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Updated 04/30/17

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04/30/17 - The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun
KeelyNet There are no working free energy generators on the market, period. The current contenders are;

1) Rossi cold fusion tube

1) Blacklight SUNCELL

1) Tewari/DePalma back emf Generator

And you can use other search terms on Google or other search engines if you really want to know more.

At first, this article might make you mad as hell. Then some of you might feel stupid, betrayed, gullible, used, sorrowful. The Anonymous Patriots ask that you face the LIES you have been told your entire life about energy, wars, banking, and life in general. Then educate yourself on the amazing solutions that we could begin to use immediately to bring, literally, a free energy revolution to the world.

The idea is there are all kinds of working, tested free energy and other marvelous technologies which have been suppressed by the US Patent Office. That its way past time for these technologies to be released into the market despite the fears of power and oil companies on how it will damage their businesses.

The reality is that war is necessary to drive the U.S. economy with fossils fuels that benefit only a few and destroys the environment while killing millions in the process. The big lie is that none of this is necessary because we already have, and have had since the mid-1800’s, sufficient technology to circumvent burning fossil fuels (oil, gas, propane, etc.). These technologies have been stolen by the U.S. Patent Office and given to the military and a few select corporations to develop.

35 U.S. Code § 181 – Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent provides that the government can take any patent and make it secret and use it at its discretion, or just make sure that it never gets developed. There are strict penalties if the inventor even speaks of the patent after it has been “confiscated.” Members of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and In-Q-Tel provide the Defense Department and the CIA with these “secret” patents so that they might first be “weaponized” for military purposes. Often, patents are then given to fake companies, supported with U.S. tax dollars, who bring the patent to market.

Suppression and sabotage of energy technologies has been the norm since the dawn of the twentieth century when fossil fuels and the petrodollar came to rule world economics. Over 5000 new energy patents have been “deemed” secret and have been suppressed by existing patent laws. There are U.S. patent laws permitting the government to steal and suppress any new energy technology (and imprison the inventor) which threatens the stability of our nation – that good ole “national security” clause that hands off our liberties and freedoms to international concerns and agencies.

Under Vice President Nixon, in the early 1950s, illegal, secret patent legislation was written permitting the U.S. government to steal energy technology from inventors and/or suppress it should a case be made this energy technology might threaten the financial success of fossil fuels. The shocked inventors also were informed that they could be jailed up to 20 years if they made the theft of their technology known to the public. It was also under President Nixon that legislation was passed banning any further research involving thorium based derived technology to ensure the monopoly of uranium nuclear reactors.

Many have tried to bring to market successful new-energy devices, but few have succeeded. If new-energy devices become available, they would disturb the existing economic system dramatically. For years, inventors have been developing radiant energy, permanent-magnet-powered motors, mechanical heaters, super-efficient electrolysis, implosion/vortex engines, cold fusion technology, and water only engines, to name a few. - The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

04/30/17 - Searl trolling for money again
KeelyNet Does John Searl Have the answer to the Global Energy Crisis? John Searl claims he does ... Furthermore, Searl says he's had it for over 60 years.

Erroneously regarded by many as 'The Godfather' of free energy or zero point energy science, Professor John Searl believes his magnetic generator, the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), can save our planet from economic and environmental disaster. So, what if he's telling the truth?

Searl has been hawking this for years and no telling how many millions have been drained away buying into his BS. We broke it all down back in the early days when Anders Heerfordt interviewed Searls neighbors to reveal its all BS. And Seal calls me at 5AM demanding I take Heefordts papers from the Keelynet BBS because it cost him a $500,000 movie documentary project. Have met him a couple of times and not impressed. Searls unending quest for investors +60 years now and STILL NOTHING - from 2010 and there are have many, many such trolls over the years. - JWD - Searl trolling for money again

04/30/17 - Our Created Solar System - What You Aren't Being Told
Did You Know... The best evolutionary models say that many of the planets in our solar system should not exist. Yet there they are. Did God create our Solar System less than 10,000 years ago, as the Bible says? Or did it form all by itself from a cloud of gas 4,600,000,000 years ago, as secular astronomers claim? Which account of history is true?

Recent discoveries in space has supported the Biblical account. Each planet in our Solar System defies the evolutionary model in multiple ways. Many of the planets and moons appear to be young, not billions of years old. Plus, these objects show evidence of design, not random processes.

