... Inaction NOW will cause untold deaths. - JWD

Obama moves to 'increase and accelerate' admission of Syrian refugees - The Obama administration is moving to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon, administration officials told Reuters on Friday. The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged in September to admit a 100,000 Syrian refugees by 2017, torn by four years of civil war and disorder. Amid a tide of refugees in Europe, some congressional Democrats and refugee advocates say the United States should do more for Syrians who often make dangerous journeys to lands where they have no home or means of employment. However, some Republicans have raised concerns that allowing more Syrians into the United States jeopardizes national security.

Application of sharia law by country - The adoption and demand for sharia in the legal system of nations with significant Muslim-minorities is an active topic of international debate, and an active goal of Islamist movements globally.[5] Attempts to introduce or expand sharia have been accompanied by controversy,[6] violence,[7] and even warfare.[8]

KeelyNet Quran The significance of the definite article ("al") or the substantive pronoun ("al-la dhina") which confines the aforementioned verses to a specific time and place - that is, the past, history - as well as against a specific people (i.e., the polytheists of the Arabian peninsula), is also key to understanding those many other verses that are often cited to incite violence against non-Muslims:

1- The infidels are your sworn enemies Sura 4:101
2- Make war on The infidels who dwell around you Sura 9:123
3- When you meet The Infidels in the battlefield, strike off their heads Sura 47:4
4- Mohamed is Alla's apostale. Those who follow him are ruthless to The infidels Sura 48:29
5- Prophet, make war on The infidels Sura 66: 9
6- Never be a helper to The disbelievers Sura 28:86
7- Kill The disbelievers wherever we find them (Sura 2:191)
8- 9:29 [And] fight against those (Al-La-Zina) who - despite having been vouchsafed revelation [aforetime] [40] - do not [truly] believe either in God or the Last Day, and do not consider forbidden that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, [41] and do not follow the religion of truth [which God has enjoined upon them] [42] till they [agree to] pay the exemption tax with a willing hand, after having been humbled [in war]. [43]
9- 47:4 Therefore, when you meet The infidels (unbelievers), [4] smite their necks until you overcome them fully, and then tighten their bonds; [5] but thereafter [set them free,] either by an act of grace or against ransom, so that the burden of war may be lifted: [6]

No way around it, as long as they belief this nonsense and practice it, they will never blend in with other countries. So, as with any sociopathic disease, it has to be exterminated or expelled from the body of civilized nations. Click on link for 2nd video. - The Cure for Terrorism

11/16/15 - Solar winds ripping away Mars' atmosphere
KeelyNet About four billion years ago, solar winds blasting the Red Planet managed to turn it from a warm, moist world to the cold dry desert we see today, we're told. "To quote Bob Dylan, the answer is blowin' in the wind," said Bruce Jakosky, Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) principal investigator at the University of Colorado.

The agency's MAVEN spacecraft has been orbiting Mars since September 2014, scanning the upper atmosphere. The probe is studying how the planet interacts with solar winds – charged particles that stream out from the Sun at about one million miles per hour.

These particles either pick up ions from the Martian atmosphere and smash them out of the atmosphere, or push them into the atmosphere where they knock out other particles. Right now, Mars is losing about 100 grams a second – or about 224 particles per second. There are two main departure routes for the atmosphere: three quarters of the loss comes from particles streaming away from the night side of the planet, while the remaining quarter shoots up from the polar region.

The same solar winds tear into Earth, but we are protected by our magnetic field, which prevents much of the atmospheric loss. However, about 4.2 billion years ago, Mars lost its magnetic field; about 500 million years after that point, the bulk of its atmosphere was gone. Today's rate of atmospheric decay on Mars is nothing compared to the rate at which the planet was robbed of its atmosphere four billion years ago. Back then the Sun was much younger and more energetic. The NASA team thinks that in those days the rate of atmospheric loss could have been a thousand times greater.

The Sun provided a good way to test this hypothesis when it belched out three consecutive solar storms in March this year. This boosted solar wind speeds to more than two million miles per hour and raised the rate of atmospheric loss by a factor of 10 or 20.

Is Earth in danger of something like this happening? Not unless we lose our magnetic field, said Jakosky. Our magnetic poles reverse every few hundred thousand years or so, taking a couple hundred years to switch. During that transition, our magnetic field is weaker than usual, making us more vulnerable, but honestly it's not something to worry about.