In this video, you will tour our magnificent Solar System, and explore these wonders in the heavens. Along the way, you will visit each of the planets and many of their moons, through more than 230 breath-taking photographs and graphics from NASA and other sources. You will see how each planet uniquely testifies of its Creator. Discover what you aren't being told about our Solar System! - Our Created Solar System - What You Aren't Being Told

04/30/17 - 'Get to Mars during my first term': Donald Trump talks to Nasa astronauts in livestream
KeelyNet Donald Trump instructed Nasa astronauts to get to Mars within his first term - or failing that, his second term, in a livestream with Peggy Whitson. He was calling up the Space Station to congratulate Ms Whitson for her record-beating stay in Space: she's been up there for more than 534 days, which was the previous record.

The President congratulated her via video link from the Oval Office alongside his daughter, Ivanka, and NASA astronaut Kate Rubins.

Appearing to forget he had signed a bill directing Nasa to send astronauts to Mars by the 2030s, Mr Trump asked: "Tell me, Mars, what do you see a timing for actually sending humans to Mars?"

Note the deflection they ALWAYS USE! Politely, Ms Whitson replied: "Well, I think as your bill directed it will be approximately in the 2030s".

NASA cannot make it to the Moon and for certain not Mars or other planets. For 18 billion a year, all we get is gifs, photoshop and special effects. This house of lies has to crash eventually. NASA = Never a Straight Answer - JWD - 'Get to Mars during my first term': Donald Trump talks to Nasa astronauts in livestream

04/30/17 - “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States


Since EMP is a line-of-sight weapon, detonating one of these nukes about 300 miles above Nebraska could end life as we know it in America in about one second.

When we talk about potential terrorist action against the United States, we discuss this in the sphere of any organization, be it Al Queda, state sponsored, or shadow government related. These weapons exist, and they are, without a doubt, the single biggest threat to the United States of America.

As we’ve previously reported, such a weapon, or group of weapons strategically detonated at lower altitudes, would completely wipe out the entire US power grid, vehicles, computers, cell phones, and anything else with an electric circuit. The fall out would be nothing short of apocalyptic.

The Center for Security Policy, in a report issued last year, has estimated that in the event of a wide-scale EMP attack on the United States, as many as nine out of ten Americans would be dead within one year...

The first 24 – 48 hours after such an occurrence will lead to confusion among the general population as traditional news acquisition sources like television, radio and cell phone networks will be non-functional.

Within a matter of days, once people realize the power might not be coming back on and grocery store shelves start emptying, the entire system will begin to delve into chaos.

Within 30 days a mass die off will have begun as food supplies dwindle, looters and gangs turn to violent extremes, medicine can’t be restocked and water pump stations fail.

With the information gained you’ll theoretically have a working knowledge of the supplies you’ll need for extended grid-down situations. Additionally, each story deals with a slightly different setting, so you’ll have an understanding of the organizational and defense requirements necessary to secure and manage an individual property, small community neighborhood, and an entire town.

Power outages happen all the time. But you’ll know an EMP has been detonated (or we’ve been hit by a massive solar event) if the power to your house goes off, cars are not starting, and your cell phone won’t turn on. If that happens, take a deep breath, say a prayer, and put the supplies and knowledge you’ve acquired to work, because it won’t be long before the golden horde wrecks havoc. - “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States

04/30/17 - Tornado in a can the Windhexe
Tornado in a can windhexe video - vortex machine - us patent 6971594 apparaus and method for circular vortex air flow material grinding - Tornado in a can the Windhexe

04/30/17 - US space firms tell Washington: China will take over the moon if you’re not careful
KeelyNet The US space industry is prodding the US government into refreshing its outdated laws on commercial activity beyond earth: scare it with talk of Chinese galactic domination. At a Senate hearing on the space industry today, companies that build rockets and space habitats and manufacture electronic goods in space spoke about a standard laundry list of complaints, from regulatory burdens to fears of subsidized competitors. But their message was wrapped in patriotic concerns about China’s growing capacity for space action.

These companies are eager for the US government to allow and invest in commercial activities in orbit and around the moon. Many think the laws governing action in space, and particularly the UN Space Treaty, need refreshing for an age when private companies are close to matching the space capacity of sovereign nations. The last major change was a law on asteroid mining passed in 2015.

Robert Bigelow, a real-estate mogul who now operates an eponymous company dedicated to creating space habitats and building facilities on the moon, warned the Senate hearing that without a global legal framework, the US could be left behind.

“China is very pre-disposed to ownership, whether its creating the islands in South China Sea, properties in massive quantities that they’ve purchased in South America or Africa, whether you open a [foreign subsidiary in China] and can only own 49% of it,” he said. “China could exercise an effort to start to lay claim to certain lunar territories. I don’t think it’s a joke, I don’t think it’s something to be cavalier about. Such an ownership consequence would have an amazing impact on the image of China vis-a-vis the United States and the rest of the world, if they should own large amounts of territory on that body, if we stood back and we were not prepared.”

Chris Rush, whose company Made in Space is developing a competitive fiber optic cable alternative manufactured in micro-gravity, told the lawmakers that the US needs to maintain its current advantages in space manufacturing. Now China is in talks with the ESA about working together on the program. China also plans to land two lunar probes in the next year. The Trump administration has yet to outline the details of its space strategy, but many commercial operators hope to see a focus on lunar activity. So far, the Trump administration hasn’t offered a definitive course, but has delivered bold—not to say unrealistic—talk about speeding up plans for everything from a Moon mission to a trip to Mars. - US space firms tell Washington: China will take over the moon if you’re not careful

04/30/17 - Could roads made from PLASTIC spell the end of potholes?
Recycled plastic bottles would be used to build the prefab road tiles. Asphalt puts 1.6m tons of CO2 into the air a year globally, company say. Hollow design is lighter and provides easy access to cables and pipes. PlasticRoad to be built in Dutch city of Rotterdam in three years time.

Crumbling and neglected roads can lead to dangerous potholes and agonising delays as a result of costly road works. But a new design could mean when a section of road gets damaged, it can easily be removed and replaced, after a Dutch company announced their plans to build prefab plastic roads that could slot together like Lego bricks. The project, dubbed PlasticRoad, would see Rotterdam become the first city in the world to lay down plastic road tiles made in a factory in advance.

The company behind the idea, construction firm VolkerWessels, said that the surface would require less maintenance than the traditional road building material asphalt and could withstand more extreme temperatures - between -40°C (-40°F) and 80°C (176°F). VolkerWessels also said that the roads would be quicker to build, taking weeks instead of months.

The plan could also be more environmentally friendly, as asphalt is responsible for 1.6m tons of CO2 emissions a year globally, making up two per cent of all transport emissions, according to the firm. 'Plastic offers all kinds of advantages compared to current road construction, both in laying the roads and maintenance,' Rolf Mars, the director of VolkerWessels' roads subdivision, KWS Infra,told The Guardian.

The firm claim that their plastic road would be lighter, reducing the load on the ground, and hollow, providing easy access to cables and pipes to run under the surface. It is hoped that the lightweight design and streamlined construction process would reduce problems caused by road works. - Could roads made from PLASTIC spell the end of potholes?

04/30/17 - ATOMS GALAXIES AND UNDERSTANDING - by Daniel W. Fry, Ph.D. pdf
There are many persons in the world today who would like to acquire a greater knowledge and understanding of the nature of the universe about them, but who have never had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the language of mathematics to a degree that would permit them to follow the paths through which this knowledge is customarily presented.

It was principally for these persons that this book was written. Consequently, simple discussion, explanation and analogy will be substituted for mathematics, to the greatest possible degree. We will risk, thereby, the scorn of the mathematician, but may gain the gratitude and the comprehension of the non-math student.

Much of the material presented in these pages was taken from a series of lectures originally written for the Great Western University, and from the book, "Steps to the Stars," which was first published some years ago, but whose basic concepts are only now beginning to be accepted by cosmologists.

Since the study of cosmology embraces the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, we will begin this text with a consideration of the most minute and fundamental particles of nature, insofar as they are known and understood today. We will examine the forces which bind these particles together, but which may also, under certain circumstances, hurl them violently apart.

Physicists may criticize the book as being over simplified, yet as we continue our examination of its text we may find, to our surprise, that most of the innumerable laws or rules of physics, which have been learned through so many years of patient observation, test, and interpretation, may actually be predicted by the reader, even though he may never have heard of those laws or ob-served them in operation. - ATOMS GALAXIES AND UNDERSTANDING - by Daniel W. Fry, Ph.D. pdf


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04/27/16 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

There are now three Mexistim versions, the K.I.S.S. (green) model which is a direct clone of the machine used on over 10,000 people, the Basic I (red) model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal II (blue) model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
....4) Increased overall energy
.....5) No headaches
......6) No stomach pains or aches
.......7) No muscle pains
........8) Weight loss
.........9) Increase urination
.........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website




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