The announcement is great news for the MAVEN team, and the probe will continue in an extended mission to gather more data. But it's bad news for those of us who dream of terraforming Mars for eventual human habitation.

"People talk about terraforming Mars and using atmospheric particles that have become trapped in the surface material, as if that's where everything went," Jakosky said. "But with it being stripped away it's not there to use, and it's not possible to bring it back." - Solar winds ripping away Mars' atmosphere

11/16/15 - Muslims on track to exceed Jewish population in USA
Has America already become like Europe with respect to homegrown terror and Islamic immigration? Either way, what can we do to delay the inevitable slide into cultural suicide and crossing that point of no return many European countries have already traversed?

Immigration from Muslim countries is the fastest growing segment of our annual admissions.

These are the questions we never hear asked of the presidential candidates, even though they cut to the core of the most existential security threat to our generation and future generations.

For all the talk of ISIS and Putin, nobody in the political class wants to discuss the 800-pound gorilla in the room – the widespread threat of homegrown terror due to endless immigration from the Middle East. Here are some shocking facts that the presidential candidates would be wise to address, especially in light of what we are seeing in Europe. Click on link for video. - Muslims on track to exceed Jewish population in USA

11/16/15 - How to survive a nuclear fallout
In Fallout 4, the only surviving members of the human race are in vaults. American Chemical Society tests challenges of living in such a shelter. Video explains how to produce power, water, and food in a real fallout. Separate research reveals the simple trick to tell if you're in the radiation zone and where to flee to if you don't have a nuclear bunker.

Set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world, Fallout 4 is one of the biggest and most hotly-anticipated games of the year. But could humans really survive a nuclear fallout and live for decades in shelters? Experts from the American Chemical Society have released a video explaining the basics of survival in a world riddled with radiation - and it is even harder than fiction would have us believe.

The video explains that in order to protect themselves, people need to be exposed to the alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays from the ionising radiation for the least amount of time possible. In particular, the key to survival is three-fold - time, distance, and shelter.

This means people would need to be as far away as possible from the nuclear blast, with the most shielding possible. Dr Raychelle Burks, a chemistry expert, explained: 'Since digging 200ft underground isn't going to work everywhere what can we do to protect ourselves from the fallout.

'Walls of carbon nanotubes are promising candidates. Current research suggests that carbon nanotubes provide protection from radiation and ounce for ounce are at least a hundred times stronger than steel.' But long-term life in the vaults would require more than just thick walls. It would also require power, water and food. Fossil fuels take up too much room and would not last long, and solar power is not an option when buried 200ft (61 metres) underground in a doomsday vault.

Surviving the effects of a nuclear explosion depend on factors including the device and bomb size, where it was detonated, the nature of the target and weather conditions. But with each factor-of-seven increase in time (one hour, seven hours, 49 hours etc) the radiation is reduced by a factor of 10. To see if you are at risk, when you see a mushroom cloud, hold your arm out and shut one eye and raise your thumb. If the cloud is bigger than your thumb you are in the radiation zone and need to evacuate.

Daniel Salisbury from King's College London advises that, following the fallout people should evacuating the area and flee as far as possible from 'military installations, high population areas and centres of industry'. Within one week of radiation you may feel dizziness, disorientation, weakness, fatigue, hair loss, bloody vomit and stools, poor wound healing, and low blood pressure. Within one week of radiation you may feel dizziness, disorientation, weakness, fatigue, hair loss, bloody vomit and stools, poor wound healing, and low blood pressure.

The chosen spot should offer shelter and amenities - ideally in the form of buildings in a small village, but failing that he said seek out natural shelter such as caves. After the initial explosion, the biggest risk to a person's health is radiation found in debris lifted into the fireball during the explosion, as well as the residues of the weapon itself. This can travel hundreds of miles so in the aftermath of an attack, even from a significant distance, so Mr Salisbury recommends remaining inside for up to two weeks.

Resources are likely to be scarce in the aftermath of an attack so he said it is important to be prepared by stocking up items such as tinned food, bottled water, blankets, sheets and layers of warm clothing. If you are exposed, the symptoms will appear within a week and include dizziness, disorientation, weakness, fatigue, hair loss, bloody vomit and stools, poor wound healing, and low blood pressure. After this time, death is likely. Click on link for video. - How to survive a nuclear fallout

11/16/15 - Coulter after Paris attacks
Ann Coulter took to Twitter on Friday night to respond to the Paris terror attacks, saying that “Donald Trump was elected president tonight.

The conservative commentator tweeted a series of reactions to the attacks that left more than 120 dead, calling for “no more Muslim immigration.” She also targeted recent U.S. college student protests, as well as American gun and immigration laws and proposals.

Coulter ended her string of Tweets with: “They can wait if they like until next November for the actual balloting, but Donald Trump was elected president tonight.” Click on link for video. - Coulter after Paris attacks

11/16/15 - Maher Praises Trump: People Want Someone Who Won’t ‘Bend to the Bullshit’
Bill Maher spoke on Real Time about how Donald Trump has managed to do well in Iowa despite the controversies and him being taken out of his element. Maher said that even though he doesn’t agree with Trump on many points, he “gets him” in terms of how the Republican electorate wants someone to lead without “bending to anyone’s bullshit.”

The panel went on to discuss how Trump’s national recognition is due to him being a greater magnet for attention than policy speeches, but Maher had to wonder whether that was truly a coincidence. Maher noted how Trump has been embraced by voters because “they’re so tired of politicians saying ‘if only we had a government as good as the people.’ They know they’re not good, they know they’re not bright, and they know that they don’t know anything.”

Jennifer Granholm continued with her position that Trump’s “pizazz” gave voters something to look for, saying that Trump has turned the Republican nomination into a giant production of Survivor, and he’s the villain of the season. The rest of the panel chimed in to say that the other candidates have been talking about the issues Trump has brought to the forefront, but that their thoughts receive less coverage because Trump is unavoidably more interesting than they are.

Maher addressed how Republicans have a tendency to frame certain issues in their favor, comparing the Obama-birtherism phenomenon to Ted Cruz‘s birth status, to which Douglass Heye responded that such positions inevitably cause harm to the GOP. - Maher Praises Trump: People Want Someone Who Won’t ‘Bend to the Bullshit’

11/16/15 - Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe
KeelyNet AN OPERATIVE working for Islamic State has revealed the terror group has successfully smuggled thousands of covert jihadists into Europe. The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.

The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success. "Just wait," he smiled. The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate western countries.

They are following the well-trodden route taken by refugees and migrants fleeing, travelling across the border of Turkey then on boats across to Greece and through Europe. There are now more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen "ready" across the European Union, he claimed. The operative said the undercover infiltration was the beginning of a larger plot to carry out revenge attacks in the West in retaliation for the US-led coalition airstrikes. He said: "If someone attacks me then for sure I will attack them back."

The lethal ISIS gunmen use local smugglers to blend in and travel amongst a huge tide of illegal migrants flooding Europe. More than 1.5million refugees have fled into Turkey alone – desperate to escape the bloodshed in Syria. "They are going like refugees," he said. Two Turkish refugee-smugglers backed up the claims made by the ISIS Syrian operative. One admitted to helping more than ten trained ISIS rebels infiltrate Europe under the guise of asylum seekers. He said: "I’m sending some fighters who want to go and visit their families. "Others just go to Europe to be ready."

He said: "It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world," he said "and we will have it soon, God willing." The operative agreed to a meeting at the urging of a former Free Syrian Army gunman who fought alongside him in the war.

The Syrian said he had been granted permission to attend the meeting by his superior in ISIS — a radical referred to by members of the group as an "emir." He said: "There are some things I’m allowed to tell you and some things I’m not." During the meeting, the operative said he believed future attacks would only target Western governments – not civilians. Although details of terror plot are something over which he has little control, he claims. - Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe

11/16/15 - Border crossings DOUBLE
The number of families illegally crossing the southern U.S. border has more than doubled over the same period last fall, prompting concern about a new surge of migrants from Central America. Many more unaccompanied children are also crossing, with 4,476 apprehended in September — an 85% increase over that month in 2014, according to new Border Patrol data.

"If that trend even continues a little bit, if things start to go up in February as they usually do, we could be looking at things getting really high, and by spring, you're seeing an emergency," said Adam Isacson, a senior associate at the Washington Office on Latin America, a human rights advocacy group.

The concern among immigration officials and advocates is that the situation is building up to a repeat of the unprecedented influx on the southern border in 2014, when more than 68,000 unaccompanied children and as many families crossed illegally, mainly into Texas.

Texas' Rio Grande Valley has been the epicenter of both the earlier and the latest influx. In 2014, the region saw 77% more unaccompanied children and more than four times as many families caught crossing compared with the previous year. The number of families who crossed this September was 5,273, more than twice the number seen in September 2014.

One likely factor in the rising numbers is the increasing success rate of smugglers who, after crackdowns in Mexico and the U.S. last year, appear to have arranged alternative smuggling routes and payoff relationships with Mexican officials, border analysts say. - Border crossings DOUBLE

11/16/15 - The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates
When the Allahu Akbar boys opened fire, Paris was talking about the climate-change conference due to start later this month, when the world's leaders will fly in to "solve" a "problem" that doesn't exist rather than to address the one that does. But don't worry: we already have a hashtag (#PrayForParis) and doubtless there'll be another candlelight vigil of weepy tilty-headed wankers. Because as long as we all advertise how sad and sorrowful we are, who needs to do anything?

With his usual killer comedy timing, the "leader of the free world" told George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning, America" this very morning that he'd "contained" ISIS and that they're not "gaining strength". A few hours later, a cell whose members claim to have been recruited by ISIS slaughtered over 150 people in the heart of Paris and succeeded in getting two suicide bombers and a third bomb to within a few yards of the French president.

And then Europe decided to invite millions of Muslims to settle in their countries. Most of those people don't want to participate actively in bringing about the death of diners and concertgoers and soccer fans, but at a certain level most of them either wish or are indifferent to the death of the societies in which they live - modern, pluralist, western societies and those "universal values" of which Barack Obama bleats.

So, if you are either an active ISIS recruit or just a guy who's been fired up by social media, you have a very large comfort zone in which to swim, and which the authorities find almost impossible to penetrate. And all Chancellor Merkel and the EU want to do is make that large comfort zone even larger by letting millions more "Syrian" "refugees" walk into the Continent and settle wherever they want.

To repeat what I said a few days ago, I'm Islamed out. I'm tired of Islam 24/7, at Colorado colleges, Marseilles synagogues, Sydney coffee shops, day after day after day. The west cannot win this thing with a schizophrenic strategy of targeting things and people but not targeting the ideology, of intervening ineffectually overseas and not intervening at all when it comes to the remorseless Islamization and self-segregation of large segments of their own countries. - The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates

11/16/15 - Austria's largest state goes 100% renewable
Austria's largest state said Thursday that 100 percent of its electricity is now generated using renewable sources of energy. "We have invested heavily to boost energy efficiency and to expand renewables," said Erwin Proell, premier of 1.65-million-strong Lower Austria.

"Since 2002 we have invested 2.8 billion euros ($3.0 billion) in eco-electricity, from solar parks to renewing (hydroelectric) stations on the Danube," Proell told a news conference.

The state in northeastern Austria now gets 63 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric power, 26 percent from wind energy, nine percent from biomass and two percent from solar.

In Austria as a whole, which voted against nuclear power in a 1978 referendum, 75 percent comes from renewables and the rest from fossil fuels. Lower Austria has also created 38,000 "green jobs", Proell said, which the state aims to increase to 50,000 by 2030. - Austria's largest state goes 100% renewable

11/16/15 - Dubai Firemen are to be issued with JETPACKS

11/16/15 - More Americans Turn to Squatting

11/16/15 - Slimy pink creature

11/16/15 - Stocktaking shop robot

11/16/15 - COPPER to ward off diseases

11/16/15 - How space travel messes with the mind

11/16/15 - Computer learns to speak like a 4 year old

11/16/15 - $18 Negg gadget promises to peel a boiled egg in SECONDS

11/16/15 - 'Wide-screen' eye implant restores vision for sufferers of AMD

11/16/15 - GPS Always Overestimates Distances

11/16/15 - What Foreigners Believe Is Wrong About America

11/16/15 - All Ancient Civilizations say Earth is Flat

11/16/15 - Donald Trump's 66th Floor Penthouse Exposes His Idol 'Sun God' Apollo, Son of Zeus

11/16/15 - NASA website offers daily images of Earth taken from space

11/16/15 - Tunable stealth material that can hide ships from radar

11/16/15 - Why There's a Tiny Hole in Airplane Windows

11/16/15 - U.S. Government Document - ET Bodies, Craft and Home Planet

11/16/15 - JFK demanded UFO files ten days before death

11/16/15 - Using light to treat Alzheimer's disease

11/16/15 - New material that can turn saltwater into drinkable

11/16/15 - Homemade rail gun shoots ‘ionized plasma’ bullets




